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Great Plan Options For 2008

Original Language Title: Grandes Opções do Plano para 2008

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Exhibition of Motives

The Grand Options of the Plan for 2008 present a balance of the governing action

in 2006-2007 and identify the main policies approved and implemented during

this period of governance, in accordance with the five strategic options firmed up in the

Major Options of the Plan for the legislature (2005-2009).

For 2008, the policy performance lines provided for in the Major Plan Options

remain consistent with the sustainable development strategy delineated for

Portugal, based on raising the growth potential of the economy and promotion

of social and territorial cohesion, in a framework of strengthening human capital and the

sustainability of public finances. These guidelines are consistent with the

advocating in other medium and long-term policy instruments, specifically

the National Plan for Growth and Employment (PNACE), the Stability Programme

and Growth (PEC) and the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).

The great options of public investment policy in 2008, properly balled

by the ongoing fiscal consolidation process, follow the strategy of progressive

reorientation to the areas of knowledge and qualification of human resources,

viewed as the main levers of the country's economic and social development.

Of the public initiative investment projects to be developed, the focus will be on

focused on the relative to the Simplification and Modernization of the Public Administration, to the

Knowledge and Innovation Networks, to the programme "Ligar Portugal", to the plan " Portugal

Logistics ", to the National Strategy for Energy, to the Valorisation of Basic Education, à

"Initiative New Opportunities" and the Network of Community Services of Proximity.


The Grand Options of the Plan for 2008 have been submitted to the Council's opinion

Economic and Social and the said opinion has been taken into account in the drafting of the document

final now submitted for approval.


Under the terms of the paragraph d) of Article 197 (1) of the Constitution, the Government presents to the

Assembly of the Republic the following proposal for a law:

Article 1.


The Grand Options of the Plan for 2008 are approved.

Article 2.

Strategic framework

The Big Options of the Plan for 2008 are to be found in the development strategy

economic and social of the country defined in the Programme of the XVII Constitutional Government, in the

Major Options of the Plan for 2005-2009, in the National Action Plan for the

Growth and Employment (PNACE), in the Stability and Growth Plan (PEC) and in the

National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).

Article 3.

European context

Portugal should continue to strengthen its role in European construction, notably

through the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy, the completion of the programme of the trio of

Presidency and participation in the debate on the future Constitutional Treaty.


Article 4.

Big Plan Options

1-The Major Options of the Plan for 2008 present the state of the implementation of the action

governs in 2006-2007 and the initiatives to be implemented in 2008 that allow

concretize the guidelines advocated in medium-and long-term instruments

referred to in Article 2.

2-The priorities for 2008 focus on the implementation of policies that target

raise the growth potential of the economy and promote development

sustainable country in a framework of consolidated public finance and strengthening of the

social and territorial cohesion being the main areas of intervention as follows:

a) Raising the potential for economic growth and employment through the

promotion of knowledge and qualification of human resources, of the

scientific, technological development and innovation and competition, as

strategy to modernize the productive structure and potentiate competitiveness

of the Portuguese companies;

b) Promotion of social cohesion through active policies that allow to create

equality of opportunity, get bigger and better education, more gains from

health, and the creation of employment;

c) Consolidation and sustainability of public finances through reduction

structural of public expenditure and a qualitative improvement of the process,

control and budgetary implementation, in line with the Programme of

Stability and Growth;

d) Modernization of the State and Public Administration that allows for satisfaction

of the increasing expectations of citizens and companies in the search for information

and of accessible and high quality services, promoting a culture of


excellence in the provision of public services;

e) Sustainable development as a form of resource optimization and

harnessing synergies that enable a growth and development

balanced and lasting.

3-The investment priorities set out in the Major Plan Options for 2008

will be contemplated and compatibilised in the framework of the State Budget for

2008, and properly articulated with the National Strategic Reference Framework.

4-In the year 2008, the Government will act in the legislative, regulatory framework and

administrative, so as to realize the realization, in each of the areas, of the

targets set out in the Major Options of the Plan for 2005-2009.

Article 5.

Final disposition

It is published in annex to this Law, of which it is an integral part, the document of the

Big Plan Options for 2008.

Seen and approved in Council of Ministers of May 3, 2007

The Prime Minister

The Minister of State and Finance

The Minister of the Presidency


The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs