The Act On Notification By The Closure Of The Næringsverksemd (Omstillingslova)

Original Language Title: Lov om meldeplikt ved nedlegging av næringsverksemd (omstillingslova)

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The Act on notification by the closure of the næringsverksemd (omstillingslova) date LAW-2008-06-06-38 Ministry industry and Fisheries Ministry last edited published in 2008 booklet 6 effective date 01.07.2008 Change Announced 06.06.2008 at. 14.35 short title Omstillingslova § 1. The purpose of the Act the Act to leggje to facilitate a process in which an action for continuing operation considers and other measures that reduce the negative consequence for dei ane dei adding and for the local community when it's speech to leggje down a business.

§ 2. Verkeområde the Act debt when it is planar to leggje down a business in which it has worked 30 adding or several in the last 12 månadene dei, or when it is planar to seie up more than nine tidelar of dei working in adding a such business.
The Act debt not if bedrifta to move innanfor the same county or if bedrifta host handsama by law 8. June 1984 no. 58 about the bankruptcy.
The Ministry may by regulation ' utfyllande about the Act reglar when to apply.

§ 3. The obligation to submit the message to the County Eigaren of a business that is omfatta of section 2, to send the message to the county where the bedrifta lie, about planane about the closure.
Message to innehalde: a) the number of employees working at the bedrifta b) information about the Agency by bedrifta c) a consideration of consequence for dei adding and the local community about the bedrifta host made down d) the background of planane about closures e) information about what vurderingar eigaren or others have made about alternative verksemd for bedrifta f) a consideration of what it takes for that agency in bedrifta can carry on g) information about it has made with adding forhandlingar dei about nedlegginga Message should also innehalde annan information needed for that discussion under section 5 options can take to. The county can ask eigaren if more information in addition to the or to utdjuping of the information that is given in the second paragraph.

§ 4. Endeleg avgjerd whether the closure could not be endeleg Bedrifta hit avgjerd about closures before 30 days after the County has gotten the message under section 3. If it is appropriate to lay down alternative bedrifta, the County in særlege case forlengje this period of up to 30 days.

§ 5. The processing of the message When the County has received the message after § 3, it shall as soon as mogleg call in representantar for eigaren, leiinga and dei bedrifta, adding in the municipality, Innovation and work, and Noreg-welfare service to the drøftings meeting. The county can also call in others to the meeting.
The County going to severally with delta tub ane kartleggje and consider measures for continuing operation or other option to lay down bedrifta. In the discussion should always consider ane ein compensation and omstillingsmoglegheiter for dei adding and moglege measures for the local community.
If it was clear that the discussion will not bring ane, should the County as soon as mogleg report from to all participating vessels ane that drøftinga is concluded, although the period under section 4 the first paragraph is not over.
All that in consideration of the deltek messages after this the Act, to have teieplikt after reglane in forvaltningslova § § 13 to 13 e.

section 6. Advise the Court after the band sent message under section 3 to the County and up for discussion after successfully shutting down section 5 or the period of 30 days after section 4 is out, eigaren can not make the Court doctor or actual disposisjonar that vesentleg svekkjer the value of bedrifta.
The county can make exception from this føresegna in the quarter.

section 7. Coercive If the administrator does not meet the duties under section § 3, 4 and 6 or regulation or individual decisions that determine in medhald of which føresegnene, County påleggje the administrator not coercive.
Tvangsmulkta may be laupande or a eingongsbeløp. To mulkta vere laupande, the county can decide that the mulkta to a wick betalast dating from after the decision to påleggje coercive, or from a specific deadline is set to fix the relationship, about the relationship is not straightened by the closing date deadline. To mulkta vere a eingongsbeløp, County fastsetje that mulkta to be a deadline when special betalast which is set to fix the relationship is over, and the relationship is not straightened by the closing date deadline.
Tvangsmulkta goes to the Treasury and are enforceable for disbursements.
The county can reduce or in the case of ' særlege up tvangsmulkta.
The King may by regulation fastsetje nærmare føresegner about påleggjing of coercive, including on terms of coercive and about the size of the tvangsmulkta and interest by forseinka payment.

section 8. Lovbrotsgebyr the county can by brot on section 4 påleggje a lovbrotsgebyr to the State. The King provides by regulation føresegner of the size of the fee.
Lovbrotsgebyrer host imposed it as under section 3 has a duty to send the message to the County. The King can give reglar about incresed fee by gjentekne brot on duties. The county can in særlege case ' up the requirement of lovbrotsgebyr.
Required lovbrotsgebyr is enforceable for disbursements.
The King can give nærmare about gjennomføringa føresegnen reglar of in this paragraph, including about inndrivinga and about the payment deadline. It can fastsetjast it to interest of lovbrotsgebyr betalast imposed.

§ 9. Iverksetjing the Act debt dating from the time the King fastset.

§ 10. Endringar in other laws From the time the Act is seen in the works, is it done in any other laws endringar:-