Act Establishing The National Institute Of Fine Arts And Literature

Original Language Title: Ley que crea el Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura

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Ultimareforma published in the DOF the 11 of December of 1950 Almargen a seal with the shield national, that says: United States Mexican-presidency of the Republic.
MIGUELALEMAN VALDÉS, constitutional President of the UnidosMexicanos States, its inhabitants know: Queel H. Congreso de EU, helped write the following DECREE: "ElCongreso of the Mexican United States, decrees: Article1.-is created by this law the InstitutoNacional of fine arts and literature, with its own legal personality."
Article2 °.-the Institute national of fine arts and Literaturadependera of the Secretariat of education public and will have them finalidadessiguientes: I.-the culture, promotion, stimulus, creation e research of them fine arts in them branches of it music, them Arts plastic, them artesdramaticas and the dance, them beautiful lyrics in all their genres and spanned.
II.-the Organization and development of education profesionalen all branches of fine arts; artistic education and literariacomprendida in general education that is taught in the pre-school, primary, secondary school and normal education establishments.
Parala coordination, planning, organization and operation of the purpose here shrinks this subsection, create a Council technical educational comoorgano of the National Institute of fine arts and literature, which under its director lapresidencia will integrate with representatives of the dependenciastecnicas of the Secretariat of public education and conrepresentantes of dependencies also techniques of the Institute.
III.-the promotion, organization and diffusion of the fine, including the beautiful letters, by all possible means and last orientadaesta to the public in general, and especially towards the clasespopulares and the school population.
IV.-the study and promotion of the television applied to part, in it leading, of the purposes of the Institute.
V-other than in direct or derived lecorrespondan in terms of this Act and which are applicable.
ARTICULO3 °.-schools, institutions and services, that in the future the Federal Government purposes similar to the comprendidasen believes the previous article, will be in charge and under the dependence of the Instituto.Igualmente, subsidies granted the Federal Government, as well as lostrabajos that order or sponsor for the promotion of activities of the mismanaturaleza that the present law are typical of the Institute , shall be granted, commissioned or sponsored by this.
ARTICULO4.-the Institute, able to acquire and manage property, will form their heritage with which then listed: I-with the subsidy granted each year the La, through their expenditure budget.
II.-with budget headings of any gender quela secretariat of public education intended for the date of coming into force lapresente law the operation or maintenance of institutions, establishments or units, whose management the same attributes in the future be, and should be expressly understand those in the its currently plays activities related to the functions previstasen article 2 in the same Ministry of education , personal quequedara attached to such objects to the Institute.
III.-with the use of the buildings and lands following, located all them in the District Federal: new building of the Conservatory national; the whole of them land queconstituian the "Club equestrian German", in the Avenue of the Castle ycalle of Mazarik, with an extension of fifty and three thousand meters square; the building located in them land previously cited and that to the fechaocupa the school of dance; the building housing the National School of Artesplasticas in the Emerald street number 14; the Palace of the beautiful Artescon all their dependencies and annexes; the building of the Teatro Hidalgo, igualmentecon all its outbuildings and annexes; the land that occupies the former Temple of SanDiego, with its annexes in the street of the Dr. Mora; and all the other buildings yterrenos that the Federal Government intended to Institute.
Párraforeformado DOF 11-12-1950 IV.-paintings and sculptures that make up the collection Dela antigua Academia de San Carlos, which currently relies on the Secretariat public education; and which form the collection of the Palace of fine arts, as well as all the paintings and objects that make up the Museum of Popular Art; all the works of art that the State intended for public display aesthetic diffusion.
V-the furniture, library, instrumental, useful, etc., that belong to the schools and units that will form part of the Institute.
VI.-who acquires by inheritance, legacy, donation or any other title Institute.
VII.-all other goods that the Government Federal dediqueen the future Institute for his service.
VIII.-the product of quotas and prices for renting queprevia approval of the Council attach the Director of the Institute by: entry to losconciertos and other musical, theatrical, dance shows, porexhibiciones of art collections, by rentals of theatres and their annexes ode any another local, as well as for entry to the museums and otrasdependencias of the Institute; which comes from the sale of publications, reproductions, cards, and revenues that apply to television poractividades.
IX.-the product of the income different to any other title.
ARTICULO5 °.-None of them goods, furniture e estate, queproporcione to the Institute the Government Federal and which that purchase by losmedios expected in the present law, may alienate is, mortgage is, redeem is, nor give is in garment without hold is to them laws of the matter and that govern for losbienes national.
ARTICULO6.-Foryour operating the Institute shall consist of addresses, departments, technical facilities and administrative offices and teaching sureglamento, determine, and among others it will be composed of the Conservatoire national music, of the school of dance, the school of painting and sculpture, Thepalais of fine arts, in the Department of music, of the Department of Artesplasticas, Department of theatre and dance, as well as the other dependencies of these genres that are created in the future.
ARTICULO7.-the Institute is governed by a Director and unSubdirector generals appointed by the Secretary of public education C., susfunciones will be that point to the corresponding regulation and be designadosescogiendose among people who have made in the artistic branch of suespecialidad work of remarkable importance and superior merit. Directors, heads of Department and general technicians of the Institute must have lamisma quality and they shall be appointed by the Secretary of education public, apropuesta C. of the Director General of the Institute, and must have in any case employees of trust elcaracter.
ARTICULO8 °.-staff is not considered in the articuloanterior and not forming part of which Ministry of education public concargo to its own budget intended for the Institute, shall be appointed by the Managing General thereof, who shall have power to delegate this function ysolo for particular class of employees to the competent oadministrativos technical directors.
Article9.-the Director and Deputy Director General, directorestecnicos, heads of Department and technicians that effect points respective regulation, the following shall constitute the technical Council of the Institute, organismoque in any case will be presided over by the Director General.
ARTICULO10.-the Council of the Institute will function as CuerpoConsultivo in administrative matters and technical issues which are not by their nature of the exclusivacompetencia of the pedagogical Technical Council will have, in addition to the functions arising from the terms of this law, specifically the formulate and propose to the Ministry of education Publicalos annual budgets of the Institute.
ARTICULO11.-the Council of the Institute shall have obligation to reunirsemensualmente on dates fixed by the calendar which forms, ensesion ordinary and special session, whenever this for seaconvocado by the Director-General or for whom do their times, in accordance with which determine its own rules of procedure.
ARTICULO12.-the internal administration of the Institute, the vigilanciade his March and the management of expenditures approved by the Secretariat public education will be headed by a Chief of Administrative Department, subordinate hierarchically to the CEO and will work in terms which, in effect, prevent the respective regulations. The administrative Chief migrate will be appointed by the Secretary of public education to the Director General's proposal and will be in any case considered comoempleado of confidence that should pay bail.
ARTICULO13.-the Institute, as a dependency of the La, enjoy franchise postal and telegraph, as well as discount quea such dependencies corresponds in general means of communication.
ARTICULO14.-the property, contributions, or donations that Institute acquires or receives from institutions and individuals or foreign degobiernos, as well as general perceptions that cualquiertitulo get the Institute, shall be exempt from the payment of all sorts decontribuciones, tax or duty.

