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Approves The Regulations Of The Standing Committee

Original Language Title: Aprova o Regulamento da Comissão Permanente

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Approves the Regulation of the Standing Commission

In accordance with Article 41 (1) (j) of the Rules, it is incumbent on the

Standing Committee to draw up its Regulation.

Thus, I listened to the Leaders ' Conference, I present to the Assembly of the Republic,

in the regimental terms, the following draft resolution:

"The Regulation of the Standing Commission is hereby approved, in annex"

Palace of S. Bento, in July 2008


(Jaime Gama)



Regulation of the Standing Commission

Article 1.


The Standing Committee shall bring together, pursuant to Rule 39º of the Rules, for the financial year

of the competences provided for in Article 179 (3) of the Constitution and in Article 41º of the


Article 2.


1-A Standing Committee shall be presided over by the President of the Assembly and composed

by the Vice-Presidents and by Deputies nominated by all groups

parliamentarians, in accordance with the respective representativeness in the Assembly.

2-The number of Deputies of the Standing Committee and its distribution by the groups

parliamentarians are contained in Resolution, passed at the beginning of each legislature.

Article 3.


1-A table of the Standing Committee shall be composed of the President of the Assembly and by

two Secretaries elected by the Standing Committee, from among its members, under

proposal from each of the two parliamentary groups with greater representativeness.

2-The President of the Assembly is replaced in his / her tales and impediments by each

one of the Vice-Presidents.


3-Secretaries are replaced in their fallout and impediments by the Deputies who

the President of the Assembly designate.

Article 4.

Competence of the President of the Assembly

Compete for the President:

a) represent the Standing Committee;

b) Convocate the meetings, set the agenda and direct the work of the Commission


c) Judging the justifications of the falters submitted by the members of the Commission


Article 5.

Competence of Secretaries

Compete for the Secretaries:

a) Proceed to the conference of the presences and verification of the quorum;

b) Organize the inscriptions for the use of the word;

c) Ensuring the expedient and signing, by delegation of the President, the

correspondence expedited by the Standing Commission;

d) Serve from scrutinizers.

Article 6.


1-Unless otherwise deliberated, the Standing Committee has ordinary meetings

fortnightly on Thursdays, beginning at 15 pm.


2-A Standing Committee meets extraordinarily by convening of the President

of the Assembly, either by its initiative or the requirement of any parliamentary group.

Article 7.

Order of work

Open to meeting, the Bureau proceeds to the reading of the expedient, following the statements

policies and the discussion and voting of matters within the competence of the Standing Commission.

Article 8.

Use of the word

The use of the word by the Members of Parliament or by the members of the Government shall be in agreement

with time grills fixed in the Leaders ' Conference.

Article 9.

Publication in the Journal of the Assembly of the Republic

1-The faithful and complete reporting of what occurs at the meetings of the Standing Committee is

published in the 1 th series of the Journal of the Assembly of the Republic .

2-Dele must appear:

a) The hours of opening and closing, the names of the President, of the Secretaries of the

Table and of the Deputies present and those who have spoken to it;

b) the full reproduction of all statements and interventions produced;

c) A summary with the mention of the subjects dealt with, the indication of the actors

in the discussions and other elements that the President of the Assembly judge

need to add.


Article 10.

Publicity of meetings

The meetings of the Standing Committee are public.

Article 11.

Amendments to the Regulation

This Regulation may be amended by the Standing Committee on the initiative of

any deputy.

Article 12.

Missing cases

In the missing cases applies, with the necessary adaptations, the Rules of the

Assembly of the Republic.

Article 13.

Entry into force

This Regulation shall enter into force immediately after its approval by the

Standing Committee.