Compensation Scheme For The Provision Of Night Work In Local Administration.

Original Language Title: Regime de compensações pela prestação de trabalho nocturno na administração local.

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DRAFT RESOLUTION No. 97/X compensation scheme for the provision of night work in local administration.

Explanatory statement there has been the existence of models distinguished by some local authorities of compensatory supplements, some with more than two decades, which were intended to compensate certain groups or sectors of people who, for reasons inherent to their functional content, including your nature, means used or environmental factors, or for reasons resulting from external factors, exercise your professional activity in situations involving exceptional damage on your health. Such situations are the result of regulatory frameworks which, by virtue of your not timely regulations, has allowed various situations of legal uncertainty. Under current legislation, more specifically of Decree-Law No. 53/98, of 11 March, the definition of the regulatory framework remains dependent on your rules, in particular in the context of Office services and local government bodies. This regulation, however, only makes sense once completed the audit process to the ministries, followed a review of the existing system of careers and salaries in the public administration, as defined in the resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 109/2005. Should, however, the Assembly of the Republic, in full compliance with the principle of separation of powers, but attentive to losses that are feeling some workers affected, alerting the Government to the legal uncertainty arising from the absence of regulation. Thus, in accordance with the rules applicable and constitutional, the undersigned, Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, present the following draft resolution. The Assembly of the Republic, under the terms and for the purposes of article 169 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and articles 199, paragraph 2 of the 203 and 204 of the rules of procedure of the Assembly of the Republic, decides to recommend to the Government that: 1-the lifting within 30 days of the situations existing in local government remuneration relating to supplementary remuneration from night work exercised in conditions of painfulness and unhealthy. 2-Pay information to Parliament about the legal framework of compensatory schemes of night work of specific nature prior to Decree-Law No 53/98, of 11 March. 3-Take immediate regulatory mechanisms in order to protect the existing remuneration level, until the review of the general scheme of careers and salaries in the public administration. 4 proceed in the context of the review of the general scheme of careers and salaries in the public administration, the regulation of night work in Local Administration, as well as other cases of work provided in conditions of risk, painfulness and unsanitary conditions in the context of the review of the general scheme of careers in public administration.