Establishes The Special Regime For The Acquisition, Possession, Use And Possession Of Firearms And Their Ammunition And Accessories Intended For Sporting Activities And Cultural-Historical Collection.

Original Language Title: Estabelece o regime especial de aquisição, detenção, uso e porte de armas de fogo e suas munições e acessórios destinadas a práticas desportivas e de coleccionismo histórico-cultural.

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1 DRAFT law No. 231/X establishes the SPECIAL REGIME for the acquisition, possession, USE and possession of firearms and THEIR AMMUNITION and accessories, aimed at SPORTS PRACTICES and COLLECTIONS CULTURAL-historical JUSTIFICATION activities relating to the shooting sports and the collections of weapons, despite entroncarem on common reason that led to the recent approval by the Assembly of the Republic of a deep reform of the general regime applicable to the use and possession of weapons of fire, reflect a thematic derivation with specificities which justify special treatment. That's the purpose of this legislative initiative, which was proposed in the form of new chapter to be added to the diploma whose final vote took place on December 21 2005. With regard to sport shooting, this is elementary principles of safeguarding care and control, in particular as regards the definition of the types of weapons usable, of covered sports, business licensing rules, as well as the special relationship of proximity that must be ensured, in the light of the matter, regarding sports agents in it, be, individual or collective. In the case of collections, regardless of the law No. 1/98, of 8 January, have predicted a period of 45 days for the regulation of this activity of historical and cultural interest, which didn't come to fruition, this matter whose systematic legal treatment is a real innovation in Portugal. In addition to the aspects relating to safety and the control of the activity, it is important to also safeguard a duly ordained, a set of incentives designed to promote the protection of the historical heritage, also relevant in the field of weapons. 2 Create, collector and licenses sports shooter, observing in this part the Community Directive 91/477/EEC and, as regards sports marksmen, the respective federations following the merit of its practitioners, legal mechanisms for the development of some shooting disciplines with world expression. Established new rules for the granting of licences to use and carry firearms to minors to practice target shooting, associating the essential authorisation by the person who exercises their parental responsibility, often justified use of compulsory schooling, premial solution believed to be appropriately fair and beneficial. The ordering of the collector, for your part, couldn't help but obey the principle of responsibility of their agents, materialized on the need of frequency of courses that enable technically a fruitful continuation of the activity. In addition to shed your playful collection is inherently an obvious source of cultural dissemination and enhancing conservation of the historic heritage, with highlight to museology, both static as the dynamic, being in this case, for example, the historical reenactments.

So: under the constitutional provisions and regulations applicable, the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party petitions the following Bill: chapter I General provisions article 1 subject-matter and common 1-this law establishes the special regime for the acquisition, possession, use and possession of firearms and their ammunition and accessories, aimed at sports practices, and cultural-historical collection as well as the type of organization to be adopted by the respective sports federations and associations of collectors. 3 2-In all that this law does not have in particular, has application to general law and related regulations. 3-is applicable, under the present law, with the adjustments that are provided for, the criminal and administrative liability regime provided for in chapter X of the law governing the new legal regime of weapons and their ammunition.

Article 2 Jurisdiction without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 10 and of paragraph 2 of article 24 of this law, the National Director of the Public Security Police (PSP) the licensing and the granting of the necessary permits for the possession, use and possession of a firearm and its ammunition and accessories, for the pursuit of the activities referred to in paragraph 1 of the preceding article.

Article 3 types of licenses For the possession, use and possession of firearms intended for the practice of sport shooting and collecting are granted by National Director of PSP licenses of the following types: a) shooting sports license; b) collector's License.

Article 4 General Conditions for the award of licences 1-the licenses provided for in the preceding article are granted to citizens, legal, approved in the competent medical examination of primarily psychological impact and demonstrating have fitness for that purpose, this being determined in accordance with the procedure and under the conditions laid down for the grant of a license to use and carry firearms class B 1. 2-Notwithstanding the previous paragraph regarding other requirements, the collector's license is only granted to citizens over 21 years of age. 4 3-the application for the grant of licenses provided for in the preceding article is accompanied by proof of the prior issue of a permit by the competent federal or Federation of reasoned opinion of the Association of collectors in which the applicant is registered, as the case may be. 4-to practice modalities or shooting disciplines recognised by respective international federations is permitted exclusively for sports purposes, the license grant to minors aged 14 years minimum in the case of long guns of smooth-barrel, and 16 years for the weapons-barreled rifle using ammunition soul percussion ring Since you are registered in a Federation with recognition by the Olympic Committee of Portugal, and meet the following conditions: a) Attend, with proven recovery, the compulsory education; b) are authorised, who exercise parental authority, to practice target shooting; (c)) have not been the target of tutelary educational measure by that established in criminal law.

