With Regard To The Appointment Of Lord Kr

Original Language Title: cu privire la numirea în funcţie a domnului Ion HAREA

Read the untranslated law here: http://lex.justice.md/index.php?action=view&view=doc&lang=1&id=363320

    Pursuant to article 7 of the law No 435-XVI dated December 28, 2006 on administrative decentralization, article 63 of the law No. 436-XVI dated December 28, 2006 on local public administration, paragraph 3 of article 6 of law No. 199 of 15 July 2010 on the status of persons with dignity and in accordance with section 5 of the regulation on organization and operation of the territorial offices of the State Chancellery approved by Government decision No. 845 of 18 December 2009, the Government DECIDES: it's called Mr Kr in the Ungheni territorial Office of the State Chancellery, the Government representative in the territory.

Prime Minister Pavel FILIP