With Regard To The Amendment Of The Decision Of The National Commission Of Financial Market No. 41/1 Of 08.08.2016

Original Language Title: cu privire la modificarea Hotărîrii Comisiei Naționale a Pieței Financiare nr.41/1 din 08.08.2016

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    In order to ensure continuity in the management of the company's special international Insurances "ASITO" JSC (hereinafter CIA "ASITO or insurer), pursuant to article 422, article 55 para. (1) (a). c) of law No. 407-XVI dated 21.12.2006 "insurance" (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2007, no. 47-49, art. 213), article 1, paragraph 1. (1), article 3, article 8, subparagraph (a). f) and subparagraph (c). t), art. 9 para. (1) (a)), article 22 para. (2) and paragraphs 1 and 2. (3), para. (2) of law No. 192-XIV of 12.11.1998 "Concerning the National Commission for financial market" (republished in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2007, nr. 117-126 BIS), the NATIONAL COMMISSION of FINANCIAL MARKET DECIDES: 1. The decision of the National Commission of Financial Market No. 41/1 of 08.08.2016 "on the insurance company's Special International Administration" ASITO " (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova No. 2016, 256-264, 1295) is modified and completed as follows: 1.1. Point 1 is exposed in the following editorial board: "1.Se removes them from the position of administrator of the CIA" ASITO "JSC, during her period of rest annually, Mr. 15.08.2016-26.08.2016 Valentino Bîrsanu.".
1.2. After paragraph 1 is supplemented with paragraph 11 with the following content: "11. Is designated as a special administrator of the CIA "ASITO" Jsc, 15.08.2016-26.08.2016, Mrs. Victoria Angelina ".
1.3. In paragraph 3 the words "temporary replacement of special administrator" shall be replaced with the phrase "shown in item 1 to item 11 of this decision."
2. this decision shall enter into force on the date of its adoption, shall be published on the official website of the National Commission of financial market (www.cnpf.md) and in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.


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