The Law On Statleg Last War Insurance

Original Language Title: Lov om statleg varekrigsforsikring

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The law on statleg war item insurance.

Date law-2003-12-12-115 Ministry industry and Fisheries Ministry last edited published in 2003 booklet 16 entry into force 01.01.2004 Change LAW-1948-12-03-8 announced the short title Varekrigsforsikringslova cf. previous law 3. December 1948 No. 8 in the State's last war insurance.

§ 1. Iverksetjing and terminating tilbod about statleg care insurance fastsetje war the King can that the State should offer item transport insurance against war, krigsfare or extraordinary crisis conditions in Noreg or abroad ("last war insurance") as far as it gets is for Norwegian interests and such omstende can prevent the supply and transport the private item if forsikringstilbodet opphøyrer, kome to opphøyre or not dekkjer a such a situation.
The King can end tilbodet about statleg last war insurance terms and conditions as if the dei fastlagde in the first paragraph not longer stades.

§ 2. Verkeområde the State can offer item transport insurance by war, krigsfare or extraordinary crisis conditions of: 1. items will be send to, from or within Norwegian site, and when it is Norwegian interests that are being covered, also of goods that will be sending between places in foreign countries.

2. Norwegian reiarar and tidsbefraktarar say shipping traveling basis, befraktingskommisjon and havaripengar in the risk for Norwegian insurance taka rar.

The King or the one he gives the Greyhound can fastsetje that also other interests may be covered.

§ 3. Organization By iverksetjing of the statleg item war insurance that laid down in section 1, the King decide that there will be created a Board of Directors with the leader and as many members as the Ministry fastset. The Board should be responsible for the daglege leiinga and herding of the last war the insurance ordninga. It should also be a secretariat's possession.

§ 4. Regulations the King can give nærare regulations on implementation of this the Act.

§ 5. Repeal of laws and in other Law endringar of 3. December 1948 No. 8 in the State's last war insurance host called off.
Insurance contracts that are entered into after the law of 3. December 1948 No. 8 in the State's last war insurance debt until the dei is being terminated and duties under the insurance agreements are made up.
Of the law of 17. July 1953 No. 2 for compensation for war damage to the eigedom and interests host section 36 the second paragraph Nr. 4 called off.

section 6. Iverksetjing to apply the Act tek from the time King fastset.