Law On Common Rules For The Internal Market In Natural Gas (Natural Gas Law)

Original Language Title: Lov om felles regler for det indre marked for naturgass (naturgassloven)

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Law on common rules for the internal market in natural gas (natural gas law).

Date LOV-2002-06-28-61

Ministry MPE


LOV-2006-06-30-60 from 01.07.2006

Published in 2002 Booklet 6

Commencement 01/08/2002



Short Title
Natural Gas Act

Act title amended by Act 30 June 2006 no. 60 (ikr. July 1, 2006 acc. Res. 30 June 2006 no. 741).

§ 1. Scope The Act applies to the transmission, distribution, supply and storage of natural gas which is not covered by the Act 29 November 1996 no. 72 relating to petroleum activities.

§ 2. Definitions In this Act apply:

natural gas undertakings, any natural or legal person carrying out at least one of the following functions: generation, transmission, distribution, supply, purchase or storage of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is responsible for the commercial and technical tasks or maintenance related to these functions, with the exception of end customers

transmission, transportation of natural gas through a high pressure pipeline network other than an upstream pipeline network with a view to delivery to customers,

distribution, transportation of natural gas through local or regional pipeline networks with a view to delivery to customers,

supply, delivery or sale of natural gas, including LNG, to customers

customers, wholesalers or end-customers and natural gas undertakings which purchase natural gas,

system, any transmission or distribution networks, LNG facilities or storage facilities owned or operated by a natural gas undertaking, storage pipeline and enterprise facilities supplying services, and associated enterprise systems required to provide access to transmission, distribution and LNG

LNG plant, a terminal used for converting natural gas into liquid or import, unloading and regasification of LNG, including additional services and temporary storage necessary for re-gasification and the subsequent delivery to the transmission system, but will not include any part of LNG terminals used for storage,

eligible customers, all customers domiciled in a Member State, except household customers. From 1 July 2007 all customers.

§ 3. Access to the system King may decide that natural gas undertakings and eligible customers must have the right of access to the system.

§ 4. Authority to issue regulations King issues rules to implement and supplement this Act, including further provisions on the right of access to the system and other supplementary provisions concerning the operation of the system, such as requirements for natural gas business activities, licensing, accounting, consumer protection, independent regulator and dealing with disputes, procedural deadlines and delayed implementation of decisions.

§ 5. Revocation or modification of permission In case of violation of this Act, regulations made under this Act stipulated conditions or orders issued, the Ministry revoke or amend a permit issued pursuant to this Act.

§ 6. Coercive fines In case of violation of this Act or orders issued pursuant thereto, the Ministry or its attorney, impose fines.
Coercive fines goes to the state and are enforceable by execution.
King issues rules on coercive size, duration and other provisions relating to the definition and implementation.

§ 7. Reconsideration of law By 2014, the Ministry shall review the law to assess the need for further legislation on the statutory area.

§ 8. Commencement This Act applies when the King bestemmer.1