Law On Professional Transport By Motor Vehicle And Vessel (Yrkestransportlova)

Original Language Title: Lov om yrkestransport med motorvogn og fartøy (yrkestransportlova)

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Law on professional transport by motor vehicle and vessel (yrkestransportlova).

Date law-2002-06-21-45 Ministry Ministry of transportation Recently changed LAW-2014-08-29-63 from 01.01.2016, law-2015-12-11-102 published in 2002 booklet 6 entry into force 01.01.2003 Change Announced short title Yrkestransportlova Chapter overview: Kap. 1. General reglar (§ § 1-3) Chapter. 2. Permissions (§ § 4-11) Chapter. 3. Permission is controlled power (§ § 12-15) Chapter. 4. Transport that can without credentials, drivast (§ § 16-21) Chapter. 5. Public godtgjersle to route transportation (§ § 22-24), Chap. 6. Sam føresegner (§ § 25-35) Chap. 7. Særlege powers (sections 36-37) Chap. 7A. Kjøresetel (§ § 37 a-37 j) Chapter. 8. Control, sanksjonar etc. (§ § 38-43)

CF. previous laws June 19, 1964 No. 7, 4 June 1976 No. 63. Chapter. 1. General reglar § 1. What the Act debt (active area) (1) the Act debt for transportation by motor vehicle or vessel in Noreg, jf. still, § 10.

(2) the hovercraft host considered vessels after this the Act.

(3) Weasel reknast not as motor vehicle after this the Act.

§ 2. Route shuttle (1) that the route of the reknast transport transport regularly representatives in a specific traffic communications if the transport is open for all, and on-and can happen in avstiging stoppestader that is fix at førehand.

(2) Any transport should be still not reknast that route transport: a) the transport of representatives from ein suburbs and back to this, when the motor coach or the vessel not host advantage to the transport of others before a total of the trip is concluded, b) the transport of representatives provided at least a accommodation is the hang with in the corresponding price and dei påmelde passenger ane is on a total of the tour from the starting point to the end point , c) transport including accommodation that is added to correct for the regular transportation of groups of representatives from an issue site to a destination site, so that the group who have made with on the flight out, first returns to the issue together site with a later trip.

§ 3. Exceptions the Ministry may in case of doubt in the regulation or to be einskildvedtak fastsetje reknast kva as scheduled transportation.

Kap. 2. Permissions section 4. Permission for passenger transport by motor vehicle (1) Whoever against consideration would drive national or international passenger transport by motor vehicle, must have permissions. The same debt the person who performs the transport towards the consideration of the similar way as the cab when tilbod about transport host straightened to ålmenta on public space.

(2) Permission can tildelast it as a) driving an actual and permanent verksemd in Noreg, b) have a good record, c) has tilfredsstillande economic ability, and d) has a sufficient fagleg expertise.

§ 5. Permission for goods transport by motor vehicle (1) Whoever against consideration would drive national or international goods transport by motor vehicle or motor vehicle with tilhengar, with tillaten total weight of a weight limit to host nærare determine by the Ministry, must have permissions. The same debt that carries out the freight transport against remuneration by motor vehicle that whatever else is friteken from the requirement of permission in medhald of section 16, when transport can be thought as part of næringsverksemd. § 4 other links debt tilsvarande.

(2) that the motor vehicle after this the Act reknast van, truck, combined car and trekkbil tillaten used on the public road.

section 6. Means-tested permission for passenger transport by motor vehicle on track (1) the consideration would drive against passenger transport in the route with motor vehicle must, in addition to the permission under section 4 the first paragraph have special permission for scheduled transportation.

(2) the management company that nemnt in § 23 entered not permissions.

(3) the route permission can samstundes and with the same motor vehicle perform freight transport without any special permission for the transport of goods.

section 7. Means-tested permission for passenger transport with vessels in the route (1) Whoever against consideration would drive the passenger transport in the route with the hovercraft, or with anna vessels over 8 m long tilsvarande 4 gross tons must have route permit. § 4 the second paragraph letter b) and c) and section 6, second paragraph debt tilsvarande.

