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Scouts Association Of Malaysia Act 1974

Original Language Title: Scouts Association of Malaysia Act 1974

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Act 143 BM laws of MALAYSIA Act REPRINTING ACT 143-SCOUT ASSOCIATION SCOUTING MALAYSIA 1974 Contains all amendments to 1 January 2006 PUBLISHED by the COMMISSIONER of law revision, UNDER the AUTHORITY of law REVISION ACT 1968 in COLLABORATION with PERCETAKAN NASIONAL MALAYSIA BHD 2006 laws of Malaysia ACT FEDERAL ACT 1432 SCOUT-SCOUT MALAYSIA 1974 Royal Assent Date............ 30 July 1974, the date of publication in the Gazette......... August 22nd, 1974 REPRINT BEFORE Reprinting the first............ 1997 Reprint the second............ 2001 Federal Scout-Scout Malaysia 3 Law Act FEDERAL ACT 143 SCOUT-SCOUT MALAYSIA 1974 ARRANGEMENT of SECTIONS section 1. Short title 2. Name change Federal 3. New section 13A laws of Malaysia ACT 1434 Scout-Scout Malaysia 5 laws of MALAYSIA Act FEDERAL ACT 143 SCOUT-SCOUT MALAYSIA 1974 an act to change the name of the Federal Boys Scout Malaysia, provide for penalties for any offence provided for it and provide for matters in respect of which.
[August 23rd, 1974]
BE IT enacted by the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong with the advice and consent of the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: short title 1. This Act may be cited as the Federal Act Scout-Scout Malaysia 1974.
Change of name of the Federal 2. (1) the Federal Boys Scout Malaysia incorporated under subsection 3 (1) of the Scout Association-Scout Malaysia (incorporation) 1968 [Act 409] (hereinafter referred to as "the Federation") shall after the commencement of this Act known as Scout-Scout Association of Malaysia and all references in the Act and in any other written law of the Federation shall be construed accordingly.
(2) there is nothing in this Act shall affect the validity or effect of any action, proceeding, transfer of rights, transfer of title, deed, arrangement or any kind of Act of bona fide undertaken, made or done before the commencement of this Act by or against or in the name of or on behalf of Federal Malaysia Scout Boys.
Laws of Malaysia ACT 1436 new section 13A 3. Scout-Scout Federation Act of Malaysia (incorporation) order 1968 is hereby amended by inserting immediately after section 13 a new section 13A as follows: "Penalty 13A. A person who contravenes any of the provisions of this Act shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month. ".
Scout-Scout Malaysia 7 laws of MALAYSIA Act FEDERAL ACT 143 SCOUT-SCOUT MALAYSIA 1974 LIST AMENDMENT law short title force amend from — NO — the laws of Malaysia ACT 1438 laws of MALAYSIA Act FEDERAL ACT 143 SCOUT-SCOUT MALAYSIA 1974 LIST SECTION AMENDED Section Power amend with effect from — NO —