Article 5 Validity and renewal 1-the licences provided for in article 3 have a validity of five years. 2-the renewal of licences shall be subject to verification of the requirements for the respective granting.

Article 6 Granting the loan

1-the on loan of firearms for sporting purposes and collecting, is permitted under the terms and conditions generally provided for in the law governing the new legal regime of the guns and their ammunition, and according to the rules specifically provided for in this article. 2-may be subject to disposal, on loan, the arms of classes C and D, since intended for your use in training or sports, getting such a possibility evidence reserved, in the case of guns owned by associations or federations, the shooters are in them specifically. 5 3-collector license holders and collectors can yield on loan collection which are weapons of your property, since intended for exhibition in collection weapons fairs or in museums, public or private. 4-the museums of associations of collectors can get the guns off the loan collections of licensees of collector, as well as those that are in the possession of other public or private entities, and the only exposure to the public.

Article 7-1 the Cassation Appeal of licences referred to in article 3, shall apply the arrangements laid down for the use license and gun permit class B 1. 2-the entity responsible for the sports shooter or the collector, shall communicate to the National Directorate of the PSP (DN/PSP), any facts or circumstances which may lead to the establishment of process to appeal its license.

Article 8 technical Qualifications, opinions and approvals certifications that, under the terms and for the purposes of this law, are within the competence of the federations and associations laid down in that Treaty, are always performed by technically qualified personnel and as such identified, according to the nature of the subjects discussed above concrete.

Chapter II target shooting article 9 Definitions 1-shooting sports: 6 a) Of precision, which is subject to international competitive environment, being practiced with firearms with grooved soul pipe, about specific targets, in which the shooter is in a fixed position and in places approved by the competent Federation; (b)), which is subject to international competitive environment, being practiced with firearms with grooved soul pipe, about specific targets, in which the shooter moves to the execution of the shot; (c)), which is subject to national and international competitive environment, being practiced with small caliber weapons with smooth or grooved pipe, within the statutory limitations provided for in this law; d) With long guns of smooth-barrel, which is subject to competitive framework, whether national or international, being practiced from one or more jobs or in course of hunting, and executed on specific targets. 2-for the purposes of (a)), b) and (d)) of the previous paragraph, the expression targets the specific determined by national or international bodies that oversee the modalities or disciplines.

Article 10 shooting sports federations 1-shooting Associations are entities that oversee the practice of shooting sports, since in that capacity by the public recognized that the national sport tutelage, and the Olympic Committee of Portugal, in the case of the modalities or Olympic shooting disciplines. 2-. Shooting associations are recognized as entities that regulate the shooting sports and who have competence to rule on the ability of the shooters to the use of arms for that purpose, and they decide on the allocation of Federal licenses to practice the procedures or disciplines developed under your auspices, and issue opinions on the granting of licences for shooting sports.

Article 11 7 1-Skills in the development of its tasks in the scope of practice and development of the shooting sports, racing still shooting associations: the) issue opinions, with binding, on the technical and safety conditions of the firing ranges and field firing ranges where they carry out sports and their surrounding areas evidence; b) Define and regulate the parameters of the assignment of Federal licenses; c) Define, within legal limits, the types of weapons, and ammunition calibers for the practice of sports, and related disciplines, developed under your aegis; d) Define, within legal limits, the maximum number of weapons and ammunition that can be purchased for the practice of sports and related disciplines; and) require the clubs annual presentation, in traditional or electronic form, of the consumption of ammunition acquired maps, in the case of ammunition acquisition conditioned by law as well as keep them properly updated; f) Require the submission of manifest Carnets of weapons to the gunmen, during practice and competitions developed under your auspices, with the exception of the elements of the armed forces, Military Forces and the security forces or assimilated, and sports licenses; g) Require annually, as a condition of membership or renewal, a certificate of medical examination, which makes sufficient evidence of physical and mental fitness of the practitioner and to declare the absence of any contraindications. h) requiring the all sports agents that may be present in the areas reserved for the practice of this modality, the ownership of a sports insurance valid and in force; I) Revoke the licenses granted by you and seize their titles. 2-national associations can subscribe to International Federations or associations recognised as being responsible for the regulation and direction worldwide of other shooting sports, whose adoption is considered of interest for the attainment of its objectives.

Article 12 Obligations

8 for sporting shooting licences granted pursuant to subparagraph (a)) of article 3 of this law, shall inform the federations DN/PSP, in any media: a) A map with all of its affiliates, monthly or annually, as the case of striated, soul or pipe of smooth-barreled weapons indicating, for each one, the name, number and license type and Sports Club to which he belongs; b) annually, a map showing where the snipers who lost their federal licenses, or which have been amended by subsequent clearance or non-compliance with the rules established for your grant or maintenance; (c)) the emergence, in training and in competitions organised under the aegis of your guns illegally or without manifest; d) all federal regulations relating to licensing and the inherent conditions of accreditation and maintenance. and) immediately inform the DN/PSP, however the provisions of subparagraph (b)), the license loss arising from disciplinary sanctions or other, which entail, cumulatively, the loss of the right to use the weapons.

Article 13 types of States 1-licenses to practice target shooting, are provided by the respective federations, the following licenses: the Federal License to: practice) of precision shooting sports disciplines which use pistols, revolvers or rifles of compressed air 4 mm gauge and pistols, revolvers or rifles of calibre up to 22, as long as the ammo is ring percussion; b) Federal License B: practice of precision shooting sports disciplines which use guns or handguns using ammunition of 32 calibers Long Wadcutter S&W and 38 Special Wadcutter, between 6 mm caliber carbines and 8 mm, and short and long arms of black powder; c) Federal License C: precision shooting sports practice or dynamic, which use pistols or revolvers until 11, 4 mm caliber 45 caliber carbines, or between 6 mm and 8 mm and Ordinance to caliber carbines 7.92 mm; 9 d) Federal License d: practice recreational target shooting, in which used carbines, pistols or revolvers of calibres compressed air allowed by law, as well as rifles, pistols or revolvers up to 22 gauge since the ammunition is of percussion, and still ring up to 9 mm caliber rifles; and) license and Federal: practice of sport shooting with rifle, of the calibers and loads allowed for the practice of the disciplines covered by this license, with the specifications determined by their Federation. 2-States licenses are valid for a period of one year, being documented by their own card, personal and untransferable, stating the number of target shooting license, your name holder, the club that represents the season referred, coinciding with the calendar year.

Article 14 granting and maintenance of Federal licenses 1. The granting of the licenses do States subject to the following conditions: a) The A, D and e licenses are granted to shooters who will apply for the first time in the Federation governing the sport or discipline, being subject to a prior examination of suitability for the granting of its licence; b) B license is granted to the sniper to demonstrate, cumulatively: i) Be the holder of a license of Federal shot at minimum period of two years; II) Have participated annually in two or more evidence of the official calendar of the respective Federation, and have gotten the scores of access listed in the regulation of licences in force in the same; III) have not been the target of Federal sanction for violation of the rules or by anti-desportivas practices; IV) When intending to practice shooting with black powder guns, have also been approved in appropriate course, taught by instructors accredited by their Federation. c) C license is granted to the sniper to demonstrate, cumulatively: i) hold a federal license (B) the minimum period of two years; 10 ii) Have participated annually in two or more evidence of the official calendar of the respective Federation, and have gotten the scores of access listed in the regulation of licences in force in the same; III) have not been the target of Federal sanction for violation of the rules or by anti-desportivas practices; IV) When intending to practise shooting in the shooting mode, have also attended successfully a suitable course, taught by the Club, and subsequently get utilization under review with curriculum approved by the respective Federation; 2-the use of the weapons purchased under the licenses of shooting sports is only allowed in appropriate locations to practice the sport or disciplines referred to and approved by the respective Federation. 3-the members of the armed forces, Military Forces and the security forces or equivalent, can access the federal license C by approval under review promoted by the respective Federation, regardless of prior ownership of other sporting licenses. 4-federal license holders must prove, on an annual basis, for the purpose of renewal, the participation in official competitions. 5-the validity of Federal licenses is always conditioned by the issuance and validity of licences referred to in point (a)) of article 3 of this law.