(2) it is needed yet not route permission for: a) Shuttle between Noreg and other countries that tek with residents and grows between places in Noreg.

b) the Transport of representatives within the realm of a municipality's sea area, if in law with 17 heimel April 2009 Nr. 19 about the ports and waters are determine special permission scheme. This debt still not for Highway Ferries.

c) Transport of up to 12 representatives, as far as it not host necessary passenger certificate after the law on ship safety (ship safety law).

section 8. The granting of permission by the competition (1) When the host coveted godtgjersle or einerett by the granting of permission, it shall nyttast competition so far there is of the act here, law 4. December 1992 No. 121 on the free exchange of services in the field of sea transport § 1 the third paragraph, law 16. July 1999 No. 69 on public procurement and regulations in these gjevne laws with heimel.

(2) the Working Environment Act Reglane in § § 16-2 to 16-7, about work vessels their sta ane rettar by overdraging of verksemd debt tilsvarande when løyvet will be awarded at the competition, if the Agency after the competition will be driven with the same type of means of transport as before.

(3) Permission is controlled power shall inform dei that will participate in the contest, about the choir many adding the Agency has that no have løyvet attach the checkered nesta competition debt, and about deira age, seniority and wage and working conditions.

(4) Permission is controlled power can krevje information nemnt in the third paragraph from the permission under section section 6 or 7.

(5) the person receiving the assigned permissions through the competition, must commit themselves to ensure that they add that directly working to fulfill the contract, the wage and working conditions which is not look worse than that which is of the current landsomfattande collective bargaining agreement, or whatever else is normal for vedkommande and profession. Tilsvarande duty debt too for underleverandørar.

(6) Other to the fifth paragraph of debt too when competition is being carried out by the management company on a mission from the permissions is controlled power.

(7) the Ministry may ' nærare regulations on competition.

§ 9. Means-tested permission for passenger transport by motor vehicle utanfor route (1) Whoever against consideration would operate passenger transport route with motor utanfor registered for up to 9 representatives, must have special taxi permissions. § 4 other links debt tilsvarande.

(2) Permission for the cab bunk ring gjeven to physical person fell away when possessing the item fills 70 years.

(3) Permission is controlled power can please provide to påbod skipast drosjesentralar and about how dei to drivast, about the obligation to pay the innskot and fee to the Center and that the operator shall have the right to fastsetje køyreordninga and please provide other reglar for Agency. Such føresegner can gjerast current for both the løyvehavar and førar, and have with order on the use of the uniform.

(4) the Ministry may please provide regulations on other special løyveordningar for person transport utanfor route with motor vehicle registered for up to 17 representatives.

(5) the Ministry may please provide regulations on how a motor vehicle shall be equipped when ho host advantage to permit compulsory shuttle after this paragraph.

§ 10. Transportation by motor vehicle to or from abroad, etc.
(1) the business before in that will perform Noreg and the transport of representatives or goods against remuneration to or from foreign countries, must have the right to carry out transport and tilsvarande innanlands dessutan have special consent from the vedkommande State if this is krevst.

(2) the business before abroad and that will perform the transport of representatives or goods against remuneration to or from Noreg, must have special consent from Noreg when not anna is of international agreement where a party Noreg.

(3) The business has not confirmed in transport could not perform Noreg of representatives or goods against remuneration between places in Noreg, if not anna is of international agreement where a party Noreg. In einskildvedtak the Ministry can also consent to such ' transport for verksemder from countries that have tilsvarande Noreg agreement with.

(4) the Ministry may by regulation fastsetje nærare and conditions for transport reglar against remuneration by motor vehicle to or from Noreg, and for transportation to the consideration between the places in Noreg performed by the who have business before abroad.

section 11. The terms Permission is controlled power can criteria for the einskilde setje løyvet.

Kap. 3. Permission is controlled power section 12. Permission (1) Permission under section § 4 and 5 host gjevne of the State's roads.

(2) the Permission under section 9 of the host county gjevne.

section 13. Means-tested permission for passenger transport in the route (1) the Ministry allow elaborate Highway Ferries and to route shuttle that runs through two or multiple County.

(2) with the avgrensinga which is of the first paragraph, elaborate the County permission to route shuttle after sections 6 and 7.

section 14. International transport and kabotasje utanfor EEA (1) Tillatingar pursuant to section 10 subsection host of the State's gjevne roads.

(2) consent to the transfers under section 10 second and third paragraph host coveted by the Ministry.

section 15. Delegation the Ministry may delegate their oppgåver after this the Act to the County.

Kap. 4. Transport that can without credentials, drivast section 16. Eigen transport of goods (1) it trengst not permit under section 5 for the transport of goods possession (eigen transportation) when the transport is part of anna næringsverksemd.

(2) same with possession goods reknar ein vedkomande goods have or get rådvelde over in connection with the purchase, sal, loans, leige, presentation, treatment and repair.

(3) subsection debt only freight transport that is a help function in occasions to the Agency say amassed activity, and utførast of the eigaren of the agency or an add in this.

(4) - - -.

(5) subsection debt only a motor vehicle that agency or licensed eig is to lease or leigekontrakt to be visast up by control.

§ 17. Transport of mail Record AS Norway entered not permission for the transportation of postsendingar that straddles innanfor community oppgåver is mandatory and that of the company its concession after law 29. November 1996 No. 73 about the dissemination of nationwide postal (postal law). 1 Exception from permission plikta debt only transports that Record AS Norway performs with motor vehicles the company eig is or has the right to use lease-or leigekontrakt to be visast up by control.

§ 18. Eigen transport of representatives of The trengst not a verksemd permission when transporting his own adding to or from the city. Likeins not needed permission when hotel or similar verksemd performs the transport of his own overnight guests. section 16 fifth paragraph debt tilsvarande.

§ 19. Passenger transport link with working conditions within the realm of health and human services sector (1) Adding in the public or in the public godkjend institution within the realm of health or care sector entered not permissions on to operate passenger transport by motor vehicle registered for up to 9 representatives including førar, if the transport emerges as a part of the naturleg adding their work tasks.

(2) subsection debt only shuttle that appears as a underordna function and where the consideration for the transport not overstig their State satsar for kilometergodtgjersle.

section 20. Annan passenger transport (1) it trengst not permission when the one that reigns over a passenger car with the people he's tek works with grannar saman or when he køyrer between bu and the suburbs.

(2) Likeins krevst it not permit for the transport of sick or injured residents and grows with the godkjend ambulance.

§ 21. Særskilde transportar (1) the Ministry may by regulation or in einskildvedtak fastsetje exception from the requirement for permission for særskilde kind transportar or motor vehicles if it is not in violation of the international agreement which are party Noreg.

(2) For the exception from the requirement for permission for this paragraph debt section 11 tilsvarande.

Kap. 5. Public godtgjersle to route the transport section 22. Local route transportation (1) the County is responsible for providing godtgjersle to route shuttle that the County will create or continue up by the closing date a County, jf. Nevertheless, section 24.

(2) the decision of the fylkeskommunane in matters of approval of the timetable, and unable to takstar godtgjersle appealed to the Ministry.

(3) the State provides årleg rammetilskot to the partial coverage of fylkeskommunane their expenses. Tilskotet will be distributed through the system for income communes and fylkeskommunane after the King gjevne of reglar.

(4) within the realm of the Ministry of fristane, dei fastset to fylkeskommunane leggje forward budget, rekneskap and whatever else please provide dei enlightenment sense as trengst for the Ministry say the assessment of future together the need for tilskot.

(5) with dei entries of restriction is section 8 the first paragraph, the County fastset contract form and retningsliner to be applied by inngåing of kontraktar of godtgjersle.

§ 23. Management company the county can make a decision about that godtgjersle to route the transport will go to a company that manages the route in the County sambanda. § 22 fifth paragraph debt tilsvarande.

section 24. Highway Ferries Ministry has responsibility for providing godtgjersle to the ferries in the highway connection. For the Ministry debt § 22 fifth paragraph tilsvarande.

Kap. 6. Sam føresegner section 25. Assignment of permissions Permissions after this the Act can tildelast dei that fills the requirements that are set in the Act or in the regulations in the Act with heimel. A company or legal person tildelast annan can permission on condition that the host of the Ministry nærare fix.

§ 26. Police certificate to krevjast ordinary police certificate when applying for permission after this the Act, and after permission is granted for a period of time as the host of the nærare the Ministry determine.

§ 26 a. Statement that leia is not transport rar skikka to rent transportverksemd (1) Allow Government to declare that a transportleiar is uskikka to rent transportverksemd if the printer no longer transport leia meets the requirement of good record. It is going to go forward by the statement that ho debt for the period the requirement of good record is not fulfilled.

(2) the Ministry may ' nærare regulations on the Declaration of uskikka transport leia rar.

§ 27. How long a permission debt (1) Permission under section § 4 and 5 debt in ten years.

