On Approving Sample Ballots For Local Elections In November

Original Language Title: cu privire la aprobarea modelelor buletinelor de vot pentru alegerile locale noi

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Pursuant to art. 18, 26 para. (1) f) n), 48, 49 para. (2), 130 and 139 of the Electoral Code 1381-XIII of 21 November 1997, the Central Election Commission decides:
1. To approve sample ballots for the election of village councils (commune), city (municipality), rayon and mayors of villages (communes), towns (municipalities) in local elections in November.
Each ballot will contain the top in the middle inscription "BALLOT" as this will register the type and date of the local elections in November. At a distance of 10 mm below the new local election date applies to two numbers: the left side - the serial number of the constituency, and on the right - serial number of the polling station.
Under the two numbers, at a distance of 10 mm prints rectangles of 110 mm x 20 mm, the number of which will correspond to the number of candidates. The width of each bulletin is 140 mm and the length will match the number of rectangles that prints at a distance of 2.5 mm from each other.
The left side of each rectangle is printed sign or symbol contestant with dimensions of 15 mm x 15 mm, and on the right at the same distance from the top and bottom - a circle with a diameter of 15 mm, the voter will apply the stamp "Voted".
The ballot papers for local council elections, the center of each rectangle fall:
- full name of the party, socio-political, electoral bloc;
- Independent candidate's full name followed by the words "independent candidate", year of birth, profession () function, work.
The ballots for mayors in the center of each rectangle fall:
- name of the candidate, followed by the full name of the party / other socio-political / electoral bloc which submitted candidate or words "independent candidate", year of birth, profession () function, work.
2. Ballots will be printed on opaque paper (matte) and will be distinguished by color:
- to elect the mayor of the village (commune), city (Comrat) - Pink (code FD6C9E);
- To elect mayor of Balti and Chisinau general mayor - violet (code 8806CE);
- To elect village councils (commune), city (municipal Comrat) - smoky gray (code BBD2E1);
- To elect district councils (municipalities Balti and Chisinau) - beige (code C8AD7F).
March. Names of the candidates and the name of the party / other socio-political / electoral bloc that fall within quadrilaterals shall be printed in bold capital letters in the order decided by drawing lots Daily electoral body which registered them.
4. Electoral councils of first and second levels will approve the text of the ballot papers. Electoral offices of polling stations, electoral councils of first and second levels will adopt draft decisions on ballots corresponding to the number of voters on the main voter lists. Decisions on approving texts ballots (with attachments) and on their circulation will be presented to the Central Election Commission as foreseen in the schedule. Simultaneously, the texts will be sent ballots processed electronically by the electoral council.
May. Ballots shall be prepared in the state language, upon request in Russian, based on the decision of the electoral body properly.
June. Is repealed CEC Decision no. 935 1 November 2011 "On approval of the ballot for the election of mayors in local elections in November."
July. This decision shall enter into force upon adoption, will be published on the official website of the Central Election Commission and in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

Iurie Ciocan
Secretary Andrei Volentir

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