With Regard To The Amendment Of The Decision Of The Central Election Commission No. 1029 9 December 2011 "approving The Structuriiși Maximum Staff Of The Central Electoral Commission"

Original Language Title: cu privire la modificarea hotărîrii Comisiei Electorale Centrale nr. 1029 din 9 decembrie 2011 ”Cu privire la aprobarea structuriiși efectivului-limită ale Comisiei Electorale Centrale”

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with regard to the amendment of the decision of the Central Election Commission no. 1029 9 December 2011 "regarding the approval of the structure and maximum personnel of the Central Electoral Commission"

Published: 05.02.2016 in Official Gazette No. 25-30 art no: 167 date of entry into force: 08.12.2015 pursuant to art. 18 and 23, para. (1) of the electoral code no. 1381-XIII of 21 November 1997, the Central Electoral Commission h a t â â t e r, and others: 1. Point 2 of the decision of the Central Election Commission no. 1029 9 December 2011 "regarding the approval of the structure and maximum personnel of the Central Electoral Commission" shall read as follows: "2. It establishes the maximum staff of the Central Electoral Commission in 56 units, of which 3 functions of public dignitaries (President, Vice-President of the CEC the CEC and CEC Secretary), 44 public officials within the Appliance check, 1 function of maintenance and ensuring the functioning of the Central Electoral Commission 4 posts and 4 auxiliary stations ".
2. human resources Service within the CEC Apparatus, together with other Council areas, will complement the new State on the basis of the new staff effectively limit approved and shall be sent, on paper and in electronic form, for the endorsement of the State Chancellery. This decision shall be transmitted to the Ministry of finance in order to register the new limit effectively of the Central Electoral Commission.
4. this decision shall enter into force on the date of its adoption, shall be published on the official website of the Central Election Commission and the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

The CHAIRMAN of the CENTRAL ELECTION COMMISSION Iurie CIOCAN as Secretary Andrei Roberto Nr. 4344. Chisinau, 8 December 2015.

DISSENT to the decision of the CEC "on amendments to the CEC decision nr. 1029 9 December 2011 "regarding the approval of the structure and maximum personnel of the Central Electoral Commission" on 8 December 2015 adopted by 8 votes "For", "against" vote 1 and 0 (zero) "abstain" votes to the draft judgment "regarding modification judgment CHEQUE No. 1029 9 December 2011 "regarding the approval of the structure and maximum personnel of the Central Election Commission". I consider the action concerned and proposed changes to the State's personnel as superficial, hasty, analysed without taking into account the need to ensure continuous activity of the Central Electoral Commission, only starting from the existing structure of the Commission.
The analysis shows that, although within the CEC shall declare that it shall apply the procedures of ISO 90001 270001 and, over the years there have been taken into account the need for the Division of responsibilities, so that the functions of purchasing of goods, storage functions and the usage to be performed by different individuals with the necessary records.
It is alarming that the stamps and seals used in parliamentary elections in 2014 and 2015 the local store in the direction of management election undemocratic. All this direction, more specifically its leader, was responsible for organizing the new stamps, confecționării settlement of those worn by their distribution by district electoral councils and their reception. Moreover, the reports emanating from territories (electoral councils) are often counterfeited, and signatures of the same members of the Councils differ obviously from those who are holding the observers or even those that have been dispatched to check, immediately after counting the votes, although they maintained security stamps. There is a strict record of their other property, there is no feeling of material liability, the need to ensure a strict records of election materials such as ballot papers, stamps and certificates for the right to vote, although IE they are the most widely used tools for election fraud.
I never expressed an opinion regarding the guilt/innocence of certain concrete persons within the CEC, but I opined on the need of the Division of responsibilities and the structure of the CEC of a service or a function of the depositary, which were not directly subordinate to the head of the device.
Another proposal of my own, which was not given in this session, but more than half year ago refers to the need to change the structure of the ERC in such a way that any member of the CEC to be assisted by certain individuals from within the device. However, in the current structure of the CEC apparatus works only for one person, which is the only holder of information, of financial resources, but also the sole mouthpiece of the CEC. As mentioned in open court and only to Iurie Ciocan answering questions officials of undemocratic and even members of the CEC, he "knows" best technical problems, including. Only Iurie Ciocan (because he unilaterally appointed the composition of "Commission" research of the causes of the RSA blocking/SIAS "elections" in 2013 and causes a change in equipment storage/storage protocols the servers check in 2015 already after the election) explained why the failed operation of the RSA/SIAS "choices" in the elections, 30.11.2014 answer that did not hear the general public the company, though this system cost paid from public money is valued in the tens, if not hundreds of millions lei.
From a procedural point of view, the Chairman of the CEC meeting did abuse its position in both the submission of the draft resolution, as well as debates, limiting unmotivated any attempt to clarify certain aspects or to expose different views of those he considers to be acceptable. In this respect, it is noted the Member's check, E attempt Răducan, to ask some questions, one of which sounded kinda like this: how to find financial means for now 8 additional positions, but all previously Mr. Iurie Ciocan said that there are means? This and other questions that have been torpilate by the Chairman of the meeting.
In this way the CEC members urge to come back to the consideration of the structure of the appliance check, to analyze the procedures during the electoral period and in the period between elections and to develop/adopt a functional structure, to ensure objectivity and uniformity in work load and that's not just because a system based on the ISO procedures (as they claim) must be operational anytime, regardless of the person who is in a function or another.

10.12.2015 Stefan URITU, Member of the Central Electoral Commission