(2) the Permission under section 9 debt without any restriction in time, cf. Nevertheless, the second paragraph of section 9.

(3) Behovsprøvde permissions under section section 6 and 7 debt in ten years. By the use of competition by the granting of permission, or when there is of the regulation with this coveted in the Act heimel, debt permissions on the time signed a contract about public tenesteyting debt. Permission that is coveted when this took the Act to apply, for the time they are gjevne for. Government permission can take att a permissions before permissions time in connection with the introduction of competition for the vedkommande route or route area.

(4) the Ministry may in the permissions in time make regulations for endringar permissions required verksemd and in the criteria that are set for a permission. Will permissions hava carry on with clean not herding on the new terms, he should get a sense of time to leggje down the Agency.

section 28. Transfer of credentials, etc. Ein løyvehavar unable to hand over his løyvet other without consent from the permissions is controlled power.

section 29. Revocation of permission (1) Permission is controlled power can revoke permission when permission hava clean not filling requirements that are put dei in regulations and terms and conditions, or not rettar according to regulations and conditions as debt to operate the Agency.

(2) Døyr hava to allow clean, the one that reigns over the curved his immediately send message about the death of the Government who have coveted løyvet. The same shall gjerast for permission hava printer goes bankrupt. When løyvehavar døyr or goes bankrupt, can permission without notice takast att. The Ministry may please provide nærare føresegner about the termination of the permit where the løyvehavar døyr.

(3) When the right to drive after the Act permit verksemd subject to have fall away, to be clean or the permission that the hava reigns over curved his, immediately send back dei credentials ane and permission for which he has been signposted from the permissions is controlled power.

(4) when it is set that permission to takast att, samstundes gjerast decision on that vedkomande not to get new permission until after a set time without any omsyn that he fills the requirements to get the new permissions.

section 29 a. Electronic register of the dei has and as for permission dei søkjer after the act here (1) the Ministry is to create and operate an electronic register of dei with the business in the suburbs, and that has Noreg or as søkjer for permission after the act here. The registry to associate the innehalde opplysningar to permission, between anna opplysningar about the name and legal form of the Agency, agency say the address, name of the transport type of the rent as rar and permission is assigned to the Agency. In addition to the registry innehalde opplysningar about record attach person and verksemd.

(2) the registry shall koplast saman with dei online Registrar in dei other EEA landa for the exchange of information by criteria such as host nærare fix by the Ministry.

(3) the Ministry may ' nærare regulation on the registry.

section 30. Marking of the motor vehicle Department can please provide regulations that the motor vehicle as the host advantage to permit compulsory transport should be merkast with løyves signs.

section 31. Fee the Ministry may in regulations fastsetje to utferding fee of betalast permission document, løyves signs or annan documentation after this the Act.

section 32. Duty to please provide statistics etc.
(1) Whoever in conjunction with industry or verksemd he driving, send or tek against gods, and dei as the driving or directly or indirectly formidlar the transport of representatives or goods against remuneration, to be ' dei enlightenment sense that the Ministry require at gjennomføringa of this the Act.

(2) the Ministry may please provide regulations on statistics for the permissions required transport and for transport, which is friteken for permission after this duty the Act.

section 32 a. Passasjerrettar (1) the Ministry may ' regulation on the implementation and completion of reglar about that is busspassasjerrettar tekne into the EEA Agreement.

(2) the Ministry may out to peike bussterminalar offering assistance to residents and grows with the nedsett function or rørsleevne, and can please provide regulations on nærare such ordningar.

(3) the Ministry may please provide regulations on the complaint of a skiping body for løysing of the tvistar between the passasjerar and the as the driving passenger transport by motor vehicle in the route, or others in connection with such transport has duties to passenger ane. The Ministry may please provide regulations that the appellate body entirely or in part to finansierast through the fee from the that against consideration driving passenger transport by motor vehicle in the route, others that are omfatta of ordninga, and klagarane. The Ministry may also ' regulation on innkrevjing of fee and regulation as nemnt in aviation law § 10-43 second paragraph first sentence and second sentence Nr. 1 to 3 and Nr. 5 and 6. Reglane of the Aviation Act § 10-45-10-47 debt tilsvarande. Avgjerdene in the appellate body should not be rettsleg bindande.

(4) the Ministry may fastsetje that the drive against remuneration passenger transport in the route with motor vehicle in, to or from Noreg, or others in connection with such transport has duties to the passenger, to be omfatta of the complaint ordninga in third paragraph.

(5) the Ministry may peike out a hand elevation body supervise the reglar gjevne in, or with heimel in, first to fourth paragraph host følgde. Hand elevation body can please provide order and coercive by brot on reglane in the first to fourth paragraphs. The Ministry may please provide regulations on that hand elevation organ utan omsyn to teieplikta may krevje insight and information from it as to consideration the driving passenger transport by motor vehicle in the route, or others in connection with such transport has pliktar facing passenger ane.

section 33. Transport regulations (1) the Ministry may by regulation or einskildvedtak please provide transport and reglar statutes about the additional fee by manglande valid ticket in scheduled transportation.

(2) Reisande with the route that goes into transport under the act here, as in the control can not present valid ticket, and that is not on the city pay the surcharge as the Ministry has godkjend with heimel in the first paragraph, haldast back of the transport company their kontrollørar as long as the reisande not elaborate tilstrekkelege opplysningar about the name, address and date of birth. The right to carry reisande back debt, too while dei enlightenment sense the reisande returns the host before the festa.

(3) the right to continue reisande back after the second paragraph debt only when the Court is godkjend by the Ministry as part of the company's transport regulations.

(4) A person may not continue if it resurfaces back after omstenda will be a disproportionate intervention.

(5) representatives of under 15 years should not haldast back.

section 34. Cause of action time limit governing body that has made this decision after the Act, that the deadline for fastsetje to travel to two lawsuits vere it came out months ago from the notification of the decision to the vedkommande party.

section 35. Utfyllande Ministry of nærare Regulations elaborate regulations on each single permissions scheme and utfyllande regulations for implementation of the Act.

Kap. 7. Særlege powers section 36. Extraordinary tilhøve When transport omsyn under naudsynt tilhøve the extraordinary is done, the Ministry can order ' løyvehavar to perform certain transportoppgåver. The same debt to others as eig is user or motor vehicles for cargo and passenger transport, measure the required vessels and the State's rail traffic company, and rail traffic company, where the State's rail traffic company eig is over half of the company.

section 37. Civil transport emergency department can ' føresegner about the civilian transport readiness in peacetime, by the readiness, mobilization and in war as well as by extraordinary krisetilhøve. The Ministry may also in føresegnene make the exception from the reglane in the Act. The Ministry may order the fylkeskommunane shuttle contingency tasks.

Kap. 7A. Kjøresetel § 37 a. scope Førar of taxi, company vehicle, turvogn, rutevogn and motor vehicle that is specially equipped utforma and/or for transport for the handicapped, under the passenger transport against remuneration have in addition to førarkort kjøresetel.
Drive seat len debt for a total of the country and is out of the police first ferda mei printer or the one he gives legal hot vedkommande there cage. It is not necessary with the new kjøresetel at the change of bu suburbs, jf. Nevertheless, section 37 c fourth paragraph.
Kjøresetel will be out for 10 years ferda. For the person that is filled 60 years is being run out of seat len ferda 5 years, but not longer than for possessing the item fills the 75 years. After the age of 70 years must valid medical certificate that is not older than 1 year, with that run takast seat len should be valid. If the særlege health conditions tilseier that, should the period run seat len is valid for setjast kortare.

§ 37 b. Application for kjøresetel and more. Application for kjøresetel to gjerast on the control form. Medical certificate should not be paved when applying for kjøresetel and application for renewal of the kjøresetel.
It will be set the same requirements for health and more. as for class D førarkort and the. If the holder was no longer filling of kjøresetel dei is set for requirements such as vision, hearing, and førleik, pliktar vedkommande to give the message to the police.
The police should give run seat len endorsing any avgrensande terms.

§ 37 c. Criteria for allocation of kjøresetel and more. The one to get kjøresetel, vere filled 20 years and have to record that the police not find vedkommande uskikka to work as førar of such motor vehicle as the Tribunal in section 37 a.
For utlendingar krevst the 4 year bu time in Noreg before kjøresetel can utferdast. The requirement for bu time debt yet not for a) EEA borgarar that put forward the police certificate from the home state of his, b) utlendingar from countries that have opphald utanfor EEA in an EEA country and that can leggje up police certificate and proof of lovleg opphald from the EEA-country, c) utlendingar from EEA countries with opphald utanfor earlier in, where not Noreg fråveret is of a such a scope that it can not tilfredsstillande control gjennomførast affirmation.