Article 15 fitness tests for the granting of federal license

1-the prior examination of suitability for enabling a federal license to shooting sports is the responsibility of the respective federations, and should cover the following subjects and objectives: a) the Legal Regime of weapons and their ammunition; b) Regulation of the use of weapons for sports purposes; c) security in handling; d) notions of ballistics and ballistic effects; e) technical implementation. 11 2-the evaluation process is the responsibility of the respective federations, within its powers, consists of the following successive stages and qualifiers, where applicable: a) For the issuance of Federal licenses A and D: i) written test on the theoretical matters in paragraph 1 of this article; II) practice test handling, having the candidate to perform security operations properly, to load and unload a pistol and a carbine 22 LR caliber, pointing in a safe direction, place the weapon on safe, check the camera and put the gun open and pointed in a safe direction. III) practical test of technical implementation, verifying that the applicant is capable of performing safely a concentration of 10 shots with 20 cm to 10 meters, using a compressed air pistol or 10 cm in diameter, under the same conditions, using a compressed air rifle. b) for the issuance of federal license; I) written test on the theoretical matters in paragraph 1 of this article; II) practice test focusing on the transport of arms iii) practice test on the safety and handling of weapons, your loading and unloading iv) run Test practice. 3-the prior statement of the candidates and your presentation at the place determined for the tests is the responsibility of the Clubs to which they belong. 4-the dates and location of the tests, as well as the nominal list of the candidates, are previously communicated to the DN/PSP. 5-the tests referred to in this article is accompanied by an element of the PSP, responsible for ensuring compliance with the law.

Article 16 Validity and revocation of licences 1 States-States licenses shall expire when: a) and will not be renewed until your term; (b)) is not issued or ceases, for any reason, the license referred to in subparagraph (a)) of article 3 of this law; 12 c) the dissolution of the Club in which the holder is affiliated. 2-States licenses are revoked in the following cases: a) If the holder is your target of disciplinary action for violating federal safety rules or by anti-desportivas practices; b) If your holder, for ease, irresponsibility or manifest inability, cause damage to infrastructure or other goods under guardianship or responsibility of the respective Federation or its affiliated clubs, or use guns or ammunition inadequate; c) if the holder has not fulfilled your legal regulations concerning your maintenance; d) If the holder cease your sporting activity;

Article 17 acquisition of weapons and ammunition 1-it is up to the respective Federation, at the request of clubs and associations, present to the DN/PSP applications on behalf of natural or legal persons, to acquire firearms with grooved soul pipe and its ammunition. 2-requests relating to weapons referred to in the previous paragraph, the following elements: the Identification of the holder) in whose name the weapon will be acquired; b) identification of the club where the purchaser is registered, if natural person; c) the desired weapon type, make, model and caliber with figurative elements, when requested, as well as required on your opinion Sports Fitness; d) Federal license type possessed by the purchaser, when natural person; and the qualifications of the President) evidence and vowels of shooting clubs, when the weapons are acquired on behalf of these. 3-applications relating to the acquisition of ammunition of calibre above. 22, set out the following elements: a) intended, indicating Quantitative of the calibre and projectile type installed; b) identification of shooters for whom they are intended; (c)) for the Quantitative Club or Association for training of shooters. 13 4-The further purchase of ammunition are dependent on the presentation of maps of consumption referred to in subparagraph (e)) of paragraph 1 of article 11. 5-In all the cases referred to in the previous paragraph must be demonstrated the existence of adequate security conditions for the custody of the weapons and ammunition, which authorization of purchase is required. 6-the refusal to issue the authorisations provided for in this article is always grounded in accordance with legally applicable.

Article 18 characteristics of weapons suitable for sport

1. The following shall be considered as weapons suitable for the practice of shooting sports in its different modalities and disciplines: a) precision shooting sports: i) compressed air pistols, revolvers or rifles 4 mm caliber, with targeting device adjustable, using air or gas as a propellant; II) shot with bullet, 22 caliber even ring: percussion pistols, revolvers and rifles that use only ammunition with initial speeds officially accepted, soft lead projectile, not expansive, with adjustable aiming system and adjustable trigger mechanism, simple shooting or repetition in the carbines, and simple, shooting or semiautomatic pistols or revolvers, whose total length cannot be less than 220 mm; III) shot with bullet in 32 caliber and. 38: pistols or revolvers with total length of not less than 220 mm, that use only ammunition sizes. S&W 32 Long Wadcutter. 38 Special Wadcutter, with adjustable aiming system and adjustable trigger mechanism; IV) shot with bullet, in calibers between 6 mm and 8 mm: rifles using ammunition between 6 mm and 8 mm, with fully encamisados projectiles (FMJ) armor-piercing incendiary tracer or, no, regulable aiming system and simple shooting or repetition; b) recreational shooting sports: all weapons propelled by compressed air or gas, 22 caliber bullet until barrel ring and percussion of soul lisa to the caliber of 9 mm; 14 c) shooting sports dynamic: Pistols or revolvers using ammunition of the caliber 9x19mm or minimum and maximum 11 38, 4 mm or 45, with lead projectiles or fully encamisados (FMJ) ogival profile or trunk-conical, with a rounded tip, with pipe pipe speeds determined by international regulations, with the minimum length of the pipes of 105 mm pistols and 4 "(101 mm) guns; d) pistol 9 mm caliber pistols Sport: 9 mm, using lead projectiles or fully encamisados (FMJ) ogival profile or trunk-conical, with a rounded tip, with a distance between top sights 153 mm, not being allowed the application of Extenders for your support; and Black Powder): originals or replicas of industrial production of black powder weapons of mecha, flintlock or percussion, accepted by the international body, to the exclusion of any regulator prototype, although certified in Bank of official evidence. f) Batman: carbines and pistols whose use for campaign or garrison has been determined by the army before 1960, with calibers between 6 and 8 mm for shotguns and between 9 mm and 7.65 to the guns. g) target shooting with shotguns: all long guns with smooth barrel, recognized by their Federation as suitable for target shooting developed under your auspices. 2. Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous paragraph of this article, are still considered suitable for sport shooting all weapons from civilian use which are approved by national or international sports bodies. 3-When required by the regulations, weapons intended for the practice of shooting accuracy and dynamic shooter must have a minimum trigger weight to make the shot.

Article 19 arms ceiling by shooter 1-Considering the kind of Federative licence possessed, as well as the modalities and disciplines practiced, established the following limits of detention: a) for holders of federal license B, two weapons by discipline or sport; b) To Federal license holders (C): 15 i) in shooting sports, three guns per Division to a maximum of six guns; II) In shooting sports, two guns for sport pistol 9 mm mode and four guns of Batman, two by discipline; c) To Federal license holders (D), four arms; 2-For the purposes of this article, the sets or conversion systems of calibers are accounted for as a weapon.

Article 20 Master Shooter 1. The Federations that lead the precision shooting sports or dynamic can assign the distinction of Master Shooter to practitioners who have achieved relevant scores in practiced under your auspices. 2. The Masters Shooters is allowed the purchase of guns beyond the limits laid down in article 19, provided that appropriate to the practice of sport in which they obtained the distinction. 3. The Masters shooters who cease to your competitive activity, provided that the farmer has not been the subject of disciplinary action, cassation administrative federal court conviction for crime or have been applied security measure to stop to stop firearms in your possession, is allowed to keep weapons acquired in that capacity under the legal provisions relating to house arrest , or upon reclassification for other license applicable, under information of the respective Federation or Association of Collectors, within its competences.

Article 21 Shooters veterans, disabled or voluntarily cease your activity To shooters who by age, or by physical impossibility duly proven, not be possible to maintain the sporting activities, as well as to all those who voluntarily cease your activity, you can apply the system provided for in paragraph 3 of the preceding article.

Article 22 16 1 Refill. The replenishment of ammunition is allowed to holders of licences States B, C and e, and is governed by the provisions of this article. 2-the acquisition of powder and percussion caps is done upon request directed to the DN/PSP and previously informed by their Federation which shall draw up a register of each individual shooter; 3-for sale by dealer or estanqueiro powder and percussion caps to reload can occur only upon proof of possession of the licences referred to in paragraph 1, and of the authorisation issued by the DN/PSP, being registered in the map itself. 4-reloaded ammo is exclusively the use of the sports shooter who produced them, and only allowed the use of black powder and percussion caps of industrial production. 5-However the quantities of components that the shooter has no possession more than 500 ammo recharged at any time, and should the same be recorded in map of the shooter, certified by your Federation. 6-the guard and conservation of reloading components by clubs depends on the prior certification of the necessary conditions for the DN/PSP, which also sets the quantities cacheable.

Article 23 Black Powder

1. The acquisition and use of flammable components for black powder guns is allowed to clubs and federal license holders (B) and (e), enabled with the course referred to in paragraph iv), subparagraph (b)), paragraph 1 of article 14, apply the provisions of paragraphs 2 to 4 of the preceding article and, yet, subject to the following conditions : a) the maximum amount of gunpowder acquired annually by individual shooters cannot exceed 1,000 grams, by partial acquisitions of 500 grams; 17 b) except at the time of purchase, is not allowed to transport black powder quantities greater than 200 grams, and should always be transported in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 5 grams; c) unless at the time of purchase, is not allowed the transport of quantities exceeding 100 percussion caps, and use a suitable container; 2-For the execution of international competitions, the Organization of the race provides the supply of powder and percussion caps to the participants, by express permission of DN/PSP, duly motivated proposal of the respective Federation.

Chapter III Collection of firearms and their ammunition article 24 1 weapons collectors ' associations-Associations of collectors are the entities empowered the organisation of historical study, conservation, preservation and Museum exhibition of guns and their accessories. 2-collectors associations are accredited by order of the Minister of internal affairs.

Article 25 in the Skills development of its mission, it is especially recognised collectors associations: the) issue opinions, with binding, on the historical, artistic or technical subject of collections of their affiliates; b) Organize colloquia, seminars and conferences relating to the matters under consideration, namely the knowledge and preservation of the national historical heritage; c) Organize and take the direction of technical Museums, as well as cultural and historical samples; d) Promote historical reenactments; 18 and) Advise, whenever requested by the DN/PSP, expertise and work classification of weapons; f) verifying and certifying the safety conditions in which are the collections of its affiliates; g) Ensure, as a condition of membership, the suitability of its members; h) comment, about the historical, technical and artistic, as well as insert your subject, of any weapon whose acquisition is intended for a your affiliated; I) Ensure the conduct of courses and tests relating to information for the arrest of collector's license; j) communicate to the DN/PSP the emergence of guns illegally or without manifest;

Article 26 1 certificate-it is the responsibility of the duly accredited Associations, the assessment of applicants for licensing of collector, whose own examination approval gives them a certificate of fitness. 2-the examination referred to in the previous paragraph is aimed at the following matters: the Legal Regime of) arms and ammunition; b) detention regulations, use and possession of weapon; c) safety of the handling of all types of firearms in civilian use; d) knowledge of clock mechanisms and your historical evolution; and Knowledge concerning the studies) evolution of ballistic effects; 3-the evaluation process consists of the following successive stages and qualifiers: a) written test on theoretical in paragraph of the present article; b) practical test of handling, having the candidate to perform correctly the security operations, loading and unloading various types of weapons according to the theme chosen, pointing in a safe direction, place the weapon on safe, check the camera and put the gun open and pointed in a safe direction. c) practical test of technical implementation; 4 – is applicable to tests referred to in above the provisions of paragraphs 3 to 5 of article 15. 19 5-be exempted from the tests referred to in paragraph above, all interested parties who already have, or are required to possess, use license and gun permit class B and B 1.

Article 27 thematic Collections thematic collections are admissible not obsolete munitions up to two examples by type, as well as the collections of weapons, replicas of firearms, firearms destroyed and arms.

