Reports Of Participation Of Portugal In The Construction Process Of The European Union-17 Year-2002, 18 Year-2003 And 19 Year-2004

Original Language Title: Relatórios de participação de Portugal no processo de construção da União Europeia - 17.º ano - 2002, 18.º ano - 2003 e 19.º ano - 2004

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PARLIAMENT MOTION for a RESOLUTION paragraph 56/X PORTUGAL PARTICIPATION REPORT in the PROCESS of EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION-19-2004 YEAR Enjoying the participation of Portugal in the construction process of the European Union during the year 2004, the Assembly of the Republic resolves: 1. To analyze the report provided for in paragraph 3 of article 2 of law No. 20/94, of 15 June in the context of regular consultation and exchange of information between the Assembly of the Republic and the Government of the Portuguese Republic, as provided for in paragraph 2 of article 1 of the same law. 2. reaffirm the understanding, expressed in numerous previous resolutions, that the above-mentioned Government report should be eminently political character or at least relieve the political interpretation of the various components. 3. Highlight the three main priorities of the European Union: accession of ten new Member States; stability and sustainable growth, being that the main priority was to complete the accession of the ten new Member States, and shape the future orientation of the enlarged European Union, in particular as regards the financial perspective. Stability and sustainable development were two other priorities, extensive in the development of the European neighbourhood policy and in the implementation of the Tampere Agenda. On priority "sustainable development" highlighted the need to accelerate progress on achieving the objectives set in the Lisbon strategy, as well as the implementation of the initiative for growth and analysis of the Union's Strategy for sustainable development. 4. Underline the conclusion of the work of the Intergovernmental Conference for the revision of the treaties of the European Union and of the European Community with getting a final agreement on the text of the new Constitutional Treaty signed in Rome (10/29/04). It should be noted that during the negotiations of the Treaty, Portugal reiterated repeatedly defending the fundamental principles that it considers equality between Member States, the principle of PARLIAMENT 2 cohesion and solidarity (article III-116, whose wording was changed at the insistence of Portugal) and respect for the Community method. 5. Note that was set that the new financial framework for 2007-2013 should provide the enlarged Union the means necessary to address effectively and equitably future challenges, including those resulting from disparities in the levels of development of the enlarged Union. 6. Note that the space of the enlarged Union is an unprecedented expansion of its population with significant reduction of wealth indicators and statistical standards must constitute a moment of peace consolidation and strengthening economic and social cohesion among the States and peoples of Europe. 7. Emphasize that the assessment of this report relates to the effort, the contribution and the broad consensus between the political forces represented in Parliament as to the integration of Portugal in the European Union, without prejudice to the different assessment of priorities and guidelines followed in the process.

Assembly of the Republic, of 12 July 2005.

The Commission President (Mr Antonio Vitorino)