First Amendment Law No. 13/2006, Of 17 April (Public Transport)

Original Language Title: Primeira alteração a Lei n.º 13/2006, de 17 de Abril (Transporte colectivo de crianças)

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Read the untranslated law here:

1 draft law No. 258/X First Amendment to law No. 13/2006, of 17 April, on the Collective Transport of children the approval and subsequent publication, of law No. 13/2006, of 17 April, presents a substantial error that does not conform to the underlying legislative thinking of the standard that you want to change. The aforesaid law was passed unanimously, recognizing all the parliamentary groups that there is a substantial error and are in accordance with this legislative amendment. Thus, in accordance with the rules applicable and constitutional, the undersigned Members have the following draft law: article 1 amendment to law No. 13/2006, April 17 article 29 of law No. 13/2006, of 17 April, is replaced by the following: ' article 29 (...)

1. (…) 2. Without prejudice to article 8 of chapter II and in articles 10, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of chapter III, the period referred to in the preceding paragraph in addition: the) six months for most of the carriers; (b)) a year to the city councils; c) two years for the Parish Councils, private institutions of social solidarity and other non-profit legal persons; 2 d) Three years for non-profit legal persons, whose objective is the promotion of cultural, recreational and sports activities. "

Article 2 Commencement of this law shall enter into force on the day following your publication.

Assembly of the Republic, May 2006 11 Members,