Establishes The Terms And Conditions Of Installation On The National Territory Of Banks Of Firearms And Their Ammunition, Since Civilian Use.

Original Language Title: Estabelece os termos e as condições de instalação em território nacional de bancos de provas de armas de fogo e suas munições, desde que de uso civil.

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1 DRAFT law No. 230/X establishes the terms and conditions of INSTALLATION on the NATIONAL TERRITORY of BANKS of firearms and THEIR AMMUNITION, SINCE CIVIL USAGE the EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM the existence of evidence for firearms and their ammunition, as well as be means of safeguarding security in operation Configures also increased source of quality of goods produced, in line with the bet assumed by Portugal in appreciation of your productive international competitiveness. In this field, emerges as a reference set of technical standards and good manufacturing practice whose establishment and promotion constitute the essential core due to the activity of the Permanent International Commission, established under the Brussels Convention on mutual recognition of Proofmarks on small arms, of 1 September 1969 and that from now on, if you want to see applied. The completion of the technical and safety conditions due to a firearms evidence suggests that the establishments comply with the various requirements create, whose guiding principles are shed in this law, without prejudice to the other prevailing regulations. Thus, and in accordance with the new general law governing the guns and their ammunition, establish rules relating to the Constitution of the Bank institutions, its essential purposes, certification and brand-name signs, giving also the constant forecast al. c), art. 119 of the general scheme.

Thus, under the constitutional provisions and regulations applicable, the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party petitions the following Bill: 2 Article 1 subject-matter this law establishes the terms and conditions of installation on the national territory of banks of firearms and their ammunition, since civilian use.

Article 2 Definition 1-term bank of evidence the technical establishment intended to test the firearms, their parts and ammunition, in order to ensure the safety of the user, prior to placing on the market or later, when prompted. 2-the proof may also proceed: a) the destruction of firearms, their components and ammunition, in accordance with legally prescribed; (b)) the various technical examinations. 3-exceptionally, Minister of internal affairs can authorize in the evidence referred to in this law, the testing of equipment, military and war materials, intended for or used by the security forces, under the terms and conditions to be laid down in order.

Article 3-1 holders Entities Can install banks of evidence the Charter holders of dealer entities of type 1, referred to al. ª), paragraph 1, of article 48, the legal regime of weapons and their ammunition, as well as legal persons reported by gunsmiths, since in the record as a gunsmith who holds the kind of Charter. 2-Can also install banks of evidence other natural or legal persons whose corporate purpose is solely to certification activity pursuant to this law and obtained license of dealer of type 1, regardless of the pursuit of the activity of manufacturing and Assembly of firearms and their ammunition.

3 article 4 1-Testing the tests to be carried out on evidence consist in particular in the evaluation: the resistance of the essential parts) of firearms; (b)) the operation and safety of weapons; (c)) of the behavior of ammunition; d) dimensional parameters internationally established. 2-the criteria and technical parameters of description, evaluation and measurement to be taken in the tests referred to in paragraph above, comply with the regulatory requirements in force within the framework of the Convention institutiva of Permanent International Commission for firearms Testing (CIP) article 5 certificates and marks 1-approval of weapons, their components and ammunition in database testing evidence as well as their destruction, contained in a certificate, dated and numbered, to be issued by the holder of the establishment, it included mandatory: a) the identification of the establishment; (b) Data relating to the requester entity); c) data relating to the manufacturer; d) make, model, caliber and gun number subject to certification or, where appropriate, of essential parts of the weapon; and Mark, calibre and batch), in the case of ammunition; f) the result certified by the test. 2-after approval in evidence are affixed in all weapons tested brand-signs identifying the respective establishment puncture and tests carried out, and in the following parts, in case of single testing: a) Barrel; b) c) Slide the locking Box; d) Receiver; 4 and) Housing; f) drum.

Article 6 1-Disable the destruction of guns in evidence depends on authorisation to be granted by the National Directorate of Public Security Police (DN/PSP), in accordance with the procedure and terms provided for in article 109 of the Code of administrative procedure. 2-the destruction of weapons and ammunition is always accompanied by the issuance of a certificate, which includes the identification of the weapon or ammunition, entry and exit dates of establishment and the type of destruction carried out.

Article 7 Recognition 1-recognition of evidence referred to in paragraph 2 of article 53 of the law governing the new legal regime of the guns and their ammunition, can cover any establishment officially recognized by a Member State, as well as by third countries, considered the principle of reciprocity. 2-the DN/PSP the recognition of certificates of destruction issued by bodies accredited by the Member States or third countries.

Article 8 Regulations 1-it is the Government, through the ministries of Internal Affairs and the economy and Innovation, regulations on: the technical conditions) with the evidence; b) certification of tests or processes to run. 2-it is the Government, through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, regulatory about: 5 a) required records of establishments; (b)) to the model of certificate of conformity and of destruction. 3-the signs of puncture mark referred to in paragraph 2 of article 5 of this law are approved by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, following the certification of the tests or processes that aim to identify.

Article 9 subsidiary Arrangements to the activity to be carried out by establishments that covered by this law shall apply on a supplementary basis and with the necessary adaptations, the standards laid down in the legal regime of weapons and their ammunition.

Article 10 Start of validity this law shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication.