Amending And Supplementing Government Decision No 94 Of The Annex To February 1, 2013

Original Language Title: pentru modificarea şi completarea anexei la Hotărîrea Guvernului nr.94 din 1 februarie 2013

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Government DECIDES:
Annex to Government Decision No 94 of 1 February 2013 "On approval of the Regulations on collective performance assessment" (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2013, No.26, Article 128), as amended and supplemented , shall be amended and supplemented as follows:
1) paragraph 12, subparagraph 4) reads as follows:
"4) the administrative authorities and the decentralized public services / subordinated to the ministry and other administrative authorities central, other public authorities, which are not structured in subdivisions are developed and presented driver's direct superior public authority for approval. "
2) paragraph 13 is completed at the end with the words' In the annual plan of actions can also include other components, if the public authority manager / head subdivision believes they are important for the efficient realization of the planned activity. "
3) in section 18, the words "government administrative authorities of ministries, public autonomous services / subordinated to the ministry and other central administrative authorities" are replaced by "administrative authority and the public autonomous services / subordinate ministry and other central administrative authorities ";
4) point 59 shall be supplemented by a new paragraph as follows:
"If autonomous structural subdivision that comprises other structural subdivisions, the appraisal will be calculated from the average scores determined the structural subdivisions constituted . ";
5) point 65 shall read as follows:
"65. Head of subdivision / public authority manager who is not divided into sub-sets bonus for collective performance for each civil servant within the allocated amount, reduced by the size of the bonus for head / head thereof, in relation to their contribution to achieving the objectives of the unit / authority determined the monitoring procedure of the professional performance of civil servants. "
6) in section 691 is in the end the words "up to termination of service";
7) Annex 1 is completed at the end of a note as follows:
"Note: Public authorities are not structured in subdivisions shall develop annual plan of action, according to annex no.2."
8) Annex 2 shall be completed with a final note the following:
"Note: autonomous structural subdivisions which comprises other divisions will set goals for each individual subdivision of its composition."
9) in the table in paragraph 1 of Annex No. 8:
columns "set Spor Head of autonomous subdivision" and "Spor established leading civil servants at senior level" character "% *" is replaced with the word "lei" and the word "lei" is replaced with the "% *";
Column "Spor established civil servants upper level management," the word "to" is replaced with the word "the";
10) in Annex 9, the words "Spor, in% *" is replaced by "Spor in lei" and the text "Spor in lei" is replaced by "Spor, in% *";
11) Annex No. 10:
heading 1.9 and 1.10 of the table, after the word "developed" insert the word "/ date";
Position 4.2 is excluded.

Interim Prime Minister Gheorghe Brega