Preparation Of The Second National Food Inquério

Original Language Title: Elaboração do segundo inquério alimentar nacional

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DRAFT resolution nº 35/X PREPARATION of the SECOND NATIONAL FOOD SURVEY the first national food survey was conducted in 1980. It's been 25 years! Since then there's been no national studies on dietary behaviors of the Portuguese. This lack of knowledge is due primarily in the Green perspective, the absence of a simultaneous food policy within the framework of intervention of the successive Governments, despite being contained in some documents however prepared, but never realized. What is certain is that several notes give today the eating habits of the Portuguese are changing profoundly, fruit in particular the lack of quality of the food supply that proliferates on the market of a country that is dependent on the exterior, in food terms, at about 70%, in addition to other issues such as the relationship meal/time available. In addition, it is known that malnutrition is an evil that our society suffers too, fruit including from high poverty levels and intolerable. From here derive consequences that are considered by many experts as related directly with the generalization of some diseases which are the notice of an expressively on the Portuguese population. Under the circumstances, it is difficult to understand how in the space of 25 years has promoted the second national food survey, as in other countries, as in France, these studies take place regularly (4 years 4:00 pm). In Portugal it is known that for a long time, the Ricardo Jorge Institute has scheduled the completion of that investigation, however, obtained funding to date for this project, which is totally incomprehensible. "The Greens" believe that we need urgently the implementation of the second national food survey, which makes it possible to create a knowledgeable base and real about Portuguese food behaviors in order to steer a much needed food policy in this country, determinant, namely, the definition of a pedagogy and creation of means to a healthy diet. Thus, in accordance with the rules applicable and constitutional, the Assembly of the Republic shall act to recommend to the Government: 1. The release of funding for the implementation of the second national food survey. 2. The investigation begins and develops from 2006, so as to constitute a sound basis for the definition of a food policy. 3. That, after completion of the second national food survey, the Government will submit its conclusions to Parliament for consideration, accompanied by the first national food survey, conducted in 1980, for comparative purposes.

Palácio de s. Bento, 24 May 2005 Members