Regulations On The Limitation Of Noise And Emissions From Civilian Aircraft

Original Language Title: Forskrift om begrensning av støy og utslipp fra sivile luftfartøyer

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Regulations on the limitation of noise and emissions from civilian aircraft Date-1993-07-19-4047 Ministry Ministry of transportation Published Summary effective date last modified FOR-2002-03-25-303 from 05.05.2002 Change applies to Norway Pursuant LAW-1993-06-11-101-section 4-1, LAW-1993-06-11-101-section 4-3, LAW-1993-06-11-101-section 15-4, LAW-1993-06-11-101-section 16-1, FOR-2000-09-15-905,-2000-10-04-1052 Announced short title regulations on noise-civil aircraft Authority: established by the FAA 19. July 1993 (now the civil aviation), cf. the regulation of 10. December 1999 Nr. 1272 about who is the aviation authority after aviation law, with the legal authority of the law of 11. June 1993 No. 101 about aviation (Aviation Act) section 4-1 the third paragraph and section 4-3. section 15-4 and section 16-1 and the delegation decision of 25. March 1994 no. 241, cf. URkgl.res. of the 15. September 2000 No. 905 and the delegation decision of 4. October 2000 No. 1052. the EEA Joint referrals: the EEA Agreement annex XX (Directive 80/51/EEC, Directive 83/206/EEC, Directive 89/629/EEC, Directive 92/14/EEC, Directive 98/20/EC, Directive 1999/28/EC and Regulation (EC) no 991/2001).
Changes: modified by regulations 6. December 1994 no. 1089, 26 aug 1999 Nr. 979, 11 Oct 2000 Nr. 1057, 25 March 2002 No. 303. The regulations can be obtained in full text on request to the CAA, PO box 8050 Dep, 0031 Oslo, Tel. 23317800, fax 23317995.