The Law On Forestry (Skogbrukslova)

Original Language Title: Lov om skogbruk (skogbrukslova)

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The law on forestry (skogbrukslova).

Date LAW-2005-05-27-31 Ministry the Ministry of agriculture and food last edited law-2015-06-19-65 from 01.10.2015 Published in 2005 booklet 7 entry into force 01.01.2006 Change LAW-1939-06-09-17, LAW-1956-11-09-4, law-1965-05-21 Announced 27.05.2005 short title Skogbrukslova Chapter overview: Chapter 1. Innleiande føresegner (§ § 1-4) Chapter 2. Forestry measures (sections 5-11) Chapter 3. Vernskog and area of særleg environmental value (§ § 12-13) Chapter 4. Skogfond, and more (§ § 14-17) Chapter 5. Avsluttande føresegner (sections 18-26) cf. previous laws 12 feb 1932, 21 May 1965.

Chapter 1. Innleiande føresegner § 1. The purpose of the Act the Act to This purpose has to promote a berekraftig management of the forest resource ane in the country with the aim of active local and national wealth creation, and to ensure that biological diversity, omsyn to the landscape, outdoor life and cultural values in the forest.

§ 2. Work field for the Act the Act all This debt for forest and skogmark. With skogmark understand ein in this the Act because that is skogproduserande, or as a total assessment is best for forest eigna production, and that is not advantage for other purposes.
The Act debt although a site is protected by nature diversity Act Chapter V or older protective decisions that nemnt in the natural diversity law § 77, or in the plan after plan-and bygningslova is posted for purposes other than agriculture, so true not anna is of protective or plan the decision or of the regulations attach to the decision.
The Act cannot nyttast in violation of the rights to the reindriftssamane dei has wood and fuel.

§ 3. Forestry Government Ministry is Supreme forestry Government. The Ministry may transfer the Greyhound to other government agency. The County, the county municipality and the municipality has such a hound that is of the føresegnene in the Act, regulations determine by the Ministry and other avgjerder on the transfer of Greyhound.
If the saka require coordination of parish boundaries, or important national omsyn tilseier, as in oppgåver or in medhald of the Act is added to the municipality of behandlast by the Ministry or anna forestry Government.
The County's forestry Government for the forest that the municipality or the County eig is.

§ 4. Forest owner's forvaltaransvar Forest owner should make certain that all measures in the forest are conducted in accordance with the law and regulations. Forest owner to keep track of environmental values in eigen forest and take omsyn to the dei implementation of measures by all in the forest. Such omsyn may lead to some action in the Woods not can gjennomførast. Within these frames are forest owner free to manage the forest out from his own goal.
Forest owner should make certain that they make in the woods that work rettar for the Act and the regulations.
The Ministry may give omsyn nærare regulations on forest owner should take in the occasions to the environment.

Chapter 2. Forestry measures section 5. Forest registration and forestry plan encompassing Skogbruks planlegginga skogregistreringar that provides an overview of forest-and environmental resource ane on possession verdict and a plan for the forvaltninga of these.
Skogregistreringar can gjennomførast in a site jamvel about not all skogeigarane have tinga forestry plan. All the forest owner should have rar message that the recording is being made. Lists of environmental values as going forward through the skogbruks planlegginga will be public available, cf. Law 9. May 2003 No. 31 on the right to environmental information and participation in public decision making processes of importance to the environment.
The municipality can give the forest owner order on the implementation of the skogregistreringar and the drafting of the forestry resource list or plan. The Ministry may provide regulations on forest skogbruks with registration and scheduling between anna innhaldet requirements in the plan and about how to turn this data reglar are gathered to forvaltast.

section 6. Rejuvenate and care of Forests Forest owner to sørgje for tilfredsstillande rejuvenate after logging, and make certain that there is samanheng between the logging form and method for rejuvenate. Necessary measures to facilitate leggje to rejuvenate setjast started by the closing date 3 years after the logging is accomplished.
The deadline for rejuvenate can be delayed to 5 years where it out from the climatic and local conditions are defense leg.
If the forest owner not rettar after this, avgjer the municipality of forest owner to påleggjast to setje steps to ensure that the area becomes forynga. The measure must setjast in the works by the closing date a deadline that the maximum may be of 2 years. Tiltaka by the closing date will not be carried out to deadline, the municipality of sørgje for that tiltaka is being performed for the forest owner say hands. The municipality of their costs in this samanhengen can krevjast covered from the agent that is set aside in the forest fund. The costs are enforceable for disbursements.
If the municipality find it necessary to prevent large negative effektar on environmental values, under this ureining of key vassførekomstar, the municipality of denying forest owner rar to plant in the forest area to shift the lause, tree species, to ditch, fertilize or use pesticide. The municipality can also setje criteria in such occasions.
The Ministry may fastsetje nærare regulations about rejuvenate and care of forest, under this claim to rejuvenate the change of tilfredsstillande, tree species, the use of foreign tree species, trenching in the forest, fertilization of forests, the use of pesticides in forests and seed and plant forsyninga in forestry.

