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Regulation On Approval And Registration Of Emergency Vehicles

Original Language Title: Forskrift om godkjenning og registrering av utrykningskjøretøy

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Regulation on approval and registration of emergency vehicles.

Date FOR-2002-01-18-55

Affairs Ministry

Published in 2002 Booklet 1

Commencement 01.03.2002





LOV-1965-06-18-4-§11, TO-1986-03-21-750


Short Title
Regulations on approval of emergency vehicles

Adopted by Roads 18 January 2002 pursuant to the Road Traffic of 18 June 1965. 4 § 11; see. Royal Decree. of 21 March 1986 No.. 750.
Changes: Amended by regulations 9 January 2003 no. 22, November 10, 2005 No.. 1291, 19 November 2007 No.. 1261.

§ 1. Emergency vehicles must be approved by the regional roads department under these regulations and the technical provisions applicable to such vehicles. Approval shall be noted in the vehicle, or the copy of the decision when it comes time limited approval of such a vehicle.

§ 2. Approval is granted on the basis of application of the vehicle owner or operator there and decisions by
Fire Chief

when the vehicle belongs to the municipality and disposal of municipal fire

when another vehicle for a period of up to 8 weeks are allocated as reserve for authorized emergency vehicles by municipal fire

when demonstration vehicles will be made available to municipal fire.

Chief or chief of the central police bodies when the vehicle owned, leased or leased by the State and allocated within the competent police or by the competent body.

The regional health

when the vehicle is registered as ambulances, including an occasional ambulance until 1 October 2006.

when demonstration ambulance being made available to the institution which already uses ambulance approved as emergency vehicles.

when car specially equipped with medical equipment will be made available to hospitals or municipal emergency services when the application is recommended by the chief.

The regional health authorities may impose special conditions or limitations regarding decisions in this letter.

when the vehicle is kommandobil equipped with communication equipment for coordination of health services in major accidents and disasters, and the application is recommended by the chief.

Chief when the vehicle managed by municipal fire chief or his closest deputy and the person regularly must be in readiness without permanent guard spot.

Competent military authority when the vehicle belonging to the Armed Forces and recorded by special arrangement with yellow features, or are vehicles belonging to the Armed Forces.

Directorate of Civil Emergency when the vehicle belongs to Civil Defense and not fall under no. 3.

Chief of the Oslo police when the vehicle managed by Government Car Service or Parliament.

Chief in other cases.

Police may establish special conditions or restrictions regarding decisions under this paragraph.

§ 3. Decision on approval of emergency vehicles will be limited to a minimum number of vehicles. Of vehicles mentioned in § 2, no. 4 should normally not be approved more than 4 for each fire department at all times.

§ 4. When the conditions for approval are no longer present, the ownership or decision under § 2 will be withdrawn, the owner or the owner on behalf disposes vehicle within 14 days of presenting the vehicle for regional roads department. Regional Road Office change vehicle registration in accordance with the vehicle's new status.

§ 5. Approval of the emergency vehicle and withdrawal of such approval the remark of Regional Road Office in motor vehicle register (Autosys). Regional Road Office also has an overview of the emergency vehicle at any given time is approved.

§ 6. Appeals against decisions under § 2 processed by the Directorate of Public Roads.

§ 7. When the emergency vehicle is taken out of standby, or when the service requires that the vehicle status that emergency vehicles can not be seen, can separate sound and light signal dismantled. Special light signal shall be removed from private individual vehicle when it is taken out of contingency. When special sound and light signals are dismantled, is considered the vehicle is not as emergency vehicles.

§ 8. This Regulation shall enter force on 1 March 2002. On the same date, the Regulations of 27 May 1986 No.. 1581 for approval and registration of emergency vehicles.

Vehicles approved by regulation of 27 May 1986 No.. 1581 for approval and registration of emergency vehicles and for Regulation of 10 August 1978 No.. 1 for approval and registration of emergency vehicles deemed to be approved also by this regulation.
Vehicles referred to in § 2, no. 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are approved as emergency vehicle when it is registered before 1 October 1978, has been allocated as emergency vehicle before that date and certified copy or duplicate of decisions mentioned in § 2, no. 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6 is the vehicle registration. For vehicles as mentioned be annotated in accordance with § 1 and § 5 as the Regional Road Office decides.