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Full Remodeling Of The Chamber Of The Palace Of São Bento

Original Language Title: Remodelação integral da sala das sessões do Palácio de São Bento

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1. The Hall of Sessions of S. Bento Palace, inaugurated in 1903, will be

object of deep remodeling works, aiming at, wants to

conservation of a space with more than a century of existence, with

preservation of its architectural lines, wants the betterment

global environmental and technological conditions of work. Are they like

foreseen interventions at the level of the system's full replacement

AVAC, from the restoration and functional improvement of the benches of the

Presidency, the Members, the Orders and the Government, of the

replacement of the floor-laws and the respective support structure, of the system

of lighting and electricity, communications and systems systems


2. The Sessions Room is the place where, in normal operation and in the

terms of the Constitution, the plenary meetings of the Assembly take place

of the Republic, which are public. In the same way, in the terms of the

Constitution and the Rules, in the same space occur, in days

in advance established and public knowledge, events

how the appreciation of the Government Programme and the monthly debates with

the Prime Minister, in which they are also present the

members of the Government.

3. The Sessions Room is also the space where, with regularity, if

carry out ceremonies that meet, simultaneously, the holders of the

four constitutionally foreseen organs of sovereignty. In effect, it is

that the case of the Commemorations of the April 25 or the possession of the

President of the elected Republic, events these accompanied

presentially by various high foreign individualities, between


which are counted heads of state, leaders of executives, ministers and


4. The meeting of these circumstances thus imposes that the space in appreciation

is the subject of continuous surveillance and control, in particular by the

anticipation of possible threats against the facilities and their respective

users, so an endeavor of the nature and extent of which if

refers to in 1., taking place in hidden and sensitive areas of the Chamber,

lacks special safety measures and imposes appropriate relationship

of trust with the companies to invite, which they should possess, in the

invitation height, in addition to technical and financial capacity

indispensable to the good execution of the oeuvre, appropriate accreditation of

security. Thus being:

The Assembly of the Republic resolves, in accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 166º

of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the following:


1. The endeavor of integral remodeling of the Hall of the Palace Sessions

of S. Bento will be carried out with recourse to the limited contest without

publication of advertisement, with invitation to companies accredited by the

National Security Authority.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it is supplement-applicable

to the endeavor referred to therein the Decree-Law No. 59/99 of March 2 with the

changes introduced by Law No. 163/99 of September 14 and by the

Decree-Law No. 159/2000 of July 27.

Palace of S. Bento, in July 2007

The Deputies