Approves The Initiative "free Software In Parliament"

Original Language Title: Aprova a iniciativa "Software Livre no Parlamento"

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Draft resolution n. º 227 approves the initiative â € œ Software Free PORTUGUESE COMMUNIST PARTY's Parliamentary Group Š draft resolution n. º 227 approves the initiative â € œ Parlamentoâ €  Free Software Considering: a. the resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n° 66/2004 ' of 15 October , which recommends the Government to taking measures with a view to the development of free software in Portugal;
B. the important potential of benefà cios resulting from the adaptation of computer tools currently available in the policies available to the concrete needs of the Assembly of the Republic;
C. the imperative need to ensure interoperability and the present and future compatibility to access and read digital format of the historical documentation official rich ³ Assembly of the Republic;
D. the inadià not need to ensure accessibility of official documents to all citizens, not making your access using especà is one or more products or trademarks;
E. the decision taken by the Assembly of the Republic to carry out the work of remodelaà and modernization of its operation, with emphasis on the technological solutions µ s ³ gicas, available in the PlenÃ;
F. The successful recent experiences of à ³ the sovereignty bodies in various paà ses in matter of adopting of µ s solutions computer practices using the free Software â € “ of which stands out the initiative of the French National Assembly, the migration to µ s FLOSS solutions (free software and open source);
Thus, in accordance with applicable rules and constitutional, the Assembly of the Republic resolves: 1. Proceed to approval of the free Software Initiative in Parliament to conclude until the end of the Legislative session III th of this parliamentary term, pursuing the lifetime achievement of the following measures: 1.1. Disponibilizaà in open format of all information and documentation published in Internet and Intranet japigia of the Assembly of the Republic, allowing its users access to all content in order not subject to software use it;
2 1.2. Installation in all jobs of the parliamentary groups and services of the Assembly of the Republic, of a computer package of productivity tools in free software, compatible and complementary with regard to the systems currently used, including in particular word processing programs, costing sheet, management of µ s presentation, navigation on the Internet , ³ email and calendar management and playback of multimedia files; 1.3. Programming and development, by the Center for formation and Parliamentary, Inter-parliamentary µ s action of training aimed at the use of free Software â € “ in particular productivity tools â € “ to be made available to employees of the Assembly of the Republic and Parliamentary Groups; 1.4. development, through central computers of the Assembly of the Republic, a plan the migration of µ s applications and services for free Software, based on a survey of µ s available in the solution, aiming at the maximum embedding of free Software technologies on the network computers.
2. Proceed to the mid-term evaluation of the application of this initiative at the end of th III legislative session à ¢ scope of the Conference of representatives of the Parliamentary Groups, as well as of the Council of administration of the Assembly of the Republic; 3. Make another discussion and resolution, at numerous cio IV th Legislative session, relatively is option, by the Assembly of the Republic, of a Poland of adopting the full and exclusive Free Software, taking into account the conclusion of the µ valuation provided for in progress number; 4. Mandate for the coordination of this initiative the Council of administration of the Assembly of the Republic, who should enjoy in each semester a report progress on River ³ to your application, to be submitted by the Computing Center.
Assembly of the Republic, July 18 2007 Members, BRUNO DAYS, BERNARDINO SOARES, ANTÔNIO “ NIO Philip MICHAEL James, JOHN ƒ the OLIVEIRA, ADRIENNE  SA mosque, ‰ JOSE SOEIRO