Changes The Legal Status Of Divorce

Original Language Title: Altera o regime jurídico do divórcio

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Draft law n° 486/X  1 Group Bill No ° 486/X changes the PERIOD of SEPARATION ‡ is ƒ the FACT that for the PURPOSE of GETTING ‡ is ƒ the COUCH “ TRADE exhibition of reasons the current system jurà dico divan ³ trade in our paà 's, though having undergone µ s significant changes in recent 30 years , continues to not respond to a social reality, which has undergone major mutaà of µ s. The marriage law is a contract, a contract jurà dico, that to celebrate the willingness of two people. It is not a contract € vulgarâ €  œ â, à © a contract, depending on the wishes of two people, involves affections and life projects in common. The Left block has scheduled, at 2.  ª X Legislature session a Bill to create the jurà regime dico ³ divan at the request of one of the trade code ´ njuges. We maintain the same opinion, today improved § oada for all contributions at the time (May 2007) in the framework of the Assembly of the ¢ Republic, whether on the Grand debate waged in society. The debate a conclusion can be drawn: it was practically unà ¢ unanimously the conclusion that the current period of 3 years for claiming the Ottoman trade ³ based on rupture of the common life (Article 1781.  º ³ say code of Civil Procedure) was exaggerated and inappropriate social reality. Does not justify € œ €  â job of funneling a couple to be separated from that for three years in order to apply for the Divan ³ trade, taking into account the natural prejuà zos which hence advà the personal level, and not even family 2. In May 2007 the Socialist party undertook to change the law in this respect. Assumed even in writing, through the Declaration of vote of six gentlemen and ladies. After a year that commitment has not been fulfilled. The Left block, maintaining its previous position, considers that this mode of couch, that never trade ³ proposed ´ s were eliminated, should be changed, passing the deadline for a year when I'm a code njuge to apply and ´ 6 months when the other does not object. In our view, be to contribute to a change that corresponderà is a most appropriate way is social reality of today, as we consider it essential to fulfill, in the letter of the law, what consensually resulted from previous debate. Accordingly, and pursuant to the wrapping µ s constitutional and applicable regulations, the Members and the members of Left block present the following draft law : Article only changes µ s to say Civil CODE ³ articles 1781.  º and 1785.  º ³ say Civil Code are replaced by the following redacÃ: â € œ Article 1781. ° (...)

(â € ...): a) the separation of fact for a consecutive year. b) the separation of fact by six months if the Ottoman trade ³ is required by one of the njuges code ´ without opposition of another; c) (â € ¦); d) (â € ¦). €  3 Article 1785 â.  (â € ¦) â € “ 1 (â € ...). 2 â € “ ³ Ottoman trade can be requested by any of the code njuges on the ground of ´ in nea) article 1781Â; with the basics of c and d handle neas)) of the same article are ³ may be required by code ´ njuge which invokes the absence or the change of the mental faculties of the other. 3 â € “ (â € ¦). €  Assembly of the Republic, March 19 2008 The Members and members of left-wing Block