The Law On Changes To The Law 7. June 1935 No. 2 About Probate Etc.

Original Language Title: Lov om endringer i lov 7. juni 1935 nr. 2 om tinglysing m.m

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The law on changes to the law 7. June 1935 No. 2 about probate, etc.

Date law-2003-09-12-93 Ministry of Justice and emergency Ministry last edited published in 2003 clip 13 entry into force the Ministry determines, Change-01.01.2004 LAW 1935-06-07-2 Announced the change to the short title law tinglysings law etc.

Chapter overview: II XII XIII II of the Act 7. June 1935 No. 2 about probate following changes are made: § 1 the first paragraph should read: Probate of documents that apply to real estate, belong under one or more registry operators under the Norwegian Mapping Authority. Registrar must have law degree or equivalent.
  -XII law applies from the time that the King decides. 1 the King can put into effect the individual provisions to different time.

XIII Until part II as to the change in the law 7. June 1935 No. 2 about probate section 1 subsection comes into force, the provision as follows:-