Law On Scheme Of Premises For Drug Injection (Drug Injection Rooms Act)

Original Language Title: Lov om ordning med lokaler for injeksjon av narkotika (sprøyteromsloven)

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Law on scheme of premises for drug injection (Drug Injection Rooms Act).

Date LOV-2004-07-02-64

Ministry of Health and Care Services


LOV-2011-06-24-30 from 01/01/2012

Published in 2004 Booklet 10

Commencement 17.12.2004



Short Title
Drug consumption Act

Act title amended by laws 17 Dec 2004 no. 91 (ikr. 17 Dec 2004 acc. Res. 17 Dec 2004 no. 1671), 19 June 2009 No.. 69 (ikr. 17 Dec 2009 acc. Res. 19 June 2009 No.. 1797). See Law 24 June 2011 No.. 30 § 5-6.

§ 1. Purpose The purpose is to facilitate the establishment of scheme of premises for drug injection (injection room scheme).
Injection room scheme will help enhance the dignity of people with long-term drug addiction by providing hygienic limits for injection. Furthermore, the injection room scheme contribute to greater health security, including preventing infections and contamination and provide faster help for overdoses, through presence and supervision of health workers. The purpose is also to contribute to increased opportunity for contact and talks between the individual user and the support system aimed at multidisciplinary follow-up and treatment.

§ 2. injection room scheme An injection room scheme established pursuant to this Act, is regarded as the municipal health and care.
An injection room scheme should include an injection (injiseringsrom), forward meeting and dialogue. In addition, the injection room scheme have access to a treatment.

§ 3. Establishment of injection room scheme and requirements for approval after approval from the Ministry, the municipality may establish an injection room scheme.
For users of an injection arrangement to the injection room scheme to supplement the municipality's other health services.

§ 4. Use of Injection scheme Whoever with legally permitted injection room

inject drugs in an approved injection, or

possesses a user dose drugs for personal use in an approved injection or adjacent forward meeting rooms, chat rooms or treatment can not be punished for this by the Medicines Act § 31, ref. § 24 first paragraph.

It is permissible for staff on the injection system to provide users with individual and specific advice in connection with the injection of drugs in the injection room.

§ 5. Treatment of health data A municipality which establishes an approved injection system, can cause health register and process the data as mentioned in the Health Register Act § 2, no. 1 to the extent necessary to comply with the rules laid down in or pursuant to this Act .

§ 6. Decision on access to the injection room A decision on access to the injection room is not an individual Administration.
If the police suspect illegal possession or use of drugs in the injection room scheme premises or adjacent treatment, the staff notwithstanding the confidentiality of health personnel § 21 and Public Administration §§ 13 to 13 e and on request provide the police with the information on whether an identified person is registered users of the injection room or not.
Access to the injection room is not necessary medical care for patient and user rights Act § 2-1 a. Decisions concerning admission to the injection room can not be appealed by patient and user Rights Act § 7-2.

§ 7. Relationship to Health Personnel Health Personnel applies to personnel profession in the injection room scheme.
The Health § 4 are not to prevent health personnel can perform the tasks in accordance with rules laid down in or pursuant to this Act is added to the staff in the injection room scheme.

§ 8. Regulations The King may issue further provisions on the implementation of the injection room scheme, and can decide:

who Injection Rooms Scheme shall apply,

arrangements for access regulation,

type and amount of drugs that impunity should include,

arrangements for checking the type and amount of drugs a person has with him into the injection room scheme premises or adjacent treatment

which allowed police to have the injection room scheme premises or adjacent treatment

requirements for manning of the injection room scheme that will apply,

how health information in the health registry can be treated, including the information that may be treated and the purpose of treatment,

that the provisions of the Health §§ 39 and 40 wholly or partly shall not apply to health professionals who provide health care in the injection room scheme.

§ 9. Entry into force This law comes into force when the King bestemmer.1