Amendments To Cabinet 27 November 2007 No. 811 Of The Provisions "of The Monitoring Procedure Dairy Cows"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2007.gada 27.novembra noteikumos Nr.811 "Slaucamo govju pārraudzības kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 1144 in Riga 2009 (6 October. No 67 31) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 27 November 2007, regulations No. 811 of dairy cows "monitoring procedure" Issued in accordance with the breeding article 13 of the law a third draw Cabinet 27 November 2007 regulations No. 811 of dairy cows "monitoring procedure" (Latvian journal, 2007, 193. no; 2008, 106 no) the following amendments: 1. Delete paragraph 2.
2. Make paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8. before starting the monitoring bovine herd owner: 8.1 in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Civil Code shall agree on the analysis of milk with milk quality analysis laboratory, which is accredited by the society with limited liability "the standardization, accreditation and Metrology Centre ' to the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005" the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements "and for which the economic Ministry has published a notice in the newspaper" Gazette "(hereinafter referred to as milk laboratory);
8.2. in accordance with the procedure laid down in the civil code, agreed with monitor for monitoring the performance of work if he did not make the herd;
8.3. or his authorized person submitted to the national agency "Lauksaimn-construction data center" (hereinafter referred to as the data center) on the monitoring of the application started. The application shall indicate the following: 8.3.1. number of livestock;
8.3.2. the number of the accommodation;
8.3.3. monitoring method;
8.3.4. monitoring Installer certificate or certificate number (the monitoring work of the operator certificate number and licence number, if working under this rule 7.3. transactions referred to in (C));
8.3.5. dairy laboratory, with which there is agreement on the analysis of milk;
8.3.6. determination of the quantity of milk used in milk metering features, the year and month of the inspection. "
3. Express 22 the following: "22. determination of the quantity of milk used for measuring sound features that comply with the Supervisory Committee of the international animal guidelines."
4. Delete paragraph 23.
5. Express 24 as follows: "24. To establish the means for measuring the quantity of milk in compliance with this provision 22. the requirements laid down in paragraph 1, the provisions of paragraph 26 of the said institution shall verify the measuring instrument every two years, or more frequently as determined by the International Committee for animal monitoring guidelines."
6. Delete paragraph 24.1.
7. To make 25 and 26 points by the following: "25. If the measurement of the quantity of milk product meets this provision in point 22 of these requirements when it deploys. The label indicates the year and the month when the measuring tool is tested and when the measuring tool is necessary to recheck.
26. the measurement of the quantity of milk products checked by the institution with data center has concluded the contract for the international monitoring of the animals Committee guidelines on their operation. Data Center information on institutions that tests measuring the quantity of milk products on its home page on the internet. "
8. Supplement with 26.1 points in chapter II the following: 26.1 the institution "that tests measuring the quantity of milk products, monthly electronically sends the data center means of measuring the results of the inspection. The results will indicate the period of inspection and information about the conformity of the measuring instruments in point 22 of these rules. "
9. Replace the words "in paragraph 36, the fourth lactation" with the words "the third" in lactation.
10. paragraph 41 be expressed as follows: "41. Expert evaluation of bovine exteriors for the recording of data using the Protocol Data Center home page and within 20 days after the assessment protocols for the evaluation of exterior sends a data center."
11. Make 46.4 46.5. the following point and: "46.4. each year, the issue of the annual report of monitoring results;
28.9. based on the results of the monitoring of the virspārraudzīb and the information provided by the operator, accompanied by control data records a special mark, which prohibits the use of the control data yield calculations, and performs the corresponding productivity adjustment lactation; ".
12. Supplement with 29.0 29.0. subparagraph and the following: 29.0. "once a month make the monitoring database for risk analysis;
stop monitoring a herd of 29.0. when three months have received livestock monitoring data. "
13. Express 29.3. subparagraph by the following: "47.2. provides the estimated valuation of bovine exterior add data to a data centre database;".
14. the title of Chapter VI to express the following: "VI. Virspārraudzīb".
15. Express 48, 49 and 50 as follows: "48. Virspārraudzīb made of the data center.
49. Virspārraudzīb: 30.5. checks if the person who carried out the supervision, is breeding laws regulating specific certificate or licence;
30.6. the checks dairy cows is indicated in the laws on animal, herd and the recording of holdings and identification of the order;
30.6. checks on measuring the quantity of milk products is hosted on a label;
49. checks or supervision includes all the same purpose and in one shed kept cows;
30.8. checks the monitor correctly takes a sample of milk;
30.8. checks the monitor correctly fills the container of the control sheet and supporting documents;
49.7. milk sample taken within three days after the herd monitoring to determine the content of milk and milk quantity, controlling at least 10% of the cows in the herd. If there are 10 or fewer cows in a herd, control all cows;
49.8. provide advice to the owner of the herd and monitor for monitoring the conduct of the flock.
50. the Virspārraudzīb shall be carried out, taking into account the data center monitoring database risk factor analysis. Virspārraudzīb shall include a variety of farms and cattle herds, which checks the young. "
16. Delete 51, 52, 53 and 54.
17. To make 55 as follows: "55. Data Center: 55.1. revoke the monitoring data and suspend their registration until you arrange the work of monitoring, if the herd: 55.1.1. the person who performs the monitoring, not breeding regulations governing a particular certificate or certificate – for the entire herd of current monitoring of the year;
55.1.2. gov is not indicated in the laws on animal, herd and the registration and identification of the characteristics specified in the order, which is not marked in cows;
55.1.3. If mistakes are made, the milk sampling design and dispatch, also filling in the document – cancels the data acquisition errors;
55.2. stop monitoring the recording of data until you arrange the monitoring work of the herd, if: the quantity of milk 55.2.1. measuring tool does not satisfy this provision 22. the requirements referred to in paragraph 1;
55.2.2. monitoring does not include all the same purpose and in one shed kept cows. "
18. Amend paragraph 56.
19. Put 58 as follows: "58. Supervisor must submit a food and Veterinary Office report on irregularities in the flock."
20. Make 60, 61 and 62 by the following: "60. experts must regularly raise qualification, participation in courses and other educational activities in the field of breeding.
61. The herd owner has the following rights: 61.1. demand from oversees repeated sampling and analysis, if data reliability is questionable;
61.2. to get the monitor advice on matters related to the supervision of the cows;
38.1. to receive from the data center information on the monitoring results.
62. The herd owner has the following responsibilities: 62.1. submit a food and veterinary service of the report on the work of the monitoring violated the rules;
62.2. ensure the monitoring of bovine virspārraudzīb and exterior evaluation according to the circumstances and data availability monitoring and follow-up and virspārraudzīb traffickers;
38.7. agree with monitors on the cow's milk dzīvmas, rendering speed and temperament evaluation (if not doing the same herd owner);
38.8. perform monitor instructions;
62.5. monitoring use this rule 22 requirements contained in the appropriate measuring the quantity of milk products;
38.9. promptly provide the information required for monitoring, data center and a food and veterinary service;
62.7. re-submit the data center in this rule 8.3. referred to in the application, if it changes the information. "
21. Delete 65, 66 and 67.
Prime Minister v. dombrovsky Minister of Agriculture j. Dūklav Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 10 October 2009.

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