Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 1 April 1997 Of Regulation No 112 "general Provisions"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 1997.gada 1.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.112 "Vispārīgie būvnoteikumi "

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 321 in Riga 2004 20 April (pr. No 23 10) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 1 April 1997 of Regulation No 112 "General provisions" Issued in accordance with article 2 of the law on construction of the fourth draw 1 Cabinet 1 April 1997 Regulations No. 112 "General provisions" (Latvian journal, 1997, nr. 88; 2000, 161./; 2001, no. 182; 2003, 53, 137. No.) 1.1. the following amendments: replace the text, the words "building applications-accounting card" (the fold) with the words "application-construction accounting card" (the fold);
1.2. the supplement to Chapter 1 paragraph 25.1 as follows: "zero cycle-15.6 building underground and surface part to building a notional zero (first floor floor) level mark. ';
1.3. make 47 by the following: "47. The Subscriber is entitled to consult the local authorities planning, building regulations or detailed plan, get būvvald of relevant documents and information on the requirements and restrictions that apply to the customer's property or possession of the existing building land.";
1.4. to supplement the rules with 58.1, 58.4 58.3 58.2, and point the following: 58.1 "of Member States of the European Union, national standards and technical requirements et seq of them building civil design which is not regulated by the Latvian et seq or the European standardisation organisation standards allow, if provided for in the Treaty of civil design.
58.2 of the Member States of the European Union, national standards and technical requirements et seq of the municipal būvvald. Not allowed while several Member States of the European Union or national standards, the application of a single constructive et seq element or one of the engineering system design in the construction of a single object.
58.3 For the Member States of the European Union, national standards and technical requirements et seq of the correctness of the construction plan of the author of the answer. Construction of the author is responsible for the Latvian et seq and the Member States of the European Union, national standards and harmonised application of et seq.
If a construction appropriate 58.4 of the Member States of the European Union, national standards and technical requirements, et seq construction projects with the signature of the author on the cover page to certify that complied with that rule 58.2 and 58.3 point. ";
1.5. make 64 the following: "64. If the person is not entitled to independently develop projects under construction and 10 of law 8 article, it can develop a construction plan for a person who is entitled to independently develop a construction plan. In that case, the signature of a construction person in construction management is developed. "
1.6. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 116.1: "zero completions 116.1 cycle works may be issued if the entire building as a whole is developed and agreed upon in the būvvald sketch project and the zero cycle works has developed the technical design, having made the construction expertise and received a positive opinion, expertise as well as zero-cycle technical project is accepted by the būvvald.";
1.7. to make 119 by the following: "119. If the intended structure, which, in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers set the agenda of the special construction permits issued by another institution, received a building permit for the construction of the būvvald to be recorded, but not later than 10 days after its date of issue. Other institutions granted planning permission without būvvald marks for registration is not valid. ";
1.8. to make the first sentence of paragraph 164 of the following wording: "the construction adopted into legislation.";
1.9. to supplement the rules by 170.1, 170.2 and 170.3 point as follows: "before construction demolition 170.1 owner or Subscriber shall provide the building demolition application būvvald-tracking map. If the construction is organised by municipal demolition, building demolition application-submit records bailiffs work for which the municipality has to demolish the building.
If būvvald accepts the 170.2 building demolition application-tracking map, the applicant's shipbuilding demolition task construction demolition project.
170.3 construction under the nojaucam accept the demolition or maintenance, completions and issued būvvald demolition technical regulations, taking into account the et seq requirements. ";
1.10. delete paragraph 172.1, the words "also waste containing asbestos";
1.11. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph with 186: "186. Until 31 December 2005 būvvald for permission to use and distribute the application-construction accounting card form and other forms, which referred to the expression" building applications-accounting card "(hinged)."
2. the rules shall enter into force on 1 May 2004. Prime Minister i. Emsis economic Minister j. lujans