Law On Municipal Shelters Offer (Shelter Act)

Original Language Title: Lov om kommunale krisesentertilbod (krisesenterlova)

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Law on municipal shelters offer (shelter Act)

Date LOV-2009-06-19-44

Ministry of Children and Equality


LOV-2015-06-19-65 from 10/01/2015

Published in 2009 Booklet 7

Commencement 01/01/2010


19.06.2009 kl. 16.45

Short Title
Crisis Centre Act

§ 1. Purpose of Act The purpose of this Act is to ensure a good, holistic shelter attraction to women, men and children who are subjected to violence or threats of violence in intimate relationships.

§ 2. Requirements for shelter any offer municipality are charged with ensuring EiT shelters offer that might be used by persons who are subjected to violence or threats of violence in close relationships, and who needs counseling or selection in safe and temporary butilbod.
The tender should provide the users support, tutoring, help to make contact with other parts of the service apparatus and shall include:

EiT shelter or selection in the equivalent free heilårs, heil days', safe and temporary butilbod and

EiT free dagtilbod and

EiT heilårs and heil days' offer where persons Tribunal in the first paragraph can get advice and guidance by telephone, and

monitoring during the rehabilitation phase, ref. § 4.

Individuals can turn directly to shelter any offer as chronicled in the second paragraph, without referral or appointment.
Municipality are charged with ensuring the quality of the offers, among other things by the employees have the skills to take care of dei specific needs of users.
Butilbodet to women and butilbodet for men shall be physically sentry.
Ministry may issue regulations on requirements for the competence of the employees and requirements for physical protection of facilities.

§ 3. Individual adaptation of attraction municipality are charged with ensuring that any offer as far as possible be made to ensure that they will come individual needs of the users in the meeting.
Municipality are charged with ensuring to take care of children in a positive way that is adapted to their rock special needs, and shall also ensuring the necessary fulfillment of the child with the rights they have by anna regulations.
Municipality are charged with ensuring that the readability of the bu- and dagtilbodet get access to qualified interpreters if necessary so they may get a complete full well offer. The municipality are charged with ensuring routines for quality assurance, order and payment of interpreting services.

§ 4. Coordination of services The municipality are charged with ensuring that women, men and children who are subjected to violence or threats of violence in close relationships, getting a coordinated follow through coordination of actions between shelter the offers and other parts of the service apparatus.
The offer and services under this Act may be included as part of the coordination of ein individual plan for anna legislation, cf. Health and care Act § 7-1, patient and user Rights Act § 2-5, the Mental Health Act § 4-1, and social welfare legislation in NAV §§ 28 and 33.

§ 5. confidentiality All performing occupational or work under this Act, has a duty of confidentiality under the Public Administration §§ 13 to 13 e. Violation of confidentiality obligation vis-à punished by the Penal Code § 209.
Teie requirement also applies birth city, date of birth, social security number, nationality , marital status, occupation, Housing, arbeidsstad and other information that may reveal that someone has Vore in contact with the offers.
Information to other government agency, cf. Public Administration § 13b no. 5 and 6, can only givast when this is necessary to promote tasks of the municipality under this Act, or for preventing significant danger to life or serious damage to health to someone.

§ 6. Information to the Child Welfare Service All performing occupational or work under this Act, shall perform Inga work be noticeable same circumstances that may lead to measures from the Child Welfare Service.
Without being restricted by confidentiality obligation shall all performing occupational or work after this act of EIGA measures providing any information to the Child Welfare Service in the municipality when there is reason to believe that a child is being abused in the home or the opposition cause other forms of serious neglect, ref. welfare Act § 4-10, § 4-11 and § 4-12. The same applies when a child has shown persistent serious behavioral difficulties, cf. Welfare Act § 4-24.
Child Welfare Act § 6-4 second paragraph, third and fourth sentences debt equivalent.

§ 7. Police The successful applicant or is assigned tasks that involve contact with readability of EiT shelter or equivalent bu- and dagtilbod shall enclose until police.
Police certificate shall show whether the holder has been charged with, indicted, has ADOPTED penalty or is sentenced for violations of straffeloven1 §§ 162, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 199, 200 second paragraph, 201, 201a, 203, 204a, 219, 224, 229 second and third sentencing alternative, 231, 233, 267 and 268.

Brot on straffeloven1 §§ 192 to 197, 199, 200 second paragraph, 201 subsection c, 201a, 203, 204a and 233 shall state whether without the accruals that follows the law of 11 June 1971 No.. 522 of Criminal § 6, first paragraph. 4-9. Brot cases in other provisions that the Tribunal above, shall state whether in accordance with the Act of 11 June 1971 No.. 522 of Criminal § 6. The certificate shall not be older than three months.
Ministry may issue further regulations concerning the requirements for police, medrekna guidelines on storing testimonials.

§ 8. Internal municipality shall maintain internal order to ensure that they the businesses and the services which constitute shelter the offers, perform its tasks in accordance with the requirements laid down in the law or regulations. The municipality must be able to explain how one fulfills this obligation.

§ 9. State oversight county governor shall supervise the municipality fulfills the obligations imposed by §§ 2, 3, 4 and 8.
The provisions in the Local Government Act Section 10 A debt for the supervisory regime which is a tribunal first term.

§ 10. Use of Information Act in Svalbard King may issue regulations on the use of Information Act in Svalbard and have an opportunity to lay down specific rules where it is frying regard to the conditions on this page.

§ 11. Entry into force and transitional rules Lova are seen in power from the King bestemmer.1 Ministry may by regulation issue further transitional rules.

§ 12. Change in anna lovgjeving With blatant effect from Entry into force of the Act makes ein this change in anna lovgjeving: - - -