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Regulations On Fishing For Arctic Char In The Svalbard Archipelago In 2016

Original Language Title: Forskrift om fiske etter røye på Svalbard i 2016

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Regulations on fishing for Arctic char in the Svalbard archipelago in the 2016 Date-2015-12-11-1470 Ministry climate and Environment Ministry published in 2015 booklet 14 entry into force 01.01.2016-31.12.2016 last modified the Change FOR-2014-12-16-1751 applies to the Svalbard Authority FOR-2002-06-24-712-section 7, LAW-2001-06-15-79-section 31, LAW-2001-06-15-79-section 32 Announced at 16.12.2015. 14.55 short title regulations on Arctic char fishing in the Svalbard archipelago, the legal authority set forth by 2016: the Governor of Svalbard 11. December 2015 under the legal authority of the regulations 24. June 2002 No. 712 about harvesting on Svalbard, cf. section 7. law 15. June 2001 No. 79 on environmental protection on Svalbard (svalbardmiljøloven) section 31 and section 32.

§ 1. Purpose this regulation have to purpose to secure a management of Arctic char on Svalbard that caters to bestandenes produksjonsevne and composition, and at the same time ensure recreational fishing as an important outdoor activity for residents of Svalbard and visitors alike. Management of other anadromous salmonids is not included in the forskriftens purposes.

§ 2. Scope and period of time for the fishing Regulations apply to fishing for Arctic char in the rivers of Svalbard and in the sea area around Svalbard to the territorial limit, including bear island and Hopen. Fishing year is set out as the period from the 1. January through 15. October each year.

§ 3. Definitions resident: person who is valid introduced in the population registry for Svalbard.
Fishing quotas: the maximum number of fish over 25 cm that can be fished in the individual locality per season.
Inland waters: Lake, water, pond, River, elvearm, stream or channel. Ferskvannslaguner and string lakes are considered also as waterways.

§ 4. Requirements for fishing fishing for Arctic char can only be made by the redeemed fishing license from the Governor. Only permanent residents have the opportunity to net fishing for Arctic char.

§ 5. Tool use yarn to be used should have a minimum of 52 mm mesh width, corresponding to 12 omfar (measured from knot to knot). It shall have a maximum height of 1.8 m and a maximum of 25 meters in length. Yarn cannot be linked together in chains. Yarn to be marked with a buoy, owner's name and address. The nets are only allowed in the lakes where it is named opened for this, and with a maximum of 2 yarn at the same time per fisherman.

section 6. Yarn interdiction zones in inland waters, which is opened for fishing nets, nets are set at least 200 m from inlet or utløpsos. In the sea areas is not allowed to fish nets closer to the estuary (border/sea) than 200 m. the Governor can by their own decisions extend these zones for some localities.

section 7. Stop in fishing if the set quota for a waterways filled the Governor will immediately impose a ban on further taxation in the locality for the rest of the current season. This advertised on the man's Web site.

section 8. Nets fishing in the sea beyond the limitations in section 2, section 5 and section 6 is there no limitations in fishing for Arctic char and other anadromous salmon fish in the sea.

§ 9. The reporting duty catch of fish of 25 cm and more reported (marked with yarn or seines, capture date and location) of the Governor as soon as possible and at the latest within 1 week after the fish is made, unless not sufficient communication exists. All the catch (of any size) to be reported within 25. October each year and all the fish heads of Arctic char over 25 cm shall be filed as soon as possible and no later than within 25. October every year. Lack of reporting can allow fishing card for the coming season not be allocated.

§ 10. Waterways opened for fishing it is open for fishing in the following water/lakes, linked to the maximum quotas for fish over 25 cm and tool types. In the corresponding River strings and out to 200 m from the in-and outlet it is only allowed to fish with a rod and seines. The maximum quota applies to the entire watercourse.
It is open for fishing in the following waterways, related to tool types and maximum quotas for fish over 25 cm. In all of these rivers it is allowed with seines and pole.

Waterways maximum quota Nets fishing allowed a map sheet Richardvatnet (Red Bay) 40 No A4 Rabotvatna (Rabotfjorden) 10 No A4 Arresjøen (Danskøya) 10 No A4 Gjøavatnet (Amsterdamøya) 10 No A4 Åsøvatnet (v. for Flat squatting mountain) 10 No A4 the big drink (Danskøya) 20 No A5 Pervatnet (Sjubrean) 30 No A5 Northern Dieset (Mitrahalvøya) 40 Yes A6 Southern Dieset (Mitrahalvøya) 30 Yes A6 Erlingvatnet (Mitrahalvøya) 50 No A6 Murraytjørnene (Forlandet) 25 No A5 Our fly the Sea (Woodfjorden) 150 Yes B4 Lovénvatnet (Safe port) 10 Yes B9 Straumsjøen (Erdmannflya) 100 No B9 Linnévatnet
100 Yes B9 Congress Lake 40 Yes B9 Bretjønna (green fjord botnen) 10 Yes B10 Fox Lake (n. of Hornsund) 25 No B12 Black Lake (p. for Hornsund) 25 No C13 Mos seal Lake 75 No C4 Five Mile Lake (Ny-Friesland) 150 No C4 Salmon sea (Ny-Friesland) 75 No C4 Strøen (Ny-Friesland) 25 No C4 Einsteinvatnet (Austbotn) 50 No C6 in our fly the sea, up to half is taken in nets, and of these, 40 fish is reserved for station Mushamna catch if this is on loan from the Governor. In Einsteinvatnet is a quota of 30 fish of the total quota reserved for trapping station at Austfjordneset if this is on loan from the Governor.

section 11. Implementation and Regulations take effect 1. January 2016 and is valid until 31. December 2016. With effect from the entry into force this regulation repealed regulation 16. December 2014 Nr. 1751 about fishing for Arctic char in the Svalbard archipelago in 2015.