Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 28 May 2002, Regulation No 208 Of "rules For Household Refrigerators And Freezers Of Labelling And Information To Be Included In The Distance Contract"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 28.maija noteikumos Nr.208 "Noteikumi par mājsaimniecības ledusskapju un saldētavu marķēšanu un distances līgumā ietveramo informāciju"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 438 in Riga in 2004 (April 27. No 25 25) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 May 2002, the Regulation No 208 "rules for household refrigerators and freezers of labelling and information to be included in the distance contract" Issued under the consumer protection law in the fourth part of article 10 and article 21, first paragraph 1. make Cabinet of 28 May 2002, the Regulation No 208 "rules for household refrigerators and freezers of labelling and information to be included in the distance contract" (Latvian journal 81., 2002, nr.) the following amendments: 1. express the point 2 as follows: "2. the provisions shall apply to electric mains operated household refrigerators, frozen food storage cabinets, food freezers and their mutually combined equipment manufactured in or imported into the European economic area and operate using electricity (hereinafter equipment), other than the equipment can operate using batteries, batteries, or other similar sources of energy. The rules applicable to the equipment used in other areas of activity, rather than household. "; 1.2. make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the Ministry of the economy shall cooperate with the respective standardization Technical Committee and recommends that the limited liability company" Latvian standards ", reliance standard. Limited liability company "Latvian standards" submit for publication in the newspaper "journal" adapted to the European Union the list of the standards applied in implementation of those rules. "; 1.3. to supplement the provisions under point 7.6 as follows: "7.6. calculations and/or extrapolations, and of tests undertaken to verify the accuracy of the calculations, if the information about a particular model is obtained using calculations based on the design and/or extrapolation by other combinations (details of mathematical model for distributed systems for calculation and execution of the measurements made to verify this model)."; 1.4. the express section 12.4 as follows: "12.4. the energy efficiency class of the model in accordance with Annex 2 to these rules. It indicates the following: "energy efficiency class ... on a scale of A ++ (most efficient) to G (less efficient)"; " 1.5. make 12.6. subparagraph by the following: "12.6. energy consumption in kilowatt-hours per year (24 hours × 365). It indicates the following: ' energy consumption XYZ kWh/year, based on standard test results for 24 hours ". Actual power consumption depends on the use of equipment and location; " 1.6. the express section 12.8 as follows: "12.8 frozen food storage compartment, and, if available, the volume of the cooling compartment, except 1, 2, and 3. the categories of equipment (equipment category indicates the partition" ice box "volume); 2. category and 10 each volume partition shall be indicated separately; " 1.7. to supplement the provisions of this paragraph 12.15: "12.15. indication, if the equipment is intended for incorporation."; 1.8. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 22.1: "22.1 till 31 December 2004 allowed to realize the devices which are not marked according to the requirements of this regulation, where those rules in question complied with the requirements in force until 1 July 2004 jad."; 1.9. to supplement the rules with the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directives, the regulations include provisions resulting from: 1) of the Council of 22 September 1992 Directive 92/75/EEC on domestic consumption of energy and other resources of the indication by labelling and standard product information; 2) Council of 21 January 1994, Directive 94/2/EC implementing Council Directive 92/75/EEC with regard to energy labelling of household electric refrigerators, freezers and their combinations. "; 1.10. to make annex 1 1 and 2 of the following: 1. the Explanation: I – the manufacturer, his authorised representative, or the importer's name or trade mark; II-specific identifier of the model; III – energy efficiency class in accordance with Annex 2 to these rules. The arrow is placed on the same level with the corresponding letter. Reference letter for A + and A ++ comply with such images, and the location is the same as for class A equipment (A) indicator;
IV – the European Community eco-label mark (the flower), if the items in question may be used for eco-labelling; V – energy consumption kWh/year (24 hours x 365); Vi – total food storage compartment (not meeting the mark with an asterisk (i.e. operating temperature >-6 ° C)) capacity; VII-frozen food storage compartment (which correspond to the label with asterisks (operating temperature?-6 ° C)) capacity; VIII – frozen food storage bin labeled with an asterisk. If this partition does not match the label with asterisks, the space left empty; IX – noise level (if the manufacturer or importer intends to provide it). “; 1.11. to supplement the annex under the heading "energy efficiency class" with the following text: part 1. A + and A ++ class definitions 1. Equipment owned by A + or A ++, where the energy efficiency index alpha (I) is set out in table 1. table 1 no PO box energy efficiency class, energy efficiency index (I) (A) + 1 + 30 + 2 A 42 I > > I > 30 3. (A) to (G) (see below) I > 42 notes. 1. Energy efficiency index (I) is calculated using the following formula: I = AC/SC x 100 where EYE-equipment energy consumption kWh/year (24 hours x 365); SC-equipment standard energy consumption per year. 2. SC is calculated using the following formula: where Vc-specific partition net volume (in litres) (in accordance with the standards referred to in point 6); TC-the project in each compartment temperature (° C). 3. the value of M and N are given in table 2, the values of FF, CC, BI and CH are given in table 3. 2. table no PO box equipment category description temperature in the coldest compartment M N 1. Fridge without low-temperature compartment > – 6 ° C 245 refrigerator cooler >-6 ° C 245 3.0.233 3. Fridge (without the asterisks)-6 ° C 245 4 0.233 >. 4. Refrigerator – 6 ° C * * < 0.643.5.191 5 fridge ** < – 12 ° C ** 0.450 245 6.6. Refrigerator ***