For tredjelandsborgarar that have been opphaldstillating before entry to Noreg, bu the time reknast from the date the application for opphaldstillating host registered with immigration Government. Of the EEA borgarar, and tredjelandsborgarar who has been opphaldstillating before entry to Noreg, host bu the time regarded it as dating from the time of the police forskrifta is the registry section 28-4 second paragraph.
Police first or the mei ren he gives legal hot may decide that it to get kjøresetel for the cab can krevjast taken as a sufficient test shows knowledge of the permission. Is such a decision set in the works, debt not kjøresetel from anna police district without endorsing from the police about that vedkommande has been left to the kjentmannsprøven.

§ 37 d. Mellombels denial of kjøresetel will be a no because kjøresetel has skilleg suspected of a criminal relationship, which may be avgjerande for the right to get the kjøresetel, can police the first printer or mei he gives legal hot decide that kjøresetel not to utferdast before the saka is the endeleg settled, still not out of three månadar utan or carvings dating from the District Court.

§ 37 e. Seizures of kjøresetel Find the police that possess were of kjøresetel with skilleg reason is suspected of a crime conditions that could lead to the loss of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration, jf. § 37 f the second paragraph, ein polititenestemann take run seat len from possessing the item. The question of whether to oppretthalde the seizure shall as soon as file may not be paved out for a tenestemann that belongs to the prosecution power. Avgjerda to gjerast font leg. If the suspect does not agree to the seizure, the question of the need to continue the seizure of kjøresetel by the closing date three Wicks sendast District Court to avgjerd.

§ 37 f. revocation and the loss of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration Police mei first printer or the one he gives legal hot, can hit the resolution to call the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration back, if the vedkommande is not edrueleg or turns out to be unreliably or to have other properties that make that he must reknast that uskikka to be førar of the car under the passenger transport against remuneration.
Are the kjøresetel imposed punishment, in the same judgment or by førelegg fastsetjast loss of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against the consideration for a specified time or forever, if the General omsyn whatever else require it.

section 37 g. Submission of kjøresetel at the seizure of kjøresetel, recall or loss of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration, pliktar possessing the item immediately to deliver the seat to the police run lean.

section 37 h. Complaint and exceptions to the decision by the police is the police missed the Agency complaint authority. In the appeal case of requirements for health and førleik for kjøresetel, police byggje on endeleg avgjerd from the Health Directorate of the health tilhøve. Debt complaint requirements for førleik that are settled by the regional road Office, going to the police byggje on endeleg avgjerd from public roads. For the decision by the regional office treft road are public roads complaint authority.
The national police can in særskilde occasions make exceptions from reglane in the chapter here.

§ 37. due to the Shortening etterfølgjande conditions, and more. Revocation of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration is not the police or the first mei ren he gives legal hot utferdar new kjøresetel if dei grunnar at which point back kallinga not longer stades.
If a particular grunnar talar for it, can police the first printer or mei he gives legal hot shortening the period for the loss of the right to lead the motor vehicle by person shuttle against remuneration that is determine by judgment or førelegg, jf. § 37 f. If very strong reasons talar, period forkortast although the minimum time after law or regulation not gone out.

§ 37 j. Regulation on kjøresetel the Ministry may by regulation nærare of the kjøresetel ' reglar.

Kap. 8. Control, sanksjonar etc.

section 38. Control document Førar of the motor vehicle or vessel in the permission compulsory transport or transport to løyvefri property, on each einskild transport with dei as there are credentials determine the sense that he's going to call back when the host brought the control of the police, the State's roads or public Ministry annan tenestemann that returns the right to control the Act lead after this.

§ 39. Control of transport property when the control power request it pliktar førar to access the ' varerom, container, Chapel, etc., of the motor vehicle that is friteken from permissions in the medhald of § § 16 and 17.

section 40. Had decreed against using køyretøy etc.
(1) the authorized to lead control after this the Act, for so long as the host found naudsynt, prohibit the use of køyretøy as the host advantage to the transport of representatives or goods without påbode permission or approval for the Act anna this. It can krevjast that the goods that are transported without permission about lnternet PAL påbode host on the suburbs.

(2) had decreed against using a køyretøy can iverksetjast on the city.

(3) hosting it had decreed to use set against a køyretøy, can be identified and registration, inndragast with the same.

(4) A køyretøy as it is to use, forbode can control power, when ho hypothesize it trengst, take into custody. Host bunk ret eye not got by the closing date 3 months ago after the forbodstida has gone out, the seld eigaren verte when has received notice about it in registered mail. Reglane in road traffic law § 37 fourth paragraph, third sentence of the paragraph and fifth sjuande debt tilsvarande.

§ 40 a. Lovbrotsgebyr

(1) the one that intentionally or aktløyse to wrap the section 38, påleggjast lovbrotsgebyr. When such a lovbrot is made by someone who has the organisation dealing on behalf of a føretak, lovbrotsgebyr påleggjast lead roof. This debt although lovbrotsgebyr not pålagd einskild can be any person. With føretak are in company, meint single double lead roof, staple, foreining or anna samanslutning, bu or public verksemd. Lovbrotsgebyr can påleggjast of tenestemann from the police and the State's roads, or of the annan public tenestemann as the Ministry has coveted the right to control the Act lead after this.

(2) when not anna is determined, is the deadline for paying the lovbrotsgebyr four Wicks.

(3) the decision on Endeleg lovbrotsgebyr is enforceable for disbursements.

(4) the Ministry may please provide regulations on fastsetjing and implementation of order lovbrotsgebyr. Regulations can innehalde about the interest and additional reglar fee if lovbrotsgebyr not being paid at maturity, and that also other than the pålagd the sanction, the administrator that this is paid.

§ 40 b. Lovbrotsgebyr attach to the assignment of tenestekonsesjonskontraktar (1) the Ministry may påleggje oppdragsgjevar a lovbrotsgebyr if the oppdragsgjevaren wrap to ensure reglar openheit and non-discrimination in the process of assigning the konsesjonskontraktar for transporttenester after the act here. Lovbrotsgebyret can verte imposed if any one of the conditions are met: a) brotet has been established by enforceable judgement in a Norwegian court, b) brotet has been established by the judgment in the Court, or c) the Norwegian Government has admitted it after brotet saka is handsama in the EFTA overvakingsorgan. If oppdragsgjevaren not have had the opportunity to make a statement in the saka before innrømminga fann suburbs, and it is due to this or that have had with Delta on innrømminga, can not be the basis for the innrømminga ' lovbrotsgebyr.

(2) Lovbrotsgebyret to not exceed 15% of the contract value.

(3) by the sentence of the charge not be paved to særleg emphasis on the contract value, the choir is, if rough brotet oppdragsgjevaren made gjentekne brot, the preventive the aspect of lovbrotsgebyret, choir far back in time brotet has occurred, and whether the brotet has led to damage the bot, termination or curtailment of the contract.

(4) the deadline to pay lovbrotsgebyret is eight Wicks from the decision was made.

(5) Avgjerd to påleggje lovbrotsgebyr after this føresegna to reglane individual decisions følgje about in forvaltningslova so far dei aptly described. If a avgjerd about lovbrotsgebyr host in ein bringa Court, the Court can try all the pages of the saka. The Court may sentence for ' reality.

(6) Lovbrotsgebyr unable to påleggjast later than three years after the contract was entered into. The term host that it aborted by host teke out lawsuits by Norwegian court or by the Court for judgment in saka, or by the fact that the EFTA overvakingsorgan tek up saka font leg with the Norwegian Government.

(7) in the case where the Ministry a thrill or a anna statleg body that is subject to the Ministry make brot as nemnt in the first paragraph, the Ministry may delegate the competence to påleggje lovbrotsgebyret to the complaints board for public procurement. Avgjerd from the complaints board for public procurement to påleggje lovbrotsgebyr can not påklagast.

(8) the Ministry may please provide regulation on fastsetjing of lovbrotsgebyret, medrekna sentence of the fee, interest and additional fees and restrictions on what tenestekonsesjonskontraktar that fell under the føresegna here.

§ 41. Penalty If someone intentionally or aktløyse wrap this the Act, regulations or criteria that is fix with heimel in the Act, he punished the host with the bot. Such attempts are also punishable brot.

§ 42. Iverksetjing. Transition føresegner 1.
The King what time shall the Act fastset take to prevail. 1 2.
Reglar, regulations and resolutions that are given in medhald of law 4. June 1976 No. 63 if the debt after the transport also the act here is seen in the force.

section 43. Endringar in other laws From the time the Act host offset, host it done in any other laws endringar:-