section 7. Road construction in forest Construction and rebuilding of roads to the forestry purposes can only gjennomførast after permission from the municipality.
Planning, construction and remodeling to occur on a way that tek omsyn to important miljøverdiar and sikrar agricultural subjects physician heilskapsløysingar. It should be paved as the emphasis on achieving a rational road network, where it also gets to the teke omsyn usefulness can get anna road for næringsverksemd associate landbrukseigedommane.
The Ministry may give nærare regulations on planning, approval and construction of skogsvegar and of other facilities and technical interventions linking to forestry.

section 8. Loggers and measurement By logging to the omsyn forest takast to its future production and rejuvenate as it becomes samstundes omsyn teke to environmental values. It will be sørgjast that the use of trails and stigar, other streets not being unnecessarily vanskeleggjort for allmenta after logging is concluded. The municipality can påleggje skogeigar to correct the køyreskadar or other corruption after measures in the forest.
About ein logging is planned or going on in violation of this, the Act reduces the eige judgment their production basis, or vesentleg can get the unfortunate verknader of environmental values, the municipality deny logging or terms of the setje how to gjennomførast.
When not anna is determine by the Ministry to kjøpar and seljar for sørgje that all forest seem like being cut to the processing, saddle or export will be measured. The Ministry may give nærare regulations about registration and oppgåveplikt in connection with such measure.

§ 9. Førebyggjande measures When there is a risk that larger forest area can be damaged by insect or fungal attacks to the municipality in the works setje dei førebyggjande measures that are required. This may between anna vere toppings to the forest owner rar. This debt also for forest and three in the area that is active in section utanfor field 2. The Ministry may fastsetje nærare regulations on such measures, and how expenses will be dekkjast. The municipality of their costs in this samanhengen is enforceable for disbursements.
Where grazing by deer game leads to corruption as vesentlege on forests is under rejuvenate, or where beitinga is an obstacle to vesentleg overhalde plikta to rejuvenate the forest pursuant to section 6 of this the Act, to the municipality as the wild body consider whether there is a need to regulate the population of ungulates to the pasture to be reduced in advanced.

§ 10. Measures after damage to the forest When the forest is damaged as the unfortunate treatment of forest følgje, rot, fire, wind, landslide, sjukdom, fungus-, smågnagar-, ungulates or insect attack, or other conditions that reduce forest production vesentleg, the municipality of påleggje forest owner to setje in the works that are required of measures to correct the skadane. The municipality to setje for such measures a deadline. The deadline shall not be longer than 2 years. Tiltaka by the closing date will not be carried out to deadline, the municipality of sørgje for that tiltaka is being performed for the forest owner say hands. The municipality of their costs in this samanhengen is enforceable for disbursements.

section 11. Report when it is necessary to continue control of that the Act is being followed, the municipality or anna forestry Government make decisions that the forest owner should have rar duty to enroll in planar about the logging and measures attach rejuvenate and care of forests. This report plikta may apply to a forest owner or multiple rar in a total or parts of the municipality.
Message to vere font leg and give opplysningar about eigaren for planane have dei logging or measures. Message to sendast to the municipality of seinast 3 wicks before logging or measure to setjast in the works.
The municipality has not provided answers to the message by the closing date 3 wicks from the day when the message arrived at the municipality, or made decisions with heimel in § § 6, third paragraph, second paragraph 8 or regulation in the medhald of § § 4 or 7, it notified the measure setjast in the works in accordance with the dei reglane as debt after the Act. Of the municipality entered to take more time position on the measure, the term forlengjast with up to 14 days. The permit debt for 10 years.

Chapter 3. Vernskog and area of særleg environmental safety section 12. Vernskog the county can provide regulations that the forest to be vernskog when the forest protection for the tener as annan forest or provides protection against naturskadar. The same debt area up against the mountain or the sea where the forest is vulnerable and can be øydelagt by the wrong forest treatment.
Forskrifta to leggje fixed the limits of the protection forest and provide for forest reglar forvaltninga. It can also report fastsetjast of reglar.
The municipality should sørgje for that eigarar of vernskog are being made aware of the policy decision and reglane forest that will be fix dei, and should the decision in kunngjere dei newspapers the municipality nor new year to kunngjeringar.

section 13. Forest area of særleg environment safety Ministry may by regulation strengare on the leggje restriksjonar forest in the area of consideration forest særleg environmental safety associate to biological mangfald, landscapes, outdoor activities or cultural heritage than that whatever else the Act provides for consideration when heimel forest can lead to vesentleg damage or disadvantage for these verdiane.

Chapter 4. Skogfond, and more.

section 14. Payment to skogfond Skogfond is a force to be fondsavsetjing give the forest owner a better basis to finance measures with the aim of a berekraftig management of the forest resource ane.
Forest owner to setje of means of forest fund by sal, oreigning or anna overdraging of cut or forward drive working or of three of the root, by the forest owner's use of the work for Cont saddle or anna overdraging. Plikta debt not forest owner's use of the work to the possession needs in alluding to the soil and skogbruksverksemd on possession verdict.
The County Governor may exempt an skogeigar from the plikta to pay to skogfond after the first paragraph if it is urimeleg to krevje such a payment, and the forest owner can show that it is carried out the investment work in the forest that at least to the innbetalinga svarar as are required.
Inneståande forest fund means the judgment comes a possession by overdraging to the new owner, and inneståande means cannot skiljast from possession verdict by pantsetjing, forced completion or on annan.
The Ministry may provide regulations on ordninga with skogfond, and choir to great fastset fondsavsetjinga vere. Avsetjinga should not be inferior 2 percent of the gross value of the work.
By manglande payment to forest fund are requirements from the municipality of enforceable for disbursements.

section 15. The use of forest fund Forest Fund will brukast to long term in favor of the investeringar Woods that seemed to come from, or the benefit of annan forest as forest owner has in the same municipality. With approval from the municipality can remedy on the forest fund also førast over to annan forest as forest owner has.
Forest fund will be in the first rekkje brukast of forest culture, skogbruks planning, forest production, skogsvegar and measures that aim to ensure the tek important miljøverdiar in the forest.
The Ministry may give nærare the use of regulations on forest fund, between anna reglar about frigjeving of the Fund means if there is not a need for in the Woods investeringar.

section 16. Interest rates of forest fund means Forest owner has no claim on the interest rates of the inneståande middle of skogfond.
The interest rates of forest fund will be nyttast to the administration of forest fund ordninga, and to dekkje any loss in connection with the innkrevjing of the compulsory payment to the forest fund. Interest that is not being used for these formåla, to brukast to the different forestry purposes after the nærare regulations determine by the Ministry.

§ 17. Fee of forest seem to promote research and development in forestry the Ministry may by regulation adopt it to svarast a fee of forest seem to promote research and development in forestry and fastsetje nærare about, use reglar payment and management of this avgifta, and for choir long period to krevjast. ho inn

Chapter 5. Avsluttande føresegner § 18. Verksemd fastsetje Konkurranseavgrensande the Ministry may by regulation that skogeigarane and organization ane deira shall have the right to collaborate on production and translation of agricultural product.

§ 19. Tilskot the Ministry may fastsetje regulations on distribution of and conditions for the payment of tilskot to the commercial and environmental measures in the forest after such frames that Parliament provides. Regulations innehalde to tilskot reglar krevje back if terms for tilskot is not fulfilled.

section 20. Supervision, control and audit reporting to the municipality with that føresegnene in the Act will be haldne, and make sure that the decision will be with the Act conducted in heimel. The Ministry may provide regulations on reporting and its communes of score control.
By supervision have forestry is controlled power straight to get there to the forest and land use, also by the use of the motor vehicle.
At the drafting of lists of forest-and doing development, forestry is controlled power right to the access to sertifiseringsrapportar and similar overviews that are utarbeidd of the skogeigarorganisasjonane or of the organ attach to these.

§ 21. The appeal Decision the municipality make after this the Act may påklagast to the County Governor if the Ministry has not determine annan appeal authority.
The Ministry or the Ministry has given the Greyhound's complaint authority for the decision made by the county or the County in the first instance.

§ 22. Penalty it as resolution leg or aktlaust wrap føresegnene in sections 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15, regulations given in the paragraph with which heimel ane or decision in medhald of which føresegnene or the regulations, will be punished with fines or imprisonment for up to one year.
The who resolution leg or aktlaust break regulations subject to § § 4 heimel in the third paragraph or 17 or decisions of the medhald of these regulations, will be punished the same way.
Punishment after the first and second paragraph can only nyttast when brotet is vesentleg.

§ 23. Coercive to ensure that føresegnene in the Act and decisions with the Act heimel fatta in will be conducted, the municipality of forest påleggje owner coercive. Tvangsmulkta can krevjast in from the time limit the municipality has set for correction of the relationship. Tvangsmulkta can also fastsetjast on the førehand. It can fastsetjast the tvangsmulkta as long as it ulovlege aukar relationship items by.
Tvangsmulkta is enforceable for disbursements.

section 24. Iverksetjing to apply the Act tek from the time King fastset. 1 from the same time held these lovane up to apply: a) Law 9. June 1939 No. 17 about the House usage forest.

b) Law 9. November 1956 No. 4 about the fee of forest work to the promotion of joint actions for forestry.

c) law 21. May 1965 about forestry and forest protection.

§ 25. Overgangsreglar regulations and decisions with heimel in dei lovane which is nemnde in section 24 second paragraph shall apply until the Ministry make new decisions or fastset new regulations with heimel in the act here.
Føresegnene of the Act 9. June 1939 No. 17 about the House usage to apply to forest Nystaul and Finsbu houses in the usage of Telemark forest Wedge until the eigarane of the forest have vedteke ein annan organization of herding of possession verdict.

§ 26. Endringar in other laws From the time the King gets it done fastset such endringar in anna lovgjeving:-