With Respect To The Keeping Conditions To The Licence For The Television Station "tv Gagauzia"

Original Language Title: cu privire la reperfectarea condiţiilor la licenţa de emisie pentru postul de televiziune „TV-Găgăuzia”

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    By letter No. 1 of 04.01.2016, the company Publishes "Gagauziya Radio Televizionu", founder of television station "TV Gagauzia", requesting the electronic media watchdog CCA keeping AC series license No. 16.07.2015 by modifying 000081 from parameters of the analog television station of Comrat-TV channel 36 with replacement TV channel 49.
The Ministry of information technology and communications of the Republic of Moldova, following the examination of the public company "Gagauziya Radio Televizionu". 84 from 08.12.2015, found that from a technical standpoint it is possible the operation of abovementioned analog tv with new parameters in order to ensure the operation of analog tv station in Moldova until 31.12.2017, as provided for in law No. 167 from 31.07.2015.
Thus, according to calculations made by the Ministry of information and Communication Technology, analog television station of Comrat can function with the following technical parameters:-Locality-Comrat;
-Geographical coordinates: 46 ° N17 ' 41 "; 028 ° E40 ' 33 ";
-TV channel-49;
-Offset-8 m;
P.A.R. = dBW-25.0;
-Height maximum effective antenna-139 m;
-Antenna Diagram-circular;
-Standard TV-k. In accordance with the provisions of art. 23, 25, 39-41 of the broadcasting code no. 260-XVI of BCC is supervised, of status, of art. 25 of the regulation on the procedure and conditions for issuing licences and permits relay approved by decision No. 433-XVI dated 28.12.2006 on Moldova's Parliament, and under laws, the audiovisual Coordinating Council DECIDES: 1. To accept the request of reissuing (with the release of a new form) to the AC series emission License No. 000081 from 16.07.2015, released the public company "Gagauziya Radio Televizionu" for television station "TV Gagauzia", by replacing the analog TV channel Causani 36 analog TV channel 49 as well as follows: Channel TV-49; locality-Comrat, geographic coordinates: 46 ° N17 ' 41 "; 028 ° E40 ' 33 "; offset-8 m; P.A.R. = dBW 25.0; antenna height maximum effective-139 m; polarization-horizontal;  diagram of antenna-circular; Standard TV-K (PRO-(7)-UNANIMOUS hammer, Iu. CARLSON, a. CASTILLO, o. GUŢUŢUI, c. MÎŢU, m. OBI-HADIRCA, and d. VALENTINI).
2. the licence conditions For the keeping of Public airtime, "Televizionu Gagauziya Radio" will pay a fee worth 325 pence.
3. Bank details for the keeping conditions at emission licence: CCA. Chisinau, Vlaicu Pircalab str., nr. 46 c/f: 1006601004024 Ministry of Finance-State Treasury IBAN-MD95TRPAAA142310A00348AA payment for the keeping conditions in the licence.
4. control of the execution of this decision, it shall exercise Direction and authorization and Licensing Service Economics, finance and accounting.
5. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova and in the web page of the CA.