ARTICULO15.-the Federal Government, through its secretariat public education, annually assigned to the Institute the subsidy and the necessary partidaspresupuestales for operation.
ARTICULO16-Correspondera the Institute granted the premiosnacionales of art and literature currently established by the law and who are established in nature itself, by its own initiative or decualquiera dependence on the State.
TRANSIENT: FIRST-Secretary of public education, in accordance with he deHacienda it and public credit, shall certainly the breakdown than correspondade items which will be allocated to the National Institute of fine arts yLiteratura, as well as to the creation of the subsidies that bound alfuncionamiento of the same is foreseen in this law.
SECOND.-timely it secretariat of education Publicaprocedera by them ducts corresponding and with the intervention of it or Lassecretarias of the bouquet that equally according to the law corresponds, to hacerentrega and put in possession material to the Institute of all them goods furniture einmuebles, collections of art, etc., that shall constitute their belongings opatrimonio through the or them officials that for be to the front may timely is designated.
THIRD.-this law will enter into force from the first of January one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven and repeals all laws and disposicionesque to the same object.
"GabrielRamos Millán, S. P-Ruben Vizcarra, S. S.-José Lopezbermudez, D. P-César M. Cervantes, D. S.-headings".
Encumplimiento of it willing by the fraction I of the article 89 of Constitution political of them United States Mexican, and for its debidapublicacion and observance, promulgate the present Decree in the residence delPoder Executive Federal, in the city of Mexico, D. F., to them thirty days delmes of December of thousand 1900s forty and six.-Miguel German Valdés.-header.-the Secretary of State and of the Office of education public , ManuelGual Vidal-header-the Secretary of State and the Office of finance Ycredito public, Ramon Beteta-header-the Secretary of State and delDespacho of national assets and administrative inspection, Alfonso case.-header-the Secretary of State and the Office of communications and Obraspublicas, Agustín García Lopez-header-to C. Héctor PérezMartínez, Secretary of Interior.-present.
REFORM DECRETOque DEDECRETOS TRANSIENT ITEMS modified fraction III of article 4 of the law of 31 December de1946, which created the National Institute of fine arts and literature, desincorporandode heritage farm numbers. 14 and 16 of the streets of currency, in estacapital.
Published in the daily official of the Federation the 11 December of 1950 ARTICULOPRIMERO.-AIS the fraction III of the article 4 ° of the law of 31 of December of 1946que created the Institute national of fine arts and literature, in the sense deque is desincorpora of the heritage of said Institute, the use of the fincanumeros 14 and 16 of them streets of currency of this capital.
ARTICULOSEGUNDO-Retiradoel use of the property in question, the heritage of the Institute national Debelle arts and literature, will continue forming part of the assets of the nation dominiopublico, article 28 of the General National Property Act into force allowing the Federal Executive destine it to the use of secretariat of national assets and administrative inspection, with the facultadque gives.
"PedroGuerrero Martínez, S. p. Tito Ortega Sánchez, D. p. RuffoFigueroa Figueroa, S. s.-J. Rodolfo Suarez Coello, D. s.-headings".
Encumplimiento of it willing by the fraction I of the article 89 of Constitution political of them United States Mexican and for its debidapublicacion and observance, promulgate the present Decree in the residence delPoder Executive Federal, in the city of Mexico, District Federal, to first November of thousand 1900s fifty.-Miguel German.-header-ElSecretario of education public, Manuel Gual Vidal.-header-ElSubsecretario of goods national e inspection administrative DelDespacho, Hugo Rangel Couto-header-the Secretary of the Treasury in charge Ycredito public, Ramon Beteta-header-the Secretary of the Interior, AdolfoRuiz Cortines.-Rúbrica.