The International Carriage Of Goods By The Permitting Procedure

Original Language Title: Kravu starptautisko autopārvadājumu atļauju izsniegšanas kārtība

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The Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 320 in Riga in 2000 (19 September. Nr. 44, 4. §) permits the international carriage of goods procedure Issued in accordance with article 6 of the law of road transport, the second part i. General questions 1. These rules determine the order in which the Ministry of transportation supports international agreements concerning the transport of goods by road vehicle document — international carriage authorisation (hereinafter permit) and the European Conference of Ministers of transport (hereinafter referred to as the Conference), receipts and issues for the carriers.
2. the authorisation gives the carrier the right to the international transport of goods under the vehicle to carry out international transport of goods in the territory of the country, which is specified in the authorisation regime and which the permit is issued.
3. The Conference is a multilateral authorization permit, which entitles the European Conference of Ministers of transport (hereinafter transport Conference) within the quotas set out its carriers established in a Member State to carry on with the appropriate requirements of registered road vehicle cargo international transport from one Member State to another Member State and in transit through the territory of one or more Member States.
4. Permission shall be concluded by the Republic of Latvia to international agreements concerning the transport of goods by road vehicle or such agreements for the total Commission (hereinafter referred to as the total Commission) meetings.
5. total Commission is an institution created by the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties to ensure international agreements concerning the transport of goods by road vehicle. The Commission shall agree on the total number of permits, with a yearly exchanges Member States competent authorities.
6. foreign carriers for the permit, which gives the right to the occupation of road haulage operator in Latvia, indicated the following information and properties: 6.1. authorisation;
6.2. the issuer;
6.3. permission of series and number;
6.4. the designation of the beneficiary country;
6.5. the number of trips;
6.6. the authorization provided for in the list of types of road transport;
6.7. the name and address of the carrier;
4.2. vehicle data;
6.9. the period of validity;
6.10. an authorising signature and stamp;
6.11. the issuing, the place and date of issue;
6.12. the authorising signature and stamp;
6.13. the Customs office stamp and date;
6.14. the information on use of the licence to the carrier's basic conditions.
II. Authorization application and distribution 7. to receive permission, carrier or its authorized person turning in the road Directorate, presented to the international road haulage licence or authorisation of single crossing the border and specify the State permit required by road.
8. If the individual countries, the number of authorisations granted does not provide the carrier claims and other indicators are similar, permissions are granted to the Latvian carrier, taking account of the following criteria: 8.1 international road freight volumes in accordance with the long-term contractual obligations;
8.2. the period within which the carrier deals with international freight transport;
8.3. fixed number of breaches in international cargo traffic for the past two years.
9. the Directorate of road transport on the basis of mutual agreement, may be transferred to the Latvian international carriers associations part of the authorisations issued abroad for further distribution to carriers, taking into account the provisions of paragraph 8 of these criteria and the Ministry of transport and the transporter of the Association Agreement on the issuing of permits and the tracking.
III. Conference the authorisation application and distribution, 10 to get the permission of the Conference next year, the carrier or its authorised representative no later than December 1 of the current year shall be submitted to the Directorate of road transport in the written application, which provides the message according to the rules in paragraph 11 of the said criteria.
11. priority in granting Latvian carriers Conference permissions if the rest of the scores are similar, is determined taking into account the following criteria: 11.1. Conference the effectiveness of use of an authorisation during the year;
11.2. the period within which the carrier deals with the international carriage of goods by road;
11.3. fixed number of breaches in international cargo traffic for the past two years.
IV. Permissions and the permissions of the izmantošanaspamatnosacījum Conference 12. international road haulage, the permission or the permission of the Conference is on the vehicle and shall be presented at the request of the parties that have the power to take control.
13. Authorisation and permission of the Conference is prohibited without coordination with the Directorate of road transport to pass to the other carrier.
14. If the permit contains the number of trips is used, the carrier shall permit month body which issued it.
15. Information on the carriage of goods by road, under the permission of the Conference, the carrier shall record in the log. The completed log sheet carrier two weeks after the end of each calendar month transmit road Directorate. The Conference authorised the carrier used to be referred to the Directorate of road transport in the month following the end of the calendar year.
V. permit and permit the Conference and publicity precautionary measures 16. Ministry of transport shall submit for publication in the newspaper "journal": 16.1. each year, before 1 December (information about the allow and Latvia in other countries the number of authorisations granted;
16.2. each quarter the first month (information on the previous quarter, the number of authorisations issued;
16.3. each year, before 1 September (information on the number of authorisations for the Conference next year.
17. the Ministry of transport: 17.1. organised foreign carriers for authorization and determine the extent of the protection;
10.7. organizes the Conference and authorisations the authorisation and monitoring of use;
10.7. organizes the authorisation and permission of the Conference, the carrier database creation and publication of these data in the public media;
17.4. draw up and every year until 15 October shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the transport conference application for the Conference to allow Latvia and types in accordance with the transport conference defined the basic quota.
Vi. Permission and the permission of cancellation of the Conference unpretenzij proceedings 18. Road Transport Directorate has the right to revoke the authorization and permission of the Conference, to stop their use, require them to transmit and restrict their number to the next period, if the carrier does not comply with international agreements, the Conference documents and other legal requirements governing international freight transport, or if the carrier for any other reason ceases to perform international cargo by road.
19. the carrier's claims about the decision of the Directorate of road transport of the Ministry of transportation. The Ministry's decision may appeal to the Court of law.
Prime Minister a. Smith, traffic Minister a. Gorbunov will

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