Second Amendment To Law No. 26/84, Of 31 July, Approving The Remuneration Regime Of The President Of The Republic

Original Language Title: Segunda alteração à Lei n.º 26/84, de 31 de Julho, que aprova o regime remuneratório do Presidente da República

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1 draft law No. 518/X/3rd Amendment of the remuneration Regime of the President of the Republic the explanatory memorandum following the comprehensive reform of the remuneration status of holders of political office, operated by Act No. 52/2005, of 10 October, introduced a series of mechanisms to regulate the accumulation of remuneration payable to the holders of political positions that were already holders of pension or retirement pension. The specifics of the presidential function and the existence of a remuneration scheme for the President of the Republic, of law No. 26/84, of 31 July, distinct from other holders of political office, justified the reference to time of adaptation of remunerations to the new presidential regulation.

Unlike what happened in relation to other holders of political office, there is the understanding that points to the recognition of the need to maintain the subsidy granted to former holders of the post of President of the Republic. Such legislative option derives from both the dignity of presidential functions performed or the maintenance of a permanent link between the old and the Portuguese Republic, through its membership of the Council of State, and represents a solution with wide dissemination in constitutional political systems compared. Therefore, we must adopt the rules of 1984 to the General rules on cumulation of admitting this possibility, albeit with a system other than the one applicable to the remaining holders of political office.

2 So, in accordance with legal and constitutional regulations applicable, the Members of the Socialist Party petitions the following draft law: article 1 (Amendment of law n° 26/84, of 31 July) is amended article 5 of law No. 26/84, of 31 July, amended by law No. 102/88, de 25 de August , which is replaced by the following: "article 5 The grants provided for in the preceding articles are combined with retirement pensions, retirement or survival that the holders of the right to those they enjoy the State."

Article 2 (entry into force) this Act shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication.

São Bento Palace, 16 April 2008 Members,