Law On The Transformation Of Post Bank Asked To The Corporation

Original Language Title: Lov om omdanning av Postbanken BA til aksjeselskap

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Law on the transformation of Post Bank ASKED to the Corporation.

Date LAW-1999-06-18-42 Ministry Ministry of transport last edited Published entry into force, change the LAW 18.06.1999 22.06.1999-1999-06-18-42 Announced short title law of transmutation to Post Bank AS-Postbl.

CF. the previous Act 5 June 1992 No. 51 about the record bank BA (post bank law) which was repealed by this law § 9 No. 1 (ikr. June 22, 1999 according to. res. 18 June 1999 No. 665).

§ 1. Purpose the purpose of the law is to regulate the relationship of the commercial bank law, the companies Act, postbankloven1 and certain transition questions in connection with the conversion of the Post Bank ASKED to the Corporation (Post Bank AS).

§ 2. Transmutation Post Bank ASKED can dissolve in that Bank's assets, rights and obligations as a whole is transferred to the Bank AS as the State's deposit in the company against the State acquires all shares in the. Postbankloven1 § 10-1, jf. the companies Act Chapter 16, does not apply at the dissolution of the Post Bank ASKED after the first period.

§ § 3 to 4. (Repealed by law 25 June 1999 No. 55 (ikr. 1 des 1999 CISPR. 12 nov 1999 No. 1168).)

§ 5. Transfer of public rights, etc., public rights, concessions, permissions, etc. that apply to Record the Bank ASKED, by transformation of the Bank to the Corporation transferred to Post Bank as.

section 6. Transfer of obligations By transformation of the Bank ASKED to the Corporation transferred Post the Bank-based obligations to Record the Bank AS with liberating effect for the Post Bank ASKED. Such commitments may as a result of the resolution of the Bank ASKED nor are applied against the State.
Claimants and other copyright holders cannot oppose the transfer after the first paragraph, or make the current that transfers make up a withdrawal because of the legal relationship.

section 7. (Repealed by law 25 June 1999 No. 55 (ikr. 1 des 1999 CISPR. 12 nov 1999 No. 1168).)

section 8. Entry into force the law to take effect immediately, with the exception of § 9 No. 1 to 12 which will take effect from the time that the King decides. The King can give the transition rules.

§ 9. Changes in other laws from the time as stated by section 8 made the following changes in other laws:-