First Amendment, By Parliamentary Appreciation To Decree-Law No. 380/2007 Of 13 November

Original Language Title: Primeira alteração, por apreciação parlamentar, ao Decreto-Lei n.º 380/2007, de 13 de Novembro

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PORTUGUESE COMMUNIST PARTY Parliamentary Group Parliamentary Assessment No. 60/X Decree-Law No. 380/2007 of 13 November "Approves the Foundation grant financing, design, design, construction, maintenance, operation, refurbishment and extension of national road network" the publication of Decree-Law No. 380/2007 of 13 November, which "approves the granting of funding, design, design, construction, maintenance, operation , requalification and extension of national road network ", represents an unacceptable attack on the national interest and the integrated development of the country, mortgaging the future strategic infrastructure that is the national road network. The creation of a new and unusual concept-the Future-National road network is still illegitimate determination that the avenues to build will, necessarily, according to this new operating model, based on the self-financing capacity of this company, which, as history has shown, on the road, worsening the already too many economic burden of the Portuguese population , and recklessly, forcing future generations to pay the current Government options PS and the liberal economic model that they wish to impose by force of the aggravation of social injustices and the price decrease in the standard of living of those who least can and have. The present law determines that the concessionary company of the national road network is the only responsible for the financing necessary for the development of all the activities which are the subject of the grant; and that the State is not subject neither assumes any responsibility with regard to the necessary financing for the development of integrated activities in grant-funding, conservation, operation, refurbishment and extension of routes of the National road network, as well as the conception, design, construction, financing, maintenance, operation, refurbishment and extension of the roads that are part of the National road network. It is a strategic matter for the country's development, a disclaimer of the State policy, enshrined in the form of law that is to the PCP absolutely unacceptable. The Prime Minister lied to Parliament and the Portuguese, when stated in the debate on the State budget in the 6th plenary session, in response to the PCP, that ' the Minister of Finance has already explained, at the meeting of the Committee on budget and Finance of the State budget presentation for 2008, it's all budgeted for in this budget, and it's public. The public company has changed its nature, but continues to be public.
Not out of the perimeter, it's all in the State budget and has yet to even set the deadline for granting!», going so far as to reiterate, in the same debate, ' the deadline may be up to 99 years, but may be lower. That's why I said that the term is not fixed. '
2 the decree-law now published provides in your Chapter IV, Base 10, that ' the grant expires at 24 hours of the day December 31, 2099 '. The approval by the Council of Ministers took place on 27 September, having been signed at the time by the Prime Minister, and Ministers of finance and public works. The non-inclusion on the part of the Government, the proposed State budget for 2008, the financial transfers to the roads of Portugal foresaw that this diploma option already come fulfill public service transformation fundamentally a business, determining that this company will negotiate freely with any lenders, putting into question the very concept of public service that this legislation says you want to observe. This decision, together with the standard which determines that the concessionaire must focus on public-private partnerships, comes to pave the way for entry into the pubic domain of national road network of the economic groups in the sector of the construction and management of highways. This diploma is a real blank cheque for businesses and financial capital, whom this Government has delegated the responsibility of one of the main structural axes of national development. Accordingly, under article 162, point (c)) and article 169 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and the (h)), paragraph 1 of article 4 and article 189-the rules of procedure of the Assembly of the Republic, the undersigned, members of the parliamentary group of the PCP, come for the Parliamentary Assessment of Decree-Law No. 380/2007 of 13 November which "approves the Foundation grant financing, design, design, construction, maintenance, operation, refurbishment and extension of national road network".