Law On Betting By Totalizator [Totalisator]

Original Language Title: Lov om veddemål ved totalisator [totalisatorloven]

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Law on bets by the totalizer [ totalism law ].

Date LO-1927-07-01-3
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Ministry
Last modified LO-2008-12-19-117 from 01.06.2010
Card title The Totalization Act

Section 1.At horse racing (capritt, busiest), the King can grant the appropriation to settle bets at the so-called totalizer.

The willingness is given for a time rum of up to 5 years ad time and for a limited number of times each year.

It is given to organizations and corporations approved by the Ministry of the Ministry and who have for purpose blunmet to support the horse board.

The Department of the Ministry approves the individual gaming shapes and determines the rules of the game.

The Ministry of Affairs determines for each gaming form how large part of the task amount to go to benefits.

State's share is determined by the King.

0 Changed by laws 8 May 1931 # 2. 24 March 1933 # 8, 23 May 1947 # 4, 15 May 1981 # 22, 19 apr 1996 # 23 (ikr. 19 apr 1996 ifg res. 19 apr 1996 # 374).
Section 2.The Ministry of Ministry outferment the further provisions necessary to the reemment of this law.
0 Modified by law 19 apr 1996 # 23 (ikr. 19 apr 1996 ifg res. 19 apr 1996 # 374), modified paragrafnumber from Section 3.
Section 3.Overtrecation of this law or those in the co-hold of the law unfinded provisions punishable by fines barely any harsher penalty comes to the ancability of the relationship. As the violation of this law is considered among other tenders of effort and gain in bets by horse racing without home in the law. The Ministry can provide further regulations on the extent and the completion of the tender prohibition.

If the tax of the state is not paid within the time the ministry determines or the person team does not comply with the provisions that are outset, the King may recall the given appropriation for the remaining part of the time.

0 Modified by laws 19 apr 1996 # 23 (ikr. 19 apr 1996 ifg res. 19 apr 1996 # 374), modified paragrafnumber from Section 4, 19 des 2008 No. 117 (ikr. 1 June 2006 ifg res. 19 Feb 2010 # 183).
Section 4.This Act also applies to Svalbard.
0 Added by law 17 apr 1998 number 23, modified by law 20 June 2003 # 45 (ikr. 1 July 2003 ifg res. 20 June 2003 # 712), modified paragrafnumber from Section 5.