On Approval Of The Action Plan For Central Comisieielectorale 2016 In Accordance With The Activities Of The Cec Strategic Plan For The Years 2016-2019

Original Language Title: cu privire la aprobarea Planului de acţiuni al ComisieiElectorale Centrale pentru anul 2016 în conformitate cu activităţile prevăzute în Planul strategic al CEC pentru anii 2016-2019

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on approval of the Action Plan for the Central Election Commission
in accordance with the activities of the CEC Strategic Plan for the years 2016-2019

Posted: 08/04/2016
in the Official Gazette

Nr. 90-99
Article No. 532
Effective Date: 02/09/2016

Pursuant to art. 18 para. (2) and art. 22 of the Electoral Code no. 1381-XIII of 21 November 1997, the Central Election Commission er S're hot:
1. Approving the Action Plan of the Central Election Commission for the year 2016 in accordance with the activities of the CEC Strategic Plan for the years 2016-2019 (attached).
2. This decision shall enter into force upon adoption, will be published on the official website of the Central Election Commission and in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

Iurie Ciocan

Secretary Andrei Volentir
N. 4496. Chisinau, 9 febuarie 2016.

SEPARATĂa member Central Election Commission, Stefan Uritu on
Commission resolution "On approving the Action Plan for the Central Election Commission

On 02.09.2016 the Commission adopted 7 votes "for" CEC "On approval of the Action Plan of the Central Election Commission for the year 2016". I consider this decision as hasty one, taken with undue influence from the chairman of the meeting, Iurie Ciocan, CEC and action plan as one that does not meet the requirements for such a document and neglect the urgent needs at this stage of the Commission.
In support of those exposed to invoke the following arguments.
1. Since 26 January 2016, when it adopted a decision as unfair as procedure and approved a report (Report on activities of the Central Election Commission in 2015, approved by the CEC decision no. 4462 of 26 January 2016) that does not answer the questions raised by candidates, observers, civil society, and CEC members, we have drawn attention to the problems which distorts or jeopardize the normal activity of the institution and jeopardize the Commission's credibility and quality of its benefits.
2. Also in that meeting I drew the members and staff of the CEC that an annual report is a document that analyzes the activities concrete, measurable activity of the institution during the reference period, compare them with the results, describing the problems and constraints faced by the institution and develop specific measures and recommendations that will lead to the future effectiveness of CEC actions. There, I asked for the elaboration of the activities of the CEC for the current year to take into account and focus primarily on such activities to restore confidence in the election of all members of the CEC, the whole society guaranteeing a increasing quality of service quality. Or, I said, during the term of the current composition of the Commission, degraded quality of services essential.
March. In a separate opinion expounded by me in writing and attached to the decision nr.4462 of January 26, 2016 I exposed several problems, in my view, concern society and can even lead to mass unrest, issues on which we asked the Commission to focus in its work in the near future, but I noticed that they were reflected in the draft action plan prepared by employees of the CEC under the hammer I. rapporteur who has done everything possible that none of the proposals made by the author of this opinion separate not be accepted. We performed an analysis of the draft Action Plan for 2016, which I sent it in for the rapporteur, by CEC members and asked to be considered.

4. At a number of proposals made by myself to improve draft action plan, Iurie Ciocan sent the following message: "As rapporteur accepts to change draft plan it like this. CEC member is entitled to submit proposals, including the commission meeting, which will decide by vote whether to amend the draft or not. Mr Volentir Ms. Angheli Chance meeting (brochure) are presented draft prepared by the CEC staff and coordinated in advance with the rapporteur and members of the CEC (in this case me). The rest will be discussed in the meeting. " For any reader of this quote from Mr. I. Hammer indications may become clear how the essence of management / leadership both meetings, as well as the institution as a whole. It can be seen that the notion of reporting and CEC members, only I. Hammer understand themselves, see "rapporteur and members of the CEC (in this case me)", as if proposals made by Stefan Uritu would not be a member of CEC with equal rights. Him (ie Iurie Ciocan) afford such habits are sure he will supported by a majority undignified and principles, and employees of CEC device that have shown dignity and principled ever been dismissed yet in 2011-2013.
May. The action plan approved by 7 votes does not contain even those provisions which, according to ISO procedures (which often boast that Iurie Ciocan had allegedly implemented CEC) should be reports and measures to prevent future: || | ⇒Nu is an analysis of the failure SIAS "Elections" on election day, nor the circumstances of 11/30/2014 replacing the most important part of the CEC server, namely STORAGE device, which is a black box to the server. STORAGE This is a device that records all transactions made outside server. Namely by reading the information on this device can understand what happened on the day mentioned, but in general if the company "Amdaris LLC" or other people have access, when and for what purposes were made interventions. Namely that some CEC members, including the author of this dissents, insisted to form a commission for such investigations, probably "broke down" this important part of the server. Interestingly alleged failure occurred when both parties involved in the CEC (Iurie Ciocan and Alexander Balmoş) went on holiday;
⇒Nu was examined because of electoral lists which have been reprinted in about 1/3 of settlements, although art. 39 lin. (9) of the Electoral Code clearly stipulates that the lists are printed in 22 days before election day and transmitted by LPA and lower electoral structures, not later than 20 days before voting day. Any reprints or change the format (as explained I. Hammer) is not allowed. In my opinion, this was done in order to facilitate election fraud, which actually produced. Not in vain, immediately after the elections of 11/30/2014, Iurie Ciocan making abuse of his position as chairman of the CEC, impersonal, ordered the PLA to take the electoral rolls used in elections (which is till now), which is a serious violation of the election Code (art. 62) and several regulations approved by CEC decisions.
⇒ not been investigated so far the situation of grave violation of art. 49 of the Electoral Code, when the ballots were printed without CEC1 members and candidates, who are misled, and that their presence is not mandatory (see press release of 06/06/2015). Moreover, no person was examined and found guilty of conflict of interest for admission to the printing of ballots, when, de facto, the ballot papers were printed at printing contestant. Namely why and how it was possible that the publishing house "universe" to be involved in the printing of ballots and certificates to vote at home, knowing that its Director, Iurie Gabura, appears in the list of candidates of the Liberal Democratic Party municipal councilor. The situation becomes clearer when we remember that Mr. Iurie Ciocan was proposed for membership of Parliament, and then the president CEC, namely the LDP. Iurie Ciocan that furthered the interests of the party concerned, and where However, Iurie Ciocan also has the impudence to accuse other members of CEC of violating the Election Code;
I mean the printing of ballots for the first round of elections on 14 June 2015, when the printing of ballots were engaged three printers: Central Printing, Publishing "Universe" and Polygraphic Chisinau . Obviously CEC members could not be present simultaneously at three printers, although art. 49 Election Code requires it. In addition to the website www.cec.md a press release, which showed that the CEC members mistakenly, that the media and the candidates can only assist in the process.

