Progressive Reduction Of Emissions Of Carbon Dioxide (Co (Index 2)) In The Assembly Of The Republic

Original Language Title: Redução progressiva das emissões de dióxido de carbono (CO(índice 2)) na Assembleia da República

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1 DRAFT RESOLUTION N° 222/X progressive reduction of CO2 emissions in Parliament climate change and its consequences are increasingly a priority topic for humanity in the 21st century. In the process of reforming the Assembly of the Republic could not fail to give a signal of concern and for example towards the progressive reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2) from your energy consumption and your activity, thus giving a clear signal to society and to the world that much and needs to be done and that the tasks that we must do urge and fit the each and every one of us.

It is true that the Assembly of the Republic already included in your performance a high environmental concern in the operation of its services, using mostly recycled paper, separating paper, paperboard, packaging and optical storage used by appropriate, batteries and lamps used delivering them for recycling; carrying out works and air quality measurements and many other activities that are at the forefront of environmental protection. Among good practices it is appropriate to emphasise the launch of a public tender for the project to design the HVAC system of the São Bento Palace based on solar thermal energy or placing in numerous locations, low-consumption light bulbs and light sensors in some places.

2 Thus, the Deputies of the Socialist Party, the undersigned, in accordance with legal and constitutional regulations applicable, the following: draft resolution the Assembly of the Republic, in accordance with paragraph 5 of article 166 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, resolves as follows: article 1 is established as a guideline in the functioning of the Assembly of the Republic energy efficiency and the progressive reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases , in particular carbon dioxide (CO2).

Article 2 in order to achieve the objective referred to in article 1 are set, the following guidelines: a) completion of the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions at the premises and the activities of the Assembly of the Republic; b) plan to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases and your follow-up; c) Realization of periodic energy audits and installations to the functioning of the Assembly of the Republic; d) assessment of the feasibility of placing, at the premises of air, energy production systems from renewable sources (including solar), reducing the use of fossil energy; and) On acquisition of equipment (lamps, air conditioners, photocopiers, televisions and printers), enter selection criteria take into account the energy consumption levels and the option for power management devices; f) On choice of official cars enter selection criteria that consider CO2 emissions, favoring smaller issue; 3 g) installation of telephone conferences and video conferencing; h) Presentation of an annual report services where data are presented on the quantification of emissions and reductions achieved, evaluating ways of offsetting their emissions by investing in carbon capture schemes for reforestation.

Palácio de s. Bento, July 4 2007 Members,