Regarding The Announcement Of The Competition For The Available Multiplex Suplinireacapacităţii

Original Language Title: cu privire la anunţarea concursului pentru suplinireacapacităţii disponibile a Multiplexului A

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regarding the announcement of the competition to fill the multiplex capacity available

Published: 12.02.2016 in Official Gazette No. 32-37 art no: 259 pursuant to art. 2(a) x), x) and z2), 23 and 40 lit. j) and l) of the broadcasting code no. 260-XVI of BCC is supervised, the Statute, the regulation on the procedure and conditions for issuing licences and permits relay for multiplexurilor digital terrestrial capacity utilisation, the opinion of the Ministry of information and Communication Technology No. 01/30.10.2015 and 1458 from SE "radiocomunicatii" letter No. 02-14/60 of 18.01.2016, CCA

DECIDES: 1. To announce the contest to fill the capacity of available multiplex A (PRO-(7)-UNANIMOUS hammer, Iu. CARLSON, a. CASTILLO, o. GUŢUŢUI, c. MÎŢU, m. OBI-HADIRCA, and d. VAKIL), with the following parameters: • TV Standard: DVB-T2;
• Information compression Standard: MPEG-4;
• Frequency range: 470-694 MHz (UHF);
• Maximum capacity: 15 slots for TV programs with standard resolution (SDTV);
• Coverage: 65% of the territory of the Republic of Moldova and 75% of the population.
2. the list of documents necessary for participation in the competition for obtaining license: a) an application for entry in the contest for obtaining license (according to the model-annex 1);
(b) General Service) Concept of programs (in the form-Appendix No. 2);
c) the broadcaster's editorial Project: goals, the capital of the institution, the institution's organizational structure, content and duration of the proposed programmes, programme orientation, consumer audience programs, funding sources, programs services characterization of broadcasts; 
d) an emission grid: Watch name, time, theme, language of achievement and/or retransmitted channels list: name, country of origin, language (according to the model-annex 3);
e) business plan for the period of validity of the license is required, information on other businesses in the field of media;
f) a copy of the contract of purchase or lease of technique required to them, other data which confirms the potential of the applicant;
g) Declaration of participation, direct or indirect, or participating in the capital of other companies in the audiovisual sector (as a percentage);
h) statutory declaration by the applicant with regard to ensuring transparency of ownership (according to the model-annex 4);
I) TV Studio logo Graphics.
3. Acts provided for broadcasting licensing applicants must meet the following requirements: (a) prepared in Romanian language), printed from the computer, the administrator signed, stamped;
b) indicating the date of their preparation;
(c) the documents specified in paragraphs 1 and 2). (2) shall be accompanied by 3 copies and scanned Variant;
(d)) under a single file in the contest, an applicant can claim only to a slot in a multiplex.
4. tender assessment criteria applicants for broadcasting licences: ensuring pluralism in the) broadcasting, deleting is the possibility to create preconditions for the establishment of the monopoly and the concentration of ownership in broadcasting;
b priority service programs) indigenous;
c) accessibility for persons with impaired sight or hearing impaired service programs;
d) priority (in percentage) in the Romanian language broadcasts;
e) respect for fundamental human rights and the protection of minors;
(f) promotion of national culture), protecting the Romanian language, culture and language of national minorities;
(g) educational programmes and priority);
h) quality of service concept of general programmes (according to the model);
I) quality editorial project;
j) the variety of services that include a significant share of European works;
k) priority to applicants who propose extra services, such as: sound transmission, Teletext, measured in several languages, offering programs for program a week or another period of time, providing interactivity for participation in the televoting, programming and/or the choice of programmes, films, concerts, archived shows attachments in files accessible;
it broadcast a week) the length and structure of the service;
m) the experience and competence of the editorial team in broadcasting;
n) where several applicants from licensing, the former holder can take precedence depending on how compliance with the conditions laid down in the broadcasting licence during the term of validity of the licence and the previous volume of investments allocated for the development of national broadcasting activity in the preceding period.
5. The validity of the license for use of multiplex digital terrestrial tv is 7 years old (the broadcasting code, art. 23, para. (5)). State fee for issuing the license constitutes 3250 lei.
7. The price for a slot/place in the multiplex is set out in the annex. 5. According to the "Radio", this price is for the period of insurance and SIMULCAST coverage of population by 80%. Wearing a temporary tariff and will be valid until the next phase of implementation of the MUX A, i.e. at the latest by the end of the year 2016, when providing the national multiplex to be done with a coverage of 70% and 95% of the population.
8. Receiving materials for contest and remedy the irregularities shall be made within 30 days from the date of publication of this decision in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova. During this period, applicants shall receive the necessary consultations concerning the correct completion of the files.
9. Final presentation materials for the competition is the 30th day of the publication of this decision in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.
10. During the time limit laid down for submission of tenders, the ACC will give advertising concepts services programs and other information about participants in the contest.
11. control of the execution of this decision, it shall exercise Direction control and digitalization and licensing and permitting.
12. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova and in the web page of the CA.