Approving The Agreement Between The Member States Of The European Union Concerning Claims Introduced By A Member State Against Any Other Member State For Damage Caused And Goods For Themselves Possessed, Used Or Operated, Or Injury Or

Original Language Title: Aprova o Acordo entre os Estados Membros da União Europeia relativo aos pedidos de indemnização apresentados por um Estado Membro contra qualquer outro Estado membro por danos causados e bens por si possuídos, utilizados ou accionados, ou por ferimento ou

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 69/X 1 PROPOSAL for RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 69/X whereas the European Union, in the framework of Poland European security policy and defense, an integral part of Poland's foreign policy and Common Security, has been providing instruments Poland ticos, civilian and military in order to intervene in µ s mission of crisis management as defined in accordance with article 17.  of the Treaty of the European Union; Noting that the participation of civilian or military personnel in these µ s operation creates new µ situation lacking jurà medical framework; In view of the fact that through this agreement, the Member States of the European Union wish to limit, as much as could, their requests for cash against any other Member State for injury or death of any member of the military or civilian personnel, or damage to any goods they have owned, used or operated, except when result from the intentional or serious negligà in the context of an operation of crisis management; So: according to the nea d) also no ° article 197 1. º of the Constitution, the Government offers is the Assembly of the Republic the following proposal of resolution: the agreement between the Member States of the European Union concerning claims for the cash submitted by a Member State against any other Member State for damage caused to goods you have owned the , used or operated, or injury or death of any member of the military or civilian personnel (d) its services, in the context of a 2 operation of crisis management of the European Union, signed in Brussels on 28 April 2004, the text of which, in the authentic version in Portuguese language wool romantic, if published in the annex.

Seen and approved by the Council of Ministers of 31 January 2008 the Prime Minister, the Minister of State and Foreign Minister cios ³ Business of the U.S. Presidency of the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs