Law On Foreigners' Access To The Country And Their Stay Here (The Immigration Act)

Original Language Title: Lov om utlendingers adgang til riket og deres opphold her (utlendingsloven)

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Law on foreigners' access to the country and their stay here (the Immigration Act).

Date LOV-2008-05-15-35

Affairs Ministry of Justice


LOV-2016-06-17-58 from 01/09/2016

Published in 2008 Booklet 5

Commencement 01/01/2010


15.05.2008 kl. 13.10

Short Title
Immigration Act - utlendl.

Ref. earlier Act of 24 June 1988. 64.

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1. General provisions (§§ 1-7)
Chapter 2. Visas, control of entry and exit and suspension etc. (§§ 8-22)
Chapter 3 Stay connected with work and studies, etc. (§§ 23-27 b)
Chapter 4. Protection (§§ 28-37)
Chapter 5. Access to stay because of strong humanitarian considerations or a particular connection with Norway (§38)
Chapter 6. Family (§§ 39-53)
Chapter 7. General provisions concerning residence permits etc. (§§ 54-65)
Chapter 8. Deportation (§§ 66-72)
Chapter 9. Absolute protection against refoulement (non-refoulement) (§§ 73-74)
Chapter 10. Organization of immigration authorities (§§ 75-79)
Chapter 11. Procedural rules (§§ 80-98)
Chapter 11 A. The representative of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. (§§ 98 a - 98 g)
Chapter 12. Treatment of fingerprints etc.., Coercive measures and penalties (§§ 99-108)
Chapter 13. Special rules for foreigners covered by the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA agreement) and the Convention on the orig ... (§§ 109-125)
Chapter 14. Special rules for matters affecting fundamental national interests or foreign policy considerations (§§ 126-138)
Chapter 15. Final provisions (§§ 139-140)
Convention between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on the abolition of passport control at the Intra-Nordic borders of 12 July 1957, as amended ve ...
Additional Protocol to the agreement between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on the abolition of passport control at the Intra-Nordic borders of July 12 ...
European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC). 604/2013 of 26 June 2013 laying down the criteria and arrangements for determining the Member State ...
Chapter I. Purpose and definitions
Chapter II. General principles and guarantees
Chapter III. Criteria for determining the Member State responsible
Chapter IV. Dependents and discretionary provisions
Chapter V. The responsible Member State commitments
Chapter VI. Procedures for the acquisition and reappropriation
Chapter VII. Management Cooperation
Chapter VIII. Brokering
Chapter IX. Transitional provisions and final provisions
Appendix I. Repealed Regulations (referred to in Article 48)
Appendix II. Comparison table
Declaration by the Council, the European Parliament and the Commission