On Amending And Supplementing Instruction Privindmodul Use Of Electronic Tax Services, Sti Approved By Order No. 1223 Of August 26, 2014

Original Language Title: cu privire la modificarea și completarea Instrucțiunii privindmodul de utilizare a serviciilor fiscale electronice, aprobată prin Ordinul IFPS nr. 1223 din 26 august 2014

Read the untranslated law here: https://www.global-regulation.com/law/moldova/5965879/cu-privire-la-modificarea-i-completarea-instruciunii-privindmodul-de-utilizare-a-serviciilor-fiscale-electronice%252c-aprobat-prin-ordinul-ifps-nr.-1223.html

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In order to improve tax administration and in accordance with art. 133 par. (1) c) of the Fiscal Code


1. Instruction on how to use the electronic tax services, STI approved by Order no. 1223 of August 26, 2014 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova no. 282-289 of 09.26.2014, art. 1374), is amended and supplemented as follows:
1) In pt. 1 the text "Law no. 264-XV of 15.07.2004 "On electronic document and digital signature" (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2004, no. 132-137, art. 710) "is replaced by" Law. 91 of 29 May 2014 on electronic signature and electronic document (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2014 nr.174-177, art.397) ".
2) In pt. 2:
a) the term "Signature" is amended by excluding the words "Authentication Operator issued by the reporting entity and used only in relation to tax authorities or other signature";
B) the term "person responsible" is replaced with the term "responsible person".
3) In pt. 5:
a), after the word "free" is filled with words "(only reporting entities falling under art. 187 par. (21) of the Tax Code)";
B) in subparagraph g) the phrase "and to raise signature" is excluded.
4) In pt. 45 lit. d) is in the end the words "if SISFS no information on the person responsible change".
5) In pt. 70 the phrase "www.servicii.fisc.md portal" is replaced by "electronic tax services."
6) The model agreement for connection to electronic tax services to businesses of the Annex. 1 Instructions:
a) the phrase "Current account: 222,490,149,803,908 in BC" Savings Bank "JSC, Branch no. 1 "is replaced with the words" IBAN: MD65AG000000022512436278 in BC "Moldova-Agroindbank" SA, Chisinau ";
B) the phrase "BECOMD2X609" is replaced by "AGRNMD2X"
C) compartment Recipient data is modified and the following wording:

D) in section. 1.2. the phrase "or other authentication signatures" shall be excluded;
E) section. 1.5. the phrase "authentication issued by the Provider or other signatures" shall be excluded;
F) in section. 1.7. lit. d) the phrase "or other authentication signatures" shall be excluded;
G) section. 1.8. lit. b) and lit. e) are excluded;
H) pts. 5.2. the phrase "or other authentication signature" shall be excluded;
I) section. 5.5. the phrase "or other authentication signature" shall be excluded;
J) pts. 5.8. the term "authentication" is excluded;
K) pts. 8.8. the phrase "authentication valid only in the relationship between the parties or other signatures" shall be excluded;
L) section. 8.10. is amended and the following wording:
"8.10. By signing this Agreement, the Beneficiary confirms that:
) has been trained on the use of services;
B) agrees to record telephone conversations with the operators of call centers, recording designed to improve the quality of services provided by the Provider;
C) accepts electronic subscription service "spreading the message" to receive official notification from the State Tax Service;
D) supports the use of electronic addresses (e-mail) declared in this Agreement / registered user account on the portal www.servicii.fisc.md for receiving / sending official correspondence in relation to the State Tax Service. " .
2. Development Monitoring and Information Directorate will bring this Order aware of all the territorial state tax inspectorates, structural subdivisions of the State Tax Inspectorate and SE "Fiscservinform".
March. Monitoring and Information Development Department will publish this order in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

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