Modifying And Completing Veterinary Norm On The Hygiene Of Animal Feed And Content Of Undesirable Substances Înnutreţuri

Original Language Title: pentru modificarea şi completarea Normei sanitar-veterinare privind igiena nutreţurilor şi conţinutul substanţelor nedorite înnutreţuri

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modifying and completing veterinary Norm on the hygiene of animal feed and content of undesirable substances in feed

Published: 31.12.2015 in Official Gazette No. 361-369 art no: 983 Government DECIDES: Veterinary Norm on the hygiene of animal feed and content of undesirable substances in feed, which was approved by Government decision No. 1405 on December 10, 2008 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2008, no. 230-232, article 1441), as amended, is modified and completed as follows: 1) in the preamble the health Standard, the words "Directive (EC) No 1782/2003. 2002/32 unwanted substances in feedingstuffs, as published in the official journal of the European Union no. L 115/04.05.1999) ' shall be supplemented with the words ", as amended,";
2) 1 shall be completed with the menu item 4) with the following content: "4) undesirable substances from the raw feed.";
3) point 3 shall be completed with 15 points) and 16) with the following contents: ") 15-pre-mixes premixtures of additives or mixtures of one or more additives with substances, intended for the manufacture of feedingstuffs;
16) putting into circulation-holding certain feeding in order to sell them, including offering for sale or in any other form of transfer, whether free or not by third parties. ';
4) point 5 shall read as follows: "5. the animals are fed with feed that does not present a hazard to the health of animals and does not affect their production. ';
5) point 6 shall be added to the menu item 4) with the following content: "4) products intended for animal feed which contain levels of undesirable substances exceeding the maximum levels laid down in annex 1 shall not be mixed with other products. ';
6) paragraph 10 shall be added to the menu item 3) with the following content: "3) for certain substances, the competent authority may carry out investigations to identify the sources of undesirable substances, whether the thresholds laid down in the annex. 2 to this veterinary Norm are exceeded. ';
7) point 13 shall read as follows: "13) operators shall ensure at all stages of production, processing and distribution unit under their control, by conducting investigations to identify the sources of undesirable substances in animal feed, where levels exceed the maximum levels laid down in the annex. 1 the veterinary this Time. For maximum levels shall be established thresholds for actions specified in the annex. 4 at this Time veterinary health.
At the same time they shall ensure that feed products that are of a high quality are not subject to any other restrictions on circulation as regards the presence of undesirable substances and meet the requirements laid down in the Government decision No. 967 of 18 October 2010 "on some measures for veterinary certification for the importation of products intended for animal feed.";
8) point 22 shall read as follows: "22. Where the competent authority has determined that the nutreţurile are not in accordance of legislation or exhibit a level of undesirable substances exceeded specified in annex 4. 1 to this veterinary Norm or detected a level of undesirable substances harmful not listed in the said Annex up, they are not placed on the market and do not give animals producing food. Nutreţurile who are not compliant to the requirements of sanitary-veterinary will be withdrawn from the market. ';
9) point 37 is supplemented by a paragraph with the following content: "where there are no special provisions for complementary feedingstuffs shall provide that they do not contain, taking into account the proportion prescribed for their use in a daily ration, the levels of undesirable substances listed in the annex. 1 to this veterinary Time to exceed those fixed for complete feedingstuffs.
Annex 10). 1 shall read as follows: Annex No. 1 11. It is supplemented by Annex No. 4 with the following contents: Annex 4