Parliament's Participation In The Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum

Original Language Title: Participação da Assembleia da República no Fórum Parlamentar Ibero-Americano

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DRAFT RESOLUTION No. 172/X PARLIAMENT'S PARTICIPATION in the IBERO-American PARLIAMENTARY FORUM the Iberoamerican Community of Nations represents a historical legacy and a common cultural heritage, patents on sharing of two languages, Spanish and Portuguese.

With a view to strengthening the values that are shared on both sides of the Atlantic, and promoting the strengthening of the parliamentary dimension of the peoples of Ibero-American Community, was approved at the meeting of the II Forum, the status of the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum, held in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, on 26 September 2006, in accordance with paragraph 1, article 7 of its Statute.

The Parliament decides, pursuant to paragraph 5 of article 166 of the Constitution, as follows: article 1 membership of the Assembly of the Republic adheres to the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum and accepts its bylaws, which publishes, in the version in Portuguese language, without prejudice to any changes that may be introduced in accordance with the procedure laid down therein.

2 article 2 1-Delegation of the Assembly of the Republic's participation in the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum is ensured by a delegation. 2-the delegation is composed of a maximum of six members, including a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. 3-still will be elected to a maximum of six substitutes, which will replace the members unable to attend. 4-the delegation should be multi-party, reflecting the composition of the Assembly of the Republic.

Article 3 1-Mandate the delegation is elected by the Assembly of the Republic at the beginning of each parliamentary term and for this period. 2-the members of the delegation, if re-elected, members shall remain in Office until the new election of that delegation.

Article 4 1-Skills delegation performs the tasks laid down in the statutes of the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum.

3 2-the President of the delegation directs its work and coordinates the activities of its members. 3-in your absences and impediments, the President is replaced by the Vice President.

Article 5 operation the operation of the delegation shall be governed by article 2 of the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n° 5/2003, of 22 January.

Article 6 standards for the delegation and its members comply with the rules of procedure of the Assembly of the Republic and of the resolution mentioned in the preceding article.

Palácio de s. Bento, January 10 2007.

The President of the Assembly of the Republic, (Jaime Gama) 4 STATUTE of the IBERO-American PARLIAMENTARY FORUM (approved in Montevideo the 26 September 2006) the Iberoamerican Community of Nations is a space with a common history and cultural heritage, which is based on principles and values shared by the ibero-American countries.

The Ibero-American System, built from the summits of Heads of State and Government since 1991, has been a decisive factor for the consolidation and development of the Ibero-American community of Nations. Strengthening the parliamentary dimension of the ibero-American system, together with the strengthening of democratic institutions and economic and social development of our peoples, is currently a priority for the future of our community.

From 30 September to 1 October 2005 met in Bilbao the 1st Ibero-American parliamentary forum that recognized the need to ensure a greater involvement of parliamentarians in the process of consolidation of the Ibero-American Community of Nations, acting to promote the institutionalization of appropriate ibero-American parliamentary instance.

The representatives of the national parliaments of the countries participating in the Ibero-American Community of Nations, meeting in Montevideo on days 25 and 26 September 2006, conscious of the need to strengthen dialogue between the parliaments of all the ibero-American space, decide to adopt the following Statute: article 1 5 Concept the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum meeting held in the House of representatives is the organ of meeting and co-operation between the national parliaments of the countries participating in the Ibero-American Community of Nations.

Article 2 Objectives Are objectives of the Forum: a) participate actively in the consolidation and development of the Iberoamerican Community of Nations on both sides of the Atlantic; b) Promote parliamentary level, the essential purposes of the Ibero-American Community of Nations, and to contribute thereby to the strengthening of the rule of law, of life and of democratic institutions, human rights and citizenship, of the economic, social and educational development of inter-cultural dialogue, as well as international law and peace between our peoples; c) analyse and evaluate the activities of the Ibero-American Summit taking place between the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the previous year and the following Summit, as well as discuss the main themes in the agenda of the Summit which will take place after the completion of the Forum; d) establish a framework of mutual cooperation with all instances of the community, in particular with the Ibero-American Summit, the Latin American Conference and the related ministerial and sectoral meetings, business meeting, the Civic Meeting and the Ibero-American General Secretariat; and) follow multilateral cooperation programmes undertaken within the community;

6 f) enjoy the common scope matters and other issues of interest to the International Community life; g) Propose and recommend to other instances of Community action designed to contribute to the strengthening and projection of the ibero-American space; h) Develop interparliamentary technical cooperation programs.

Article 3 Composition 1. The Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum is made up of a maximum number of three members and three alternate members for the Legislative Chamber each and every one of the ibero-American countries, except in the case of countries with a unicameral Parliament, which will be represented by a maximum of six members and six alternates. 2. The abovementioned representatives shall be appointed in accordance with the rules and usages of the Parliamentary Chambers of each Country, always on the basis of plurality which take into account the proper balance between majorities and minorities as a result of popular suffrage.

Article 4 Organization

1. The Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum will be chaired by the President of Parliament annually of the country during the Ibero-American Summit, which will have as Vice-Presidents the Presidents of the parliaments of the countries in which has elapsed the previous and the next Summit, the latter may delegate in Vice Presidents of the respective parliaments.

7 2. The Chairman of the Forum, assisted by the Vice-Presidents, ensure and conduct of meetings of the Assembly, interpret this Statute and ears the Presidents of national delegations, set at the proposal of the agenda for each meeting. 3. At the beginning of each Forum meeting will proceed to ratification on the agenda and the election of four Secretaries to support the President and the Vice-Presidents in the conduct of the work of the Bureau. 4. the President of the Forum will be assisted in the performance of their duties by the support of the respective national Parliament and, for that purpose, with the cooperation of the Ibero-American General Secretariat in areas where such cooperation is mutually agreed. 5. The President represents the Forum during the period of your mandate and present in the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government positions. 6. In each Parliament, there will be, at technical level, an anchor point located for the purposes of linking to the President support services and monitoring the work of the Forum, in order to ensure the circulation of information, the efficiency in the preparation of the meetings and support for their respective national delegations.

Article 5 Operation 1. The Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum meets ordinarily once a year meeting in the country that has your Office the Ibero-American Summit and prefacing your accomplishment in reasonable time. 2. Exceptionally, by decision convalidada by two-thirds of its members, may have a special Forum meeting place.

8 3. The annual meeting of the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum should be organized and financed by the host country, the Office of national parliaments transport and accommodation costs of the respective delegations. The General Secretariat will ensure your expenses whenever participate in the activities of the Forum. 4. The working languages of the Ibero-American Parliamentary Forum will be indistinctly Spanish and Portuguese, official languages of the Ibero-American Community of Nations and all documentation must be published in both languages. 5. The Ibero-American Secretary-General and other officials of the ibero-American system may be invited to submit to the Forum, in particular the annual Assembly, annual information about the activities of your competence. 6. the Forum could create among its members working groups and rapporteurs, tasked with drawing up information and reports on specific issues within the scope of its statutory objectives, to be discussed in regular meetings.

Article 6 forms of decision 1. The annual Assembly of the Forum shall act by consensus whenever you are concerned about your Status and decisions by a qualified majority of two-thirds of those present in all respects the assessment of information and reports and votes, proposals or recommendations. 2. Each delegation has, in the meetings of the Forum, a number of votes equal to the number of members of their delegations.

9 Article 7 entry into force 1. The present Statute shall enter into force after approval by the parliaments of the States that make up the Ibero-American Community of Nations, meeting in Montevideo on 25 and 26 September 2006. 2. Each National Parliament shall adopt the measures necessary to ensure that these regulations come into force on your internal order.

Signed in Montevideo, the September 26 2006.