Recommends That The Government Take Measures To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Original Language Title: Recomenda ao Governo medidas no sentido de prevenir a gravidez na adolescência

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Group draft resolution No. 192/X recommends that the Government take measures to prevent teenage pregnancy An advanced democracy, a modern country, can only consider the place of teenagers is in school. To your learning is still in progress. That's why we condemn child labor, so we are in favour of compulsory education, that's why we bet on qualification and training of young people. Teenage pregnancy interrupts, how many times this process abruptly. As stated by Maria José Alves, a doctor obstetrician and responsible for the Consultation of pregnancy and Contraception in adolescence of the Alfredo da Costa Maternity "early pregnancy is standard for some, transgression for other, but glue them to the brand of vulnerability".

Portugal is the second European Union country with the highest number of teenage pregnancies and the numbers show that this trend remains.

The consequences of teenage pregnancy are many and varied and include several aspects: from the physical and psychological consequences, to education, to relational and economic, to reach the girl, the boy and your son or daughter.

One of the consequences, often, is the risk of a teenager make getting pregnant, because after a first pregnancy is not accompanied by contraception and counseling services.

In many situations the pregnancy is the result of chance, of "bad luck" which raises another problem-unprotected sex that expose the and teens sexually transmitted infections.

The criminalization of abortion contributed a lot to this reality was not known. The underground that many young people were forced prevented if appropriate measures.

The dimension of this problem, as imperative, that if you study, if you make the diagnosis and as a consequence if you devise a plan of National Teen pregnancy prevention.

All actions must be directed at girls and boys, including a gender perspective, thus contributing to equality between women and men with the young generations.

In accordance to the rules and constitutional, the Parliament, meeting in plenary session, decides to recommend to the Government: 1 – establishment of a national study, exhausting, about teenage pregnancy, by County, which will provide an actual diagnosis of the situation.

2-in sequence of this study and in line with the diagnosis must be elaborated a national programme on the prevention of teenage pregnancy according to concrete realities.

3 – this plan must be prepared by a group of experts at the level of health and education, which must assess the few experiments already carried out in this area.

4-Guarantee, in the immediate, at least one customer service and advice to young people in each County, linking the health services, the Youth Institute, municipal information structures and non-governmental organizations.

5-Implement what is set out in ministerial order 52/85, article 3: "service centers are created for young people in health centres and hospitals to deploy initially at regional level and progressively in other health structures, to the extent that the preparation of professionals required for your operation permits".

6-ensure that it is complied with the provisions of article 5 of Law 120/99: "young people can be met in any family planning consultation, albeit in a health centre or hospital service that is not your residence area", ensuring the dissemination of these services accessible in schools and other places frequented by young people.

7 – Promote information and awareness campaigns directed at teenagers and young people about sexual and reproductive health, regular and properly evaluated.

8-include the prevention of teenage pregnancy in all programs to combat poverty.

Palácio de s. Bento, 9 March 2007, The Members and the Members of the left-wing Block