Housing Bank Act

Original Language Title: Lov om Husbanken

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Read the untranslated law here: https://lovdata.no/dokument/NL/lov/2009-05-29-30

Housing Bank Act.

Date LOV-2009-05-29-30

Ministry Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development


LOV-2012-08-24-64 from 01.01.2013

Published in 2009 Booklet 6

Commencement 01/01/2010


29.05.2009 kl. 14.35

Short Title
Housing Bank

Refer previously allowed 1 March 1946 no. 3 of the Norwegian State Housing Bank.

§ 1. Tasks Housing Bank shall promote the Housing purposes in accordance with the overall guidelines.
Bank shall administrating bustøtte and loan and grant schemes and contribute to developing and disseminating knowledge about goals, methods and results Within the its field.
Ministry may give Husbanken other issues, medrekna administrating schemes other area.
Ministry may give regulations on the agency's activities and verkemidla to Housing Bank.

§ 2. Scope Lova debt on Svalbard. The Ministry may lay down specific rules out superbly of conditions here on this page.

§ 3. A link to the State Housing Bank is a state agency under the ministry.

§ 4. management and health organization Husbanken host he led by someone managing director who hosted utnemnd by the King.
Bank shall carry a considerable Head office.
Ministry may decide that the Housing Bank shall have regional offices and where they're going-the-surface.
Ministry may utnemna EiT regional counsel for fourth regional office. It can creates a central council with representatives from the regional council. The ministry shall issue a mandate for the advice.

§ 5. Part Ability Housing Bank acts as a party on behalf of the state in lawsuits that are linking to the agency's activities.
Ministry may in some cases take over the practice of party the position.

§ 6. Appeals Ministry may set regulations on særskild appeals of individual decisions to Housing Bank.

§ 7. Financing Activities and verkemidla to Husbanken host financed by allocated funding from the state budget and through loans from the state.

§ 8. Loans Loans from Housing Bank hosted repayable in accordance with regulations which Parliament stipulates.
Ministry returns the regulations for repayment of loans, interest rates, fees, etc. The Ministry may ish firm configure plementary provisions on fees in connection with the establishment and administration of the loan.
Housing Bank can give utsetjing of payment of interest and principal. Housing Bank may participate in the debt negotiations.

§ 9. After Attribution of claim Housing Bank can ettergje requirement to repay the loan or grant if it does not look itself warrant making to drive into the claim.

§ 10. Entry into force oa Lova debt from the time King fastset.1
From the same time host law 1 March 1946 no. 3 of the Norwegian State Housing Bank be called off.
Regulatory very even in medhald of law 1 March 1946 no. 3 of the Norwegian State Housing Bank also applies after this Act enter into debt.