Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 19 November 2003, The Regulation No 648 "rules For Forest Reproductive Material"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2003.gada 19.novembra noteikumos Nr.648 "Noteikumi par meža reproduktīvo materiālu"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 413 of 22 June 2004 in Riga, April (pr. No 24 49) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 November 2003, the Regulation No 648 "rules for forest reproductive material" Issued in accordance with article 20 of the law of the forest, 1. Make the Cabinet of 19 November 2003, the Regulation No 648 "rules for forest reproductive material" (Latvian journal, 2003, no. 165) the following amendments: 1. provisions be supplemented by 2.1 points in the following: "2.1 provisions do not apply to material intended for export or re-export to the country that is not a Member State of the European Union. This material is produced separately from the rest of the material. ";
1.2. make subparagraph by the following: " of older families (parents of families are trees, which produce the offspring of using control or free pollination — from one known parent, used as female plants, it used a single parent (sibs) or more of known or unknown parents (pussibs) pollen);";
1.3. to replace the words "paragraph 9.9.2." with the words "non non (non-indigenous);
1.4. to supplement the rules by 9.15. subparagraph by the following: "9. the registration number.";
1.5. to supplement the provisions under point 11.1 the following: "11.1 Ministry of agriculture shall inform the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union on Latvia material specified areas.";
1.6. to complement the chapter II by 12.1 points to the following: "12.1 or by the European Commission to request the Member States of the European Union, the national forest service sends these rules referred to in point 12 of the list.";
1.7. the express section 14.1. by the following: "14.1. parents are high kombinatīv capability (the ability to have parents in the kombinatīv could give increased productivity at progeny), and they comply with the relevant provisions of annex 2 of the 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in paragraph criteria and indicators;";
1.8. to express the point 20 as follows: "source may 20 relatively atestē to the category" superior "material abstraction for a period of up to 10 years after this provision in paragraph 18 or 19 specific of components of the genetic evaluation or comparative tests preliminary results it can be assumed that after the completion of the inspections will meet the requirements of this chapter. ';
1.9. to express 22 the following: "22. Material certification General requirements are as follows: 22.1. material collected according to this provision the requirements laid down in chapter II, the registered source as well: 22.1.1. material of the artificial hybrids or vegetative propagating material produced by the get method for the category" selected "," qualified "or" tested "the abstraction of material recorded in the source;
22.1.2. genetically modified material derived categories "superior" to the registered material sources;
22.2. the seed or material to the party has been issued, the proof and the quantity harvested meet the specified certificate;
22.3. the material collected and produced, moved, retaining its identity. Each unit of seed or material identifies the lot according to the following indicators: 22.3.1. receipt or certificate number;
22.3.2. species botanical name;
22.3.3. category;
22.3.4. purpose of use of the material;
22.3.5. source type;
22.3.6. the registration number;
22.3.7. mining area: the "procurement place" and "selected" categories material;
22.3.8. origin of the material;
22.3.9. type of material and the seed unit age — the year of ripening;
22.3.10. indication whether the material is genetically modified. ';
1.10. the supplement to chapter VI 32.1 32.2, 32.3, 32.4, 32.5 32.6 points, and the following: 32.1 the material to produce "(production is a process that includes units of seed or plant part, extraction, production of seed unit conversion on the seed and planting material growing from seeds or plant parts), marketing (marketing is offering material or display for sale, sale or delivery to another person, including the service agreement) and may only be imported to the State forest service suppliers of forest reproductive material in the register (hereinafter supplier registry) registered person (supplier means any natural or legal person engaged in the production of materials, trade or imports).
32.2 supplier that legislation on plant protection in the order is registered with the national plant protection services in plant breeding, plant products and contact with them came an object processor, Storer, dealer, importer and exporter registry, national forest service, but do not register prior to the production, marketing or importation shall inform the launch of a national forest service on the planned operation.
32.3 to register in the register of the supplier, the supplier shall submit to the national forest service in the application. The application specifies the following information: name, surname or name, ID number or registration number in the register of companies, planned activities and products, production, warehouse and trade site addresses, contact information.
32.4 national forest service supplier register 10 days after receipt of the application.
32.5 If this changes in the event the information referred to in paragraph 32.3, supplier within 14 days in writing inform the national forest service.
32.6 forest tree species planting material or plant part that is not the purpose of the use of forestry, authorized to manufacture, so it would be impossible to separate out from the forest or regeneration to restore the material. Such material to market when it added the indication "not for forest restoration or regeneration". ";
1.11. Express 20.9. subparagraph by the following: "20.9. each year, before 1 February, in writing to the national forest service in the previous year, the production produced, sold and destroyed seed units, or quantity of material lot.";
1.12. Express 38 as follows: "38. the supplier during the materials, each material is added to the package label. In addition to these terms the label 22.3. the information referred to in subparagraph shall bear the following information: 38.1. manufacturer's name and the registration number;
38.2. the supplier's name and registration number;
38.3. the quantity delivered;
23.9. the indication "provisionally approved" If this source certified rule set out in paragraph 20;
38.5. indication whether the material has been vegetatively propagated;
24.0. additional seed shall bear the following information:

38.6.1. seed purity (pure seed percentage by mass);
38.6.2. clean seed germination or viability (in percent); pure seeds of mass;
38.6.4. a viable or a number of viable seeds per kilogram (determined by the number of viable seeds, if practically can not determine seed germination). ";
1.13. supplement with 29.9 point as follows: "29.9 with national forest service written permission from reforestation or regeneration in the permitted material that does not comply with these rules 22.1.1. or 22.1.2. the requirements laid down in point and is intended for scientific research, selection, or the preservation of genetic resources.";
1.14. delete paragraph 49 and 50;
1.15. supplement with 51.1 points as follows: "51.1 supplier within 14 days after the transfer of the material to another Member State of the European Union shall inform the national forest service on this transaction and specifies the certificate number of the material sent, quantity, date of shipment, vendor document number, the name and address of the consignee. ';
1.16. supplement with 56 Chapter VII. and 57 as follows: "56. the owner of the Materials within 30 days after the date of entry into force of this provision shall inform the State forest service of parts of plants and planting stock quantity in production or storage and cultivation is undertaken before 27 May 2004 from the seeds or plant parts that are not certified according to the requirements of this regulation. The application shall be accompanied by the seed or plant origin and purchase copies of the supporting documents.
57. "production site" category of the material collected in the source, which according to the requirements of these regulations are registered for the category "selected", "qualified" or "tested" the material production, allowed to certify corresponding category, if it is taken into account in point 22 of these rules. ";
1.17. Express annex 4 by the following: ' Annex 4 of the Cabinet of Ministers on 19 November 2003, the Regulation No 648 1.19 to make annex 5 by the following: ' Annex 5 Cabinet of 19 November 2003, the Regulation No 648 1.20 to make annex 6 by the following: ' Annex 6 Cabinet of 19 November 2003, the Regulation No 648 2. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 May 2004.
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