Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 19 March 2002, The Regulation No 129 "requirements For Handling Radioactive Waste And Related Material"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 19.marta noteikumos Nr.129 "Prasības darbībām ar radioaktīvajiem atkritumiem un ar tiem saistītajiem materiāliem"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 335 Riga 2004 20 April (pr. No 23 29) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 March 2002, the Regulation No 129 "Requirement for handling radioactive waste and related material" Issued in accordance with the law "on radiation safety and nuclear safety" 27. the third paragraph of article 1 do Cabinet of 19 March 2002, the Regulation No 129 "Requirement for handling radioactive waste and related material" (Latvian journal, 2002, 51 no) the following amendments : 1. make the following chapter XI: "XI. Shipments of radioactive waste between Member States and the European Union, radioactive waste inward and outward 105. European Union Operator, which plans to import the closed source containing radioactive materials with a total radioactivity that using these sources in 10 years, it will exceed 100 MBq, before the acquisition or possession of your property, take the necessary measures to be determined in the contract option for the following closed-source to send back to the manufacturer. 106. The contract provides at least the following conditions: 106.1. the maximum period during which the closed source can be sent back to the supplier, it is 15 years after the conclusion of the contract; 106.2. the supplier undertakes to take back the closed source safe use after the end of the year after being requested in writing sources. 107. statements on the possibility of the contract closed sources send back it is submitted to the supplier Center and its institution of the country in which the supplier is registered. 108. Transport is the transport of radioactive waste from the production site to the receiving point for radioactive waste, including loading and unloading. If you plan to transport radioactive waste, operator, who prior to the transport operation is legally responsible for radioactive materials and radioactive materials intending to deliver to the recipient (hereinafter referred to as the holder) shall submit a request in the Centre of the transport of radioactive material (hereinafter referred to as the authorisation) (annex 4, first part). 109. the holder may submit a request for authorisation (request) for a number of shipments of radioactive waste if: 109.1. radioactive waste in all the planned services will have the same physical and chemical properties, they will contain the same radionuclides and their common and specific radioactivity will not change; 109.2. all relevant services plans to one and the same, have the same beneficiary (operator, which supplied radioactive materials) and trades involved the same competent institution; 109.3. services related to countries which are not members of the European Union Member States, the European Union and the entry/departure from or through the same border crossing point and through the same border crossing points of the countries which are not members of the European Union, if the competent authorities do not agree on different arrangements. 110. the maximum period of validity shall be three years. 111. the Centre shall forward the request for approval and authorisation of the competent institution form (annex 4, paragraph 2), the competent authorities of the countries to which and through which planned to carry radioactive waste. 112. If the competent authorities of all countries, which sent the request approval for a month (if the competent institution of that State that date requested reply), you will receive a confirmation of shipment, the Centre may issue a permit with conditions for the transport of radioactive waste or without them (annex 4, part three). 113. If the month of request for approval of dispatch is not an answer, it is believed that the State has authorized the transport of radioactive waste, unless it has not informed the European Commission that renounces the automatic approval procedure. 114. the Centre shall inform the competent institution, which provided the answer to the request for approval, together with the demand of the freight forwarding, approval of the competent authorities and the other relevant documents laid down by the Cabinet of Ministers on July 3, 2001 regulations No. 307 "rules on protection against ionizing radiation, radioactive material during transport" and the radiation and nuclear safety regulatory laws. 115. the beneficiary within 15 days after the receipt of radioactive waste shall send their national competent institution receipt of radioactive waste (annex 4, fourth and fifth). The country of the beneficiary, the competent institution shall send a confirmation of receipt of radioactive waste copies the rest of the country of the competent authorities that supplied the answer to the request for approval. 116. the competent institution of the country of the holder of the radioactive waste, a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt sent to the holder of the radioactive waste. 117. If Latvia is the first in the country through whose territory the radioactive waste is imported into the European Union and the country of destination is a Member State of the European Union, the beneficiary shall inform the Centre and submitted in the request (annex 4, first part). In that case the beneficiary shall act as the holder and the Center runs the requirements laid down in this provision, 109, 110, 111, 113, 114, 112.115. and, in paragraph 116. 118. If Latvia is the first in the country through whose territory the radioactive waste is imported into the European Union, and led to a State which is not a member of the European Union, the transport of radioactive waste the country considers Latvia. 119. with regard to the rules referred to in paragraph 118 transport operator carrying out transport operations in Latvia, inform the Center and submit the necessary documents according to annex 4 of these rules. 120. it is prohibited to send radioactive waste: 120.1. sites that are further away than 60 ° in the southern hemisphere; 120.2. those African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, whose 1989 December 15 signed a fourth Lomé African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Economic Union Convention; 120.3. States which are not Member States of the European Union and which do not have sufficient technical, legal or administrative support in order to safely operate the radioactive waste without endangering the environment and citizens. 121. If these provisions are not respected in paragraph 120, the Centre shall ensure that the radioactive waste be sent back to the holder. 122. the Centre of the movement, which carried out from Latvia to a State which is not a member of the European Union, and the holder of the authorisation shall inform the competent authority of the requested State. 123. the holder shall, within 15 days of receipt forwarded to the Centre that the radioactive waste delivered to the beneficiary country other than a Member State of the European Union. The acknowledgement shall indicate the last customs post in the European Union, through which the shipment passed. 124. This provision, 109, 108, 111, 110, 112, 113..., 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120.., 121, 122 and 123.. the procedures referred to in paragraph does not apply where sealed radiation source used (except nuclear) according to the contracts, shall be returned to the manufacturers. 125. the Centre provided permission to return the radioactive waste and ensure that it is taken back by the holder in the following cases: 125.1. If for some reason the shipment of radioactive waste cannot be completed or is not being complied with the requirements set out in this chapter, shipping it back out in the same conditions and with the same specifications; 125.2. the spent fuel recycling, if sent back to the same material or equivalent of another quantity of the radioactive waste, taking into account the quantities of radioactive material. 126. the Centre informed the European Commission about the situation relating to transport in the territory of Latvia ". 1.2. Chapter XII be deleted; 1.3. to supplement the rules with the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directive rules included provisions deriving from Council of 3 February 1992 Directive 92/3/Euratom on shipments of radioactive waste between Member States and to import into and export from the community of control and supervision in the community."; 1.4. to make annex 4 by the following: "4. in the annex to Cabinet of 19 March 2002, regulations No 129 2. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 May 2004.
Prime Minister i. Emsis Minister of environment r. vējonis