⇒Deşi Article 123 of the Election Code stipulates that the election of the mayor and city council does not participate conscripts and voters who live permanently in that locality, CEC chairman Iurie Ciocan, byways and manipulations used to conscripts and allow voters to register to vote residence in localities where they were recording at home. In this way, Mr Iurie Ciocan not only prevented (I put forward several proposals on the agenda of the CEC meeting this issue), but also actively contributed to the violation of Art. 123 of the Electoral Code. As a result, people from several villages have resorted to self-defense actions of their right to free and fair elections. For example, s. Topala, Cimislia people asking "What right one in Tiraspol and Bender comes in s. Topala, choose the village mayor and city council, after leaving and no longer has any connection with the village or how the "chosen" to fulfill their functions. " In town. Băcioi found the same situation to be recorded solid before the election people at home, but this was discovered, mainly due principled position of local authorities, so they could be brought out both mechanisms, as well as dimensions such fraud. Altogether 135 people were brought from different regions of Moldova and entered provisionally in 4 houses of the electoral competitor PDM. Most alarming is that about 90 of these people found themselves in the State Register of Populaţiei2 and the other about 45 people had perfected registration at the residence, but were not included in the RSP, allowing to conclude that such persons documentelor3 visas obtained through counterfeiting. We referred the matter to Prosecutor General's Office, but the answer is late a lot, and when he came, I was informed that the notification submitted by me about ten days earlier was merged with another referral MP PL, Untila and both will be examined in the same criminal case, although the object and requests authors were different. The Untilă Mr V. referred only to the town Băcioi, while the CEC filed by Vice target phenomenon throughout the country. In addition, the last request to be examined and defined the roles of political parties and their leaders in this obvious fraud. Mare was surprised when I found that the Prosecutor General nor elucidated currently not the case, because the deputy V. Untilă not asked any answer from the Prosecutor's Office. It seems that the deputy V. Untila that interpellation made at the request of the prosecution in order to reduce to zero the efforts of the CEC members to find and prevent election fraud. ___________________________________________

Two persons with residence registration (Provisional living place), undercurrents and RSP were recorded improperly to favor the Democratic Party, as Minister of Information Technology, Mr. Pavel Filip, was proposed this specific feature by PDM.
Three records at the residence who are not in the RSP are illegal, prepared by the counterfeiting of documents and stamps, which is a double murder infringement RM.

Hope objective reader, eager to understand what happens to the CEC, to be clear, at least partially separate from this and other opinions which we did every time we observe that the electoral system, the votes was in danger, that there are many themes, many aspects of CEC which may be included in the action Plan for 2016 and they are more important than vote away, which Mr Iurie Ciocan wants to implement for have more opportunities to defraud elections.

I am convinced that due to action taken by me in this 5-year term at CEC elections were freer and fairer than could be without these actions. But elections, however, were rigged in extremely high and the voting results do not correspond to the real situation. Being unpunished, daily or fraudulent actions of the person who held the presidency of the CEC in the last 5 years are becoming bolder and if this continues, not only electoral law, but the Constitution will be ignored even without embarrassment.
Even at this moment I can say that through the two polls, one in 11.30.2014 and one in June 2015, the Constitution was breached and CEC members, not having enough tools and enough will unii4 no, they could not prevent crimes or wanted to comply living situation because it is easier.

4 ___________________________________________ I mean, first of all, the CEC secretary Andrei Volentir that one of the meetings CEC has publicly stated that he has not come to mind never to question or verify actions of their subordinates meet or legislation. The question that arises on this occasion is - but what then function / person in CEC, only to blindly put signature? Too expensive cost us such an attitude ...
It is unfortunate that the Action Plan for 2016 were not accepted proposals that I have made, because that was the will "Octopus", promoted with great attention by CEC chairman Iurie Ciocan, and seducers of other state structures, especially the prosecution.
The elucidation of this case is important not only for elections but for the security of the State, because a criminal group that was used with the tacit or expressed will of the leaders of political parties, especially if they are in government, will continue probably continue to falsify documents, identity documents, visas, stamps and documents including bank after the election, using the "Kris" those who stand behind their government. For their part, leaders of the political parties will not be blackmailed and will be forced to protect criminal group or even continue to squeeze benefits.

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