Article 28 1 safety-the licensing of collector requires the person concerned to have safe conditions for custody of their firearms. 2-If the person concerned does not have security conditions for the home guard of your weapons, can the same be collected or displayed on the premises of the Museum of the Association where is affiliated. 3-apply to firearms collectors, mutatis mutandis, the rules of regulated security to the trade in arms and ammunition. 4-all shots made with weapons of collection shall be recorded in a proper book, provided by the Association of collectors, and annually seen and certified by DN/PSP. 5-sporting events with collectible weapons are only allowed in meetings of collectors or celebrations, and the same course under the auspices of a recognized and respected collectors association the security conditions required for sports marksmen. 6-In historical reenactments is only allowed the shot to save. 7-The licensed collector may require to the DN/PSP a use license and gun permit class B1, exclusively for the purpose of self defense in both the transport of weapons collection, either in their home when the collection is based on your residence. 20 article 29 Conditions of security of Museums

1-the museums of associations of collectors are authorized by order of the National Director of the PSP. 2-the museums of associations of collectors are equipped with exhibitors inviolable and security systems and mechanisms that permit a permanent surveillance. 3-whenever technically possible, should be removed one or more essential parts or other mechanisms, of firearms on display to the public. 4-the facility must be equipped with bars on the Windows and door access security abroad. 5-The museums can contain a section of restoration, repair and preservation of pieces that are part of your estate and its affiliates. 6-employees of Museums, which may have contact with weapons, must have enough integrity to that end, checking this pursuant to obtain a use license and gun permit type B 1. 7-Are applicable to Museums, collectors associations as to facilities where they keep their weapons, at the applicable security conditions required for the trade in arms and ammunition.

Article 30 Acquisition of firearms 1-collector license holders can purchase for your collection, depending on the theme pursued weapons of classes B, C, D, E, F and g. 2-issue purchase authorization, when required, is subject to the verification of the conditions referred to in section I, chapter III, of the General Law on guns and their ammunition as well as the test of historical, artistic or technical of that gun, by declaration of the Association of collectors in which the same is affiliated. 21 3-collector with Museum associations may request authorization for the purchase of any weapons of the types referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, provided they are the same intended solely for display. 4-license holders of collectors can also request authorization to buy weapons only to be displayed in a museum. 5-When is concerned the purchase and recovery for the national historical heritage of arms of classes B, C or D, Portuguese or Portuguese custom produced, acquired international legal trade, should the DN/PSP ensure in term of completion helpful legal conditions of importation or transfer, and taking into account the concrete circumstances, may be appropriate. 6-with the permission of the DN/PSP, can collectors associations organize trade shows, cultural shows and auctions arms with historical interest, being allowed to participate and bid solely persons authorized with collectors or with another that allows him possession of the gun. 7-in the case referred to in the previous paragraph the weapon or weapons will only be delivered after the procedure during the process of issuing the relevant authorization to purchase.

Article 31 Guns using ammunition obsolete weapons that use obsolete munitions, in particular those listed in the annex to the General Law on guns and their ammunition may be held, regardless of ownership, collector license in the following cases: a) the domicile of the owner; b) In Museum spaces, public or private; c) manifestations of artistic nature; d) at fairs, cultural shows and auctions of arms arranged in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 of the preceding article.

Article 32 Black Powder 1. The purchase and use of flammable components for black powder guns, applies the provisions of article 23, with the following specifications: 22 a) license required for shooting with black powder weapons is given upon approval in proper course taught by accredited trainers by the respective Association of collectors; b) the maximum amount of gunpowder to acquire annually for each of the collectors cannot exceed 3,000 grams per 1,000 grams maximum partial acquisitions; c) without prejudice to the rules of accommodation of the components and initial acquisition, is not allowed to transport quantities of black powder and percussion caps above, respectively, 500 grams, and 500 percussion caps; 2-for running events or historical reenactments or sporting events can be authorized by DN/PSP the acquisition by the collectors of quantities of gunpowder higher than those referred to in (b)) of the previous paragraph, as well as your transfer to foreign participants.

Chapter 4 criminal responsibility and offences article 33 Applicability apply, in this framework, the standards laid down in Chapter X of the General Law on guns and their ammunition, as well as the rules laid down in this chapter.

Article 34 accessory Penalty of prohibition of exercise of activity leader-1 Can incur on temporarily ban any performance positions in federations and associations provided for in this decree-law, the directors, officers or representatives of those who are sentenced, and title in any form of participation, by the practice of crime or a misdemeanour committed with severe deviation of the scope, subject matter and social purposes of business by the respective legal entity or with serious violation of duties and rules governing the activity. 23 2-the ban has the minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum of 10 years, not counting for this purpose as long as the convict has been subject to a measure of coercion or in compliance with sentence or execution of custodial security measure. 3-the activity closed pursuant to this article, as well as the practice of any act in that it translates, is punished as a crime of disobedience. 4-the prohibition referred to in this article shall apply the provisions of paragraph 3 of article 90 of the General Law on weapons and their ammunition. . Article 35 specific administrative Responsibility

1-the exercise of activity without which pre-exists the recognition or accreditation referred to, respectively, paragraph 1 article 10 and paragraph 2 of article 24, is punished with a fine of 1500 to 15000. 2-those who do not comply with the following provisions of this Decree-Law: a) in article 31, is punished with a fine of 2000 to 20000 b) in paragraph 1 of article 28, is punished with a fine of 1500 to 15000; c) in articles 13, 14, paragraphs 5 and 6 of article 28, in (a)) c) of paragraph 1 of article 23 and in paragraph 1 (b)) and c) of paragraph 1 of article 32, is punished with a fine of 700 to 7000; d) in paragraphs 2 to 4 of article 6, article 8 and j) of article 25, shall be punished with a fine of 600 to 6000; and) in paragraph 2, article 7, subparagraphs (a) and) h) of paragraph 1 of article 11, subparagraphs (a)), b), c) and (e)) of article 12 and paragraph 4 of article 28, is punished with a fine of 250 to 2500; 3-for the purposes of paragraphs above, are jointly and severally responsible elements of the Federation or association or, in the absence of social bodies, signatories of the Charter of such entities.

Chapter V transitional and final provisions article 36 24 1-special permits are allowed to import and export of weapons, essential parts of firearms, ammunition, shells or casings with percussion caps or just percussion caps by federations and associations of collectors with Museum, as well as to holders of sports licence or collector's item, since authorized by National Director of PSP , observing, with the necessary adjustments, the system provided for in Chapter VII of the General Law on weapons and their ammunition. 2-sports evidence and cultural initiatives or historical reenactments of recognized interest, whose nature is not adjusted to the provisions of the present diploma, are the subject of proper authorization, granted by the National Director of PSP, through analysis of the conditions for event security, assessing the suitability of participants and the quality of its promoter.

Article 37 duty 1-shooting associations and associations of collectors necessarily to communicate DN/PSP the identity of the holders of the respective social bodies and prove your trustworthiness, as well as technicians especially with enabled to your service. 2-it is up to the federations to take to comply with the obligation referred to in the previous paragraph, in the case of its federated associations and clubs in these subscribers. 3-When are the elections to the bodies of the entities referred to in this article, the federations and associations of collectors shall inform the DN/PSP to your new composition within the 60 days following the suffrage.

Article 38 Federated clubs listings Sports Federations must deliver on DN/PSP, within 180 days after the entry into force of this decree-law, the listing of all associations and clubs in them as well as the Federal listing of their shooters and the types of licenses that are 25 sports owners, duly converted to Federal licenses referred to in this decree-law.

Article 39 Application for assignment 1-collector license Along with the application for the award of the license collector, and within 180 days from the entry into force of this law, shall be attached the list of weapons included in the collection, keeping the applicant in your possession. 2-weapons expressed in the possession of the applicant are, without further formalities, expressed in the same name. 3 guns raised on behalf of different, deceased or unknown whereabouts are expressed for free on behalf of the applicant, making this the proof by any means, of your purchase.

Article 40 delegation of powers the powers conferred in this Act to the National Director of the PSP can be delegated, in accordance with the law.

Article 41 fees 1-filing requirements, licensing, and their renewals, permits, inspections and examinations, the manifests and all acts subject to order, anticipated in this Decree, are dependent on the payment by the interested of the rate fixed by the relevant Ordinance relating to the General system of use and carry firearms. 2-the acts aimed at the recognition of sports federations and the accreditation of associations of collectors are exempt from payment of any fees.

Article 42 Start of 26 this law shall enter into force on